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Restructure the new possibilities of Shengqiao, deduce the cloud feeling of daily Heiqiao “semi cooked”, and enjoy | daily new product stew Vol.22

Focus on the flash products of the new platform “daily new products”, and present them in a special deconstruction from the professional perspective of foodaily, so as to promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with one in ten thousand inspiration!

product features:

Innovation combined with oatmeal cream brings a new experience of healthy snacks
Daily Heiqiao semi cooked Heiqiao subverts the previous animal cream ingredients and replaces them with oat cream, presenting a light and smooth taste with a sweeter wheat flavor. At the same time, select daily Heiqiao milk Heiqiao series – integrate Alpine milk sources into frastro cocoa beans to present a wonderful and mellow flavor with a classic collocation across dimensions.
Source: Heiqiao daily
Light and smooth, cloud like, dark and comfortable
When the milk black Qiao “bumps” into the oat cream, the Shengqiao flavor is reconstructed with 30% of the total cocoa solid content. The product is rich in dietary fiber, and inulin is used to replace additional white granulated sugar, which has a lower burden and is beneficial to intestinal health. Fragrant black Qiao and melodious wheat fragrance diffuse between the lips and teeth, delicious and gradual, dense and delicate, bringing the lightness and satisfaction of roaming the clouds.
In addition to the mellow original flavor, there are also fruit blueberry flavors to choose from. The rich cocoa with the refreshing, sour and sweet blueberries will melt in the mouth and overflow with fruit fragrance.
A box of forks, unique shape, anytime, open and enjoy
Source: Heiqiao daily
In the sultry summer, Heiqiao half cooked every day can be a light supply of decompressed afternoon tea, or a low-cost snack to satisfy your cravings at any time. Or use delicious food to wake up your brain during office hours; Or a new partner at the party, delicious and delicious. Exquisite flip sealed box design, built-in custom small fork spoon, easy to eat, but also make storage more secure. The small and flat package is easy to carry, and a box of multi grid design is convenient to share. The cloud feeling of instant opening and enjoyment is semi familiar and dark, which brings a little happiness in summer.

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Subvert the traditional Shengqiao formula and integrate the “healthy and sustainable” elements into the “delicious” experience
The taste is as soft and delicate as a cake, and the entrance is fragrant and soft. With its pleasant experience, it is loved by people. The common Shengqiao is usually made from rich chocolate puree, fresh cream and other raw materials. Heiqiao daily subverts the traditional Shengqiao formula and chooses to use oat cream instead of animal cream ingredients, so that the product retains the silky taste and adds a touch of sweet wheat fragrance, bringing a lighter sense of satisfaction. The addition of oat cream also brings high-quality plant protein and dietary fiber to the product itself, integrating the concept of health and sustainability into the sensual experience of Shengqiao.
Source: Heiqiao daily
With the awakening of people’s health awareness, the concepts of “Zero sugar” and “low calorie” began to become the mainstream of food consumption, and chocolate, which has always been a symbol of sweetness and love, seems to have become a stumbling block on the road to healthy diet. How to keep the unique texture and flavor experience of chocolate products while complying with the public’s demand for health and nutrition, daily dark chocolate provides a new idea through the innovation of integrating healthy and sustainable raw materials into pleasant and delicious product forms.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: China
Company & Brand: daily Heiqiao
Category: Candy & Chocolate / chocolate
Applicable to: the public
Ingredient list:
Take the original flavor as an example: daily Heiqiao milk chocolate products (cocoa liquid block, cocoa butter, maltitol, whole milk powder, inulin, phospholipids, edible spices), cocoa liquid block, cocoa butter, phospholipids, vegetable protein drinks, sorbitol, cocoa powder
Nutrient composition table:
Storage conditions: -15 ℃ frozen storage, need to be refrigerated after thawing, need to eat as soon as possible
Specification & Price: 135g * 1 box (12 pieces) /99 yuan

Cover image source: daily Heiqiao

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