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The CEO of Costa coffee will join McDonald’s, and Youxian will shut down the business of jisuda every day. Budweiser Asia Pacific sent a mid-term report. Kraft Heinz pointed out that the demand slowed down after several rounds of price increases, and Guming milk tea responded to drinking gecko

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Budweiser Asia Pacific earned 24.25% more in the first half of the year

Today, Budweiser Asia Pacific released its interim report, with revenue of US $3.453 billion in the first half of the year, an increase of 2.7% year-on-year; The total sales volume of beer was 4.523 billion liters, a year-on-year decrease of 1.4%; The profit attributable to equity holders was US $625million, an increase of 24.25% year-on-year. During the period, the revenue per hundred liters of beer increased by 4.2%, thanks to the company’s continuous implementation of high-end and revenue management strategies, so that all markets showed an upward trend. The normalized EBITDA rate fell by 74 basis points, in part due to operational deleveraging brought about by China’s market epidemic control measures (Xinhua)

Youxian closed its express business every day, and its stores across the country have been closed

The service change notice is published on the homepage of Youxian every day, and the delivery time is changed from the original support of 30 minutes to the fastest delivery the next day. Customer service today confirmed to China news finance that due to business adjustment, there is no jisuda business for the time being. Consumers can pay attention to the special sale products of zhongyun super in app for purchase, and the fastest next day. As for whether the business of jisuda will recover, customer service said it needs to pay attention to the app display. In addition, customer service said that at present, all stores in the country have been closed.

Gu Ming milk tea responded that a store was accused of drinking geckos

Yesterday, “Gu Ming milk tea was exposed to drink gecko” was hot on Weibo. Nandu reporter learned that some netizens posted a video saying that a gecko was drunk out of a takeout at Guming (Shaxi store) in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province on July 26, and a surveillance self certification was issued at the time of the incident. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Guming headquarters responded that the stores involved had closed for self-examination, “We reviewed the beverage production monitoring at the first time, and we have not found the source of gecko yet, and will continue to investigate”. (Southern Metropolis Daily)

Prerequisites of Yashili privatization plan

Yesterday, Yashili international and Mengniu Dairy issued a joint announcement that the proposal of Yashili privatization and the implementation of the privatization proposal and plan will be implemented only after the preconditions of the plan are reached before the final deadline of the preconditions. As of the date of the announcement, no preconditions of the plan have been reached. (Interface)

Jill McDonald resigns as CEO of Costa coffee

Costa coffee recently announced that Jill McDonald will resign as CEO at the end of July. It is reported that Jill will leave Costa to join McDonald’s and take up a position in international business. Costa will soon appoint a successor. (gcrmag)

Carrefour is full of confidence in the second half of the year

Carrefour, Europe’s largest food retailer, said yesterday that it was confident in the second half of the year. Carrefour said that by 2022, it now aims to save 1billion euros this year. At a fixed exchange rate, the company’s recurring operating profit in the first half of the year increased by 1.6% to 814million euros. (Reuters)

Kraft Heinz indicated that demand slowed slightly after several rounds of price increases

Yesterday, kafheinz issued a mid-term report. Last quarter, its

Danone CEO believes that core asset management can be done better

Yesterday, Danone CEO Sheng Ruian said that Danone can and must do better in managing some core assets. “There are still many things we can improve, some of which need time to repair.” Juergen Esser, chief financial officer, also said that Danone saved money by giving its business units greater autonomy in adapting to the tastes of consumers everywhere. He said that in the second quarter, the saved funds had been used to reinvest the company’s key areas, such as marketing, technology and data. (Bloomberg)

Demand for milk powder in the United States boosted Li Jie’s performance in the last quarter

After the supply chain problems of competitors, the strong demand for infant formula in the United States boosted the performance of Li Jieshi in the first half of the year. In the second quarter, the company’s U.S. infant nutrition sales revenue increased by about 3.3% year-on-year. At present, Regis is “providing food for about half of the babies in the United States, and plans to use international production capacity to do more things.” The CEO of the company said yesterday. (Bloomberg)

