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Focusing on nutrition baking, Carlton has a new positioning of “nutrition and beauty”

A603.1 trillion baking market, nutritious and delicious at the right time.

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AI media consulting pointed out in the “analysis report on the competition pattern and consumption behavior of China’s bakery industry in 2021” that the market scale of China’s bakery industry reached 260.08 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 19.9%. It is expected to exceed 300billion yuan in 2023. Baked goods have become an indispensable part of Chinese dietary consumption.
Picture source: 2021 China bakery industry competition pattern and consumption behavior analysis report – AI media consulting
With the continuous upgrading of consumption level, people pursue more segmented and personalized consumption scenarios, and put forward higher requirements for the nutritional quality of baked goods. Driven by the consumption trend, baking brands have opened a younger and trendy Road, constantly breaking through tradition and self in taste, packaging and marketing. Traditional baking enterprises represented by time-honored brands follow the trend of national trends and dig deep into cultural connotation; New and cutting-edge brands aim at the segment circuit, cut into the market with toast, egg yolk crisp, etc., and break through the competition with extreme single products; Carlton, a cutting-edge baking brand founded in 2014, focuses on the fundamental demands of consumers for nutrition and health, and uses product competitiveness to win sustained growth.
On July 18, Carlton announced a new upgrade of the brand, returning to the most essential core demand of the product – nutrition, upgrading the brand positioning from “Chinese baking fashion brand” to “Carlton · nutritious meal”, and putting forward the new mission of “creating happiness with nutrition”.
Image source: Carlton
In the context of more diversified baking consumption, why does Carlton’s brand strategy aim at “nutrition”? What changes have taken place in the baking market in Carlton’s eyes from yesterday’s “tide” to today’s “nutrition”? After working in the baking market for 8 years, how did Carlton become a different scene in the baking circuit step by step?

100 billion baking market,

Nutritious and delicious

At present, the public is paying more and more attention to health, hoping to improve their health through a nutritionally balanced diet. For baked goods, the raw material matching, composition increase and decrease and nutritional value of products have attracted much attention.
Ipsos pointed out in the “Research on dietary health trends and product innovation” that Cereals, vitamins, dietary fiber, protein and other healthy ingredients are highly recognized and accepted by domestic consumers. Among them, the super ingredients represented by Qiya seeds and quinoa are gradually sought after by Chinese people.
Photo source: Top 10 benefits and effects of super food Chia seeds
People not only have a clear preference for food materials, but also pay more attention to the nutritional performance of products. Sugar control and slimming have become the most prominent dietary demands. The concepts of “fat and sugar reduction”, “low calorie and low calorie”, “natural no addition” have become important considerations for people to buy baked goods.
At the same time, with the dual attributes of staple food and leisure snacks, the trend of meals and snacks of baked goods is also more obvious. AI media consulting mentioned in the “analysis report on the competition pattern and consumption behavior of China’s bakery industry in 2021” that in various consumption scenarios of baking, 66.8% of consumers regard it as a snack; As a substitute for hunger and dinner, it ranked second, accounting for more than 40%.
Analysis report on competition pattern and consumption behavior of China’s bakery industry in 2021 – AI media consulting
With the increasing enrichment of consumer life scenes, baked goods are also extended to more time and space: at breakfast, midnight snack, overtime to satisfy hunger and other moments, people can choose toast with solid satiety, health and nutrition to alleviate current hunger and provide energy quickly; During afternoon tea or break, you can get a pleasant taste buds experience with a piece of Hong Kong Style egg cake with soft rosin; In sports and fitness, light meals and other scenes, rye toast with high dietary fiber can meet the dual needs of weight management and nutritional satiety.
The change of baking consumption also means the adjustment and upgrading of brand strategy. At the Carlton brand strategy press conference, “eight years of Y ǎ “Ng” has become a meaningful theme word. What changes will Carlton make?

