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Danone’s acquisition of Dumex was approved by the antitrust review, Unilever raised its sales expectations, Nestle built a new coffee factory, TIMS China’s strategic cooperation with easyJet coffee, and JUNLEBAO’s first overseas financing

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Today, according to the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, the case of Danone Asia Pacific Holdings Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of Dumex Infant Food Co., Ltd. has been unconditionally approved, and the trial time is July 18. In May this year, Yashili announced that the total cost of selling Dumex China business to Danone was 870million yuan (on a cash free and debt free basis). The preconditions for the transaction include the approval of antitrust review and the approval of shareholders at the first extraordinary general meeting of Yashili. Juergen Esser, Danone’s global chief financial officer, previously revealed that the acquisition of Dumex was a “by-product” of the dissolution of the relationship between Danone and Mengniu. He said that the acquisition was not so much about (valuing) Dumex brand as about the industry platform and formula. (snack generation)

Nissin food Guangdong Shunde company was fined 200000 yuan

Recently, Guangdong Shunde Riqing Food Co., Ltd. was fined 200000 yuan by the people’s Government of Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City for exceeding the standard of air pollutants. Public information shows that Nissin food group is a well-known convenience food enterprise in Japan, and the founder of the group is considered to be the inventor of instant noodles. (China Finance)


Today, TIMS China announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Yijie coffee, a subsidiary of Sinopec Yijie. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will explore the opening of small tims coffee shops in some Yijie coffee stores. In addition, in the third quarter of this year, two lattes and mocha ready to drink products jointly developed by both sides will also appear in Yijie stores. (company announcement)

JUNLEBAO made overseas financing for the first time

According to today’s news on JUNLEBAO wechat official account, JUNLEBAO dairy’s first overseas syndicated loan has been successfully launched a few days ago. It is understood that this is JUNLEBAO’s first overseas financing, but the loan amount has not been disclosed. The syndicated loan takes Credit Suisse Co., Ltd., ANZ bank and China Construction Bank (Asia) Co., Ltd. as the appointed lead arranger and Bookrunner, and Credit Suisse as the loan agent. The completion of this syndicated loan will broaden the financing channels of JUNLEBAO and optimize the financing structure. (Beijing News)

Jianhe releases the latest financial news

H&h International Holdings, the parent company of heshengyuan, announced today that the company expects the adjusted comparable medium-term net profit to fall by 25-35% year-on-year, mainly due to the increase in financing costs of incremental interest bearing bank loans with a principal amount of $550million related to the acquisition of zesty paws. In the medium term, adjusted comparable EBITDA recorded a year-on-year decline in the number of units, and the adjusted comparable EBITDA ratio will remain at a moderate to high double-digit robust level. (company announcement)


Today, Swellfun released its semi annual report, with an operating revenue of 2.073 billion yuan, an increase of 12.89% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 370million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 2%. (company announcement)


Taoli bread announced today that it had recently received a report from Mr. Sheng long, the director of the company, that his stock account bought 8000 shares of the company on July 22, 2022 due to the misoperation of his relatives. The above transaction violated the provisions that directors should not buy shares during the window period. (announcement issued by the company)


Yesterday, the original animal husbandry issued a profit warning. It is expected that the net profit in the first half of the year will range from about 30million yuan to 50million yuan, compared with about 98million yuan in the same period last year. The expected decrease in net profit is mainly due to the increase in feed prices and the loss of changes in the fair value of biological assets minus sales costs, which is higher than that in the corresponding period. (company announcement)

Dahe Research Report: Mengniu’s medium-term net profit may fall by 6% year-on-year

Recently, Dahe published a research report. It is expected that Mengniu Dairy’s net profit in the first half of the year will fall by 6% year-on-year, but it believes that its revenue will return to double-digit growth in the second half of the year. However, the bank reiterated its “buy” rating and lowered its target price from HK $60 to HK $59. According to the report, Mengniu’s net profit in the first half of the year is expected to decline slightly due to the high income base of cheese and milk drinks, the rise in import costs other than milk raw materials, and the rise in administrative costs. Therefore, it is expected that the group’s sales cost ratio will continue to decline in the first half of the year. (gelonghui)


New mode of deep marketing. Issued by the company

The approval documents (decision) of formula registration of various infant milk powder products are to be received and the information is to be released

Yesterday and today, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a number of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approvals (decision) to receive information, involving Yashili, Mead Johnson, Mengniu, Wyeth, Abbott, heshengyuan, Feihe, beinmei, Nutrilite, Nestle and Chenguan. (State Administration of market supervision and Administration)

Guangzhou coffee brand.Jpg was invested by Kaihui fund again

He started in Guangzhou last December Jpg coffee received investment from Kaihui consumption co creation (Xiamen) private equity fund partnership (hereinafter referred to as “Kaihui fund”). Recently, Kaihui fund chose to increase its holdings again, raising its shareholding ratio to 8.3%. Previously, Kaihui fund has also invested in tea brand xiaoxiantu, RISSE Rui restaurant and snack Youming. (Interface)


Italian coffee chain brand “Bixing coffee” recently completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of investment Fang Weishun is the capital, and the financing funds will be used for store expansion and brand team construction. At present, Bixing coffee has 18 stores in Shanghai and Suzhou that are preparing to open. (36 krypton)