“Carlton · a nutritious meal”,

Grasp the new baking fashion

Return to the essence of products and create happiness with nutrition
Nutrition is what people always need, and happiness is what people always pursue. In order to achieve this goal, Carlton decided to return to the most essential core demand of the product on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the establishment of the brand: nutrition, upgrade the product nutrition and constantly develop new product lines. Carlton’s brand positioning has also been upgraded from the positioning of “China baking fashion brand” to “Carlton · nutrition and beauty”. With the mission of “creating happiness with nutrition”, Carlton hopes to use his own strength to make the city’s struggling people who work hard for life eat more nutritious and delicious baking, obtain a more satisfying and happy eating experience, and convey the emotional value of “baking city happiness”.
At the press conference, Carlton and focus media jointly built channels to expand the brand communication boundary through focus elevator media, which covers 400million mainstream people. This linkage not only unveiled Carlton’s new brand positioning in the public’s vision, but also resonated with the public’s desire for nutritional care by integrating Carlton’s nutritional baking products into the life scene.
Image source: Carlton
To establish a more professional endorsement for the creation of nutrition, Carlton also invited Qian Duoduo, the national senior dietitian of Haodi biology, to make an authoritative and scientific exposition on the relationship between baking and nutrition, so that the public has a deeper understanding of the nutrition of baking.
Image source: Carlton
In addition, Carlton also held a landmark signing ceremony with focus media, Haodi biology, Academy Award, YIHAI KERRY and other cooperative institutions, marking Carlton’s official entry into the positioning of scientific nutrition baking.
Image source: Carlton
Under the guidance of strategy, the nutrition line is upgraded
Focusing on the core concept of “nutritional sense” of products, Carlton improves product quality from the perspective of raw material quality and nutritional value, combined with product selection department and R & D department. According to the dietary and nutritional needs of different ages and groups, the product line is divided into leisure nutrition line, children’s nutrition line, low calorie nutrition line and care nutrition line.
According to the research data of AI media consulting, taste is still the most concerned factor when consumers buy baked goods. In order to meet the needs of consumers who pursue nutrition and are not willing to give up taste experience, Carlton launched leisure nutrition products, which strive to create an ingenious and delicious taste bud experience on the basis of grasping high-quality ingredients. Take Carlton’s classic baked cake as an example. The product seeks the ideal proportion of salty and sweet with the clever combination of 5% pork floss + 15% salad. The soft cake is intertwined with the delicate salad, and then drenched with a layer of crispy pork floss, creating a layered taste experience. As a classic trump product of Carlton, baked cake has not only won international delicious awards for many times, but also set a record of 4 million pieces sold in two minutes. It has been greatly recognized both in the industry and for consumers.
Image source: Carlton
On this basis, Carlton also launched a new mini baguette, diced salad soft bread, baked bread, cut edge toast bread, thick cut sandwich bread and cheese flavor sandwich bread to enrich leisure nutrition line.
Snacks account for a large part of children’s dietary consumption. “Delicious and interesting” is the main demand of children, and parents pay more attention to whether the products are healthy and can meet the nutritional needs of children when choosing snacks. To this end, Carlton has created a rich and diverse, childlike and delicious children’s nutrition product line, and launched a mouthful of bread, Hong Kong Style egg cake, cocoa cake and other products. Taking cocoa cake as an example, Carlton combines children’s naive and childlike personality, establishes emotional resonance with children with striped roll shape and cute calf packaging, selects children’s preferred chocolate cocoa flavor, matches with meat floss salad and light salty sandwich, and helps children’s nutritional growth with fun and delicious cute products.
Image source: Carlton
The scientific research report on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society in January 2021 pointed out that the intake of whole grains and cereals by Chinese residents is insufficient, and only about 20% of people can reach an average of more than 50g per day. It is an effective way to improve the national dietary balance to strengthen the grain nutrition of bakery foods with increasing consumption frequency. In view of this, Carlton launched a variety of cereal added rye substitute toast and super food added Chia seed rye toast. Rye substitute toast adds pumpkin seeds, oatmeal, black and white sesame, wheat flour and other grains on the basis of adding ≥ 15% rye. It is green, healthy and full of satiety. The addition of a variety of dietary fiber makes the taste of the product soft and solid. You can eat it with your hands, and you can also make sandwiches. In addition to adding ≥ 12% rye, Qiya seed rye toast also adds super food Qiya seed, which is rich in essential fatty acids for human body α- Linolenic acid, a variety of antioxidant active ingredients, dietary fiber, protein and other nutrients. Low calorie nutritious toast is also an ideal choice for fitness people to eat healthy meals.
Rye toast, picture source: Carlton
The seventh census shows that the population over 60 years old in China is as high as 264 million, accounting for 18.7%, which means that the country is about to enter a moderately aging society. How the new generation of silver haired people eat more scientifically has become the focus of attention of the whole people. Having an insight into the opportunities for innovative development of elderly food, Carlton has developed a care nutrition line with 0 sucrose addition, which is more suitable for the healthy baking needs of elderly groups. 0 sucrose pure toast has rich wheat flavor, soft taste and simple raw materials, bringing consumers a more pure taste experience. Sucrose steamed cake is made by steaming process. It is soft, tender and delicious, cool and not hot. These two products are optimized for the elderly in terms of nutrition, taste experience and materials, and have stronger “aging adaptability”.
From the product matrix of these nutrition lines, Carlton not only grasps the quality and taste of the product itself, but also iteratively upgrades the product based on the diversified consumption scenarios and the nutritional demands of different people. Looking back on the change process of Carlton’s brand strategy, we can find that Carlton has always focused on the research and development of baking cakes that are truly suitable for consumers and have nutritional value, which has not changed.