Danish ala food raw materials group has launched a variety of products for China

Today, Danish ala food raw materials said that the raw materials of organic dairy products, early life nutrition, sports nutrition and medical nutrition, including the new organic cheese solution of “cast cheese”, will be displayed at an exhibition held in Guangzhou next month. (issued by the company)


Today, Remy Martin Jundu reported its first quarter results, with organic sales increasing by 27% during the period

McDonald’s revenue fell 3% last quarter after exiting Russia

McDonald’s said today that due to the closure of stores in Russia and Ukraine, the sales of its direct restaurants decreased, resulting in a decline in revenue in the second quarter. In the quarter, McDonald’s global revenue fell by 3% to $5.72 billion, lower than the $5.8 billion predicted by analysts. The company said that the global same store sales increased by 9.7%, but the data did not include Russian stores. In addition, second quarter profit fell by nearly half to $1.19 billion, in part due to pre tax expenses arising from the sale of Russian operations. (Wall Street Journal)


Today, Unilever raised its annual sales forecast from 4.5% to 6.5% after releasing its semi annual report, because the company responded to soaring costs by raising prices. Sales fell by 1.6%, but its half year turnover increased by 14.9% to 29.6 billion euros, within which the company

Swiss lotus improves annual growth guidelines

Today, Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt & spruengli released its first half results, with a sharp increase in net profit of 36% to 138.4 million Swiss francs. At the same time, the company announced a stock repurchase plan with a total amount of CHF 1billion, and improved the guidance for the annual organic sales revenue, which was expected to increase by 8-10% from the previous year. The operating profit margin was predicted to be about and the medium and long-term growth target was reiterated. (Reuters)

Wal Mart lowered its annual performance guidelines

Yesterday, before releasing the second quarter report, Wal Mart lowered its operating profit forecast for the second fiscal quarter and fiscal year 2023. It is expected that the second quarter and full year earnings per share will decline by about 8-9% and 11-13% year-on-year, respectively. The largest U.S. retailer said inflation was changing people’s consumption patterns: spending on necessities such as food increased, while spending on goods such as clothing and electronics decreased. (gelonghui)


Nestle announced today that it has opened a new Nescaf é factory in Mexico. The plant will invest 340million US dollars and will make Mexico a major coffee producer for Nestle. (issued by the company)

Thailand KFC Operator Research sale business

Yesterday, Reuters quoted “insiders” as saying that Bangkok based restaurants development company was studying the sale of its KFC franchise business in Thailand, worth about US $300million. (Reuters)


Recently, binsan Deli, a subsidiary of Suntory holdings in Japan, said that it was selling its Russian enterprise to the local management team. (Chicago business)

Eat just recalls some products in the United States

According to the U.S. FDA today, due to the possible risk of Listeria contamination, ST company took the initiative to recall some just egg clipped spring greens products. The company said the recalled batches tested negative before leaving the production facilities. (FDA)

Fonterra newly appointed managing director

Fonterra today announced the appointment of Emma Parsons as managing director of strategy and optimization, which will take effect on August 1. She will report directly to miles Hurrell, the CEO of Fonterra. This newly established position is mainly responsible for supervising the implementation of Fonterra’s strategies and plans, raising the company’s attention to demand selection, portfolio and asset management to a new level, and providing information for decision-making through analysis. (issued by the company)

Quick reading of food industry information




Today, Yao Jun, deputy director of the planning department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the relocation of manufacturing industries and the transfer of industrial chains is a normal economic phenomenon and the result of globalization and market mechanisms. Although some foreign-funded enterprises are promoting diversified layout, on the whole, the pace of foreign investment in China has not slowed down. (I Finance)

Imported steak can’t “prove innocence” Weiqing food company was sentenced to “refund one and compensate ten”

Many consumers will buy imported steaks online and express them home by merchants. How to prove that the goods are imported? Is the delivery of fresh food compliant? These are all problems that perplex consumers. Recently, the Leshan intermediate people’s court in Sichuan Province ruled on a typical case. Because the merchant could not prove that the cowboy bones bought by the consumer were imported from Russia, and the packaging method of thermal insulation bag + ice bag + foam box + carton was used for express delivery, which did not comply with the relevant national regulations, the cowboy bones involved in the case were judged to “not meet the food safety standards”. The court ruled that the merchant “refunds one and compensates ten”, and refunds the consumer contract price and compensation totaling 35860 yuan. (China consumer daily)


Today, Alibaba group released its annual report for fiscal year 2022, disclosing the latest list of partners. According to the annual report, Alibaba partners currently have a total of 29 members. In addition to some members who previously announced their retirement, relevant members from ant group management, including Chairman and CEO Jing Xiandong, CTO Ni Xingjun, chief talent officer Zeng Songbai, chief sustainable development officer Peng Yijie, are no longer Alibaba partners. In this regard, a person familiar with the matter said that the move was aimed at further improving the transparency and effectiveness of corporate governance and strengthening the isolation from Alibaba, the main shareholder. (cover news)


This morning, Alibaba Group announced that the board of directors has authorized the management of the group to submit an application to the stock exchange of Hong Kong, which will add Hong Kong as the main listing place. This means that after the Hong Kong Stock Exchange completes the audit procedures, alibaba will be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. (China Fund News)

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