From “tide baking” to returning to nutrition,

Carlton’s deep cultivation of “food” has not stopped

Founded in 2014, Carlton positioned its brand as “high-end baking market” at the beginning of its establishment. When most brands are still making products with a shelf life of 6 to 9 months, Carlton put forward the product positioning of “30-90 days fresh baking”, insisting on making the products better in taste and freshness. The advent of Danish chanson bread in 2015 is the proof that Carlton is based on high-quality baking. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the establishment of the brand, Carlton released the view of “more than baking”, interpreted the brand-new concept system with a strategic height, and took “short-term protection and healthier” as Carlton’s product and marketing concept. From zero to nearly 50000 outlets in 100 important cities across the country, Carlton took only two years to develop by leaps and bounds.
In 2016, Carlton put forward the concept of “building a Chinese baking fashion brand” at the Qiandao Lake high-end industry summit in Hangzhou, and put forward three definitions of “baking fashion” for the first time: light baking, which focuses on health and light processing, fresh baking, which emphasizes short-term maintenance and healthier, and “new baking”, which should lead the new baking trend. Since then, several representative products have clearly reflected the concept of “tide baking”.
For example, the Nagasaki cake launched in 2016 inherits the classic Nagasaki method with healthy ingredients and restores the authentic Japanese taste and flavor, which makes the quality of Carlton’s Nagasaki cake far superior to other similar products and is also favored by Alibaba’s all stars program.
At the Zhangzhou forum of 2017 China confectionery and snacks exhibition, Carlton launched a single product Qifeng cake, selected high-quality ingredients from all over the world, and baked the original delicious cake with the simplest process and the least addition, which is popular with dealers and consumers. With the insight that consumers are more and more concerned about the healthy and green characteristics of food, Carlton also launched a series of plant baking, which integrates the concept of plant nutrition into baking, and takes nutritional values as indicators in terms of ingredients and processes to create healthier baking products.
Through “fashion baking”, Carlton has fully displayed its young brand image and culture to the outside world. This time, the new positioning of “Carlton nutrition and beauty” has further demonstrated Carlton’s determination to become a “leading domestic nutrition food agency” and try to meet consumers’ pursuit of food nutrition.
From the launch of the popular Nagasaki cake, which achieved a daily sales of 220000 + pieces, to the baked cake that won the international delicious medal, to the Hong Kong Style Egg products that set off the wave of egg products, behind these popular products, Carlton’s adherence to product quality and brand strength are all proof.
Image source: Carlton
In addition to the optimization and upgrading of brand positioning, Carlton also used sports events, cross-border cooperation, keynote speeches and other activities to expand Carlton’s influence in different groups of people, promote the brand to break the circle, and consolidate the brand image.
Image source: Carlton
From 2016 to 2021, Carlton has sponsored the Xiamen International Marathon for six consecutive years, becoming the only designated pastry sponsor, and sponsored many sports events such as the “Carlton Cup” for primary school students in 2019. In the field of culture and entertainment, Carlton once sponsored the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival, became a partner of the 28th China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival, and carried out joint promotion with many films such as like you, win the championship, and there is her in the world. In addition, over the years, Carlton has also cooperated with a number of public welfare organizations to hold public welfare activities such as caring for autistic children, marine environmental protection, and supporting the frontline of the anti epidemic.
Regardless of product quality or brand positioning, Carlton has always been consistent with the concept of nutrition and happiness.


With the diversified development of baked goods, how to build a solid brand foundation in the category and establish a clear brand impression in the hearts of consumers is a huge challenge.
From Carlton’s past experience of adjusting strategy to create explosive products, we can find that on the basis of adhering to product quality, implementing nutritional and delicious food experience and always taking consumer demand as the core are the magic weapons for products and brands to win. Carlton put forward the mission of “creating happiness with nutrition” and the new positioning of “nutrition beauty day” at the brand press conference, which expressed Carlton’s determination and confidence to focus more on nutrition baking and public health.
We will wait and see what impact Carlton’s new positioning will have on the future development of the brand and what changes it will bring to the nutrition baking circuit.
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