Danone transported 1.3 million cans of Atami milk powder to the United States

Danone North America said yesterday that Danone had shipped more than 750000 cans of Atami infant formula from Europe to the United States, and another 550000 cans were on the way. Although altami is little known in the United States, it is a major brand in Europe, and Danone dominates the European market. Introducing altami to the U.S. market will give Danone the opportunity to grab U.S. market share from Abbott and Regis. (Reuters)

McDonald’s has raised the price of cheeseburgers in the UK for the first time in 14 years

McDonald’s recently raised the price of cheeseburgers in the UK for the first time in 14 years, shifting the impact of soaring costs to local customers. The company told British customers on Wednesday morning that it had raised the price of cheeseburgers from 99p to 1.19 pounds, the latest sign that British consumers were facing increasing pressure. (Financial Times)

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Prefabricated dishes are occupying takeout and hall food. Should we inform you in advance of ordering

Tianyancha data shows that there are more than 66000 enterprises related to prefabricated vegetables, of which more than 1020 newly registered enterprises were added in 2022, and the registration growth rate of newly added enterprises from January to June reached 42.7%. In terms of the time of establishment, enterprises established within five years accounted for 53.4%. In terms of geographical distribution, the number of relevant enterprises in Shandong, Henan and Hebei ranks first. Prefabricated vegetables occupy takeout and hall food, but one problem is that many consumers do not know that they are eating prefabricated vegetables, and often default to “fresh fried”. Chenyinjiang, Deputy Secretary General of the Consumer Protection Law Research Association of the China law society, told China news finance and economics that in view of the more food safety risks that may exist in prefabricated vegetables, we can consider establishing a system of advance notification of prefabricated vegetables. (CNews)

Baking industry is accused of being rolled in

Recently, online red cake lady m will close all existing stores in the mainland market on September 10, and a large number of stores of Christine, a well-known baking chain brand, will be closed. After combing the public information and conducting field interviews, the first finance reporter found that in 2021, yizhi Duoduo stores, which were once everywhere in the subway, closed overnight, and the number of stores left is very small. Also in 2021, Donghai church, which is well-known in Guangzhou, also announced its closure. Baoxinyu withdrew from Xi’an market in February 2022. Behind this series of closures is the rise of a large number of new brands in the baking industry, which has led to serious “Involution” in the industry. In addition, the impact of the epidemic on the consumer industry makes these new and old baking brands difficult to maintain. (First Finance)

Cash out exceeded HK $1.2 billion, and Shen NANPENG reduced his holdings of meituan three times in five days

Following the reduction of 21.07 million shares and cash out of HK $3.9 billion in early July, Sequoia China founder Shen NANPENG sold meituan again within the month. According to the documents disclosed by the Hong Kong stock exchange, on July 25, Shen NANPENG sold 2.1 million shares at an average price of HK $186.5201 per share, valued at HK $390 million, and his shareholding ratio fell from 2.73% to 2.69%; On July 22, Shen NANPENG sold 82500 shares at an average price of HK $1911724; On July 21, Shen NANPENG sold 4.36 million shares at an average price of HK $1931892, cashing in more than HK $1.2 billion within five days. (surging)

Italian carbonated beverage enterprises face challenges due to insufficient carbon dioxide

Italian beverage companies are facing carbon dioxide shortages as some natural gas producers cut production due to rising energy costs. Alberto Bertone, CEO and chairman of acqua Sant’Anna, an Italian mineral water company, said: “our suppliers tell us that they are trying to find carbon dioxide because the operation of the plant is reduced due to high energy costs.” (Reuters)

Australia’s wine exports to China plummeted by 95%

According to the Australian website on July 26, the Chinese market was once a gold mine for Australian wine manufacturers, because Chinese drinkers consume 1.1 billion Australian dollars (1 Australian dollar, about 4.7 yuan) of Australian wine every year. However, China’s consumption of Australian wine is less than 25million Australian dollars. It is reported that the export volume of Australian wine to China in the last fiscal year fell by 95.9% year-on-year to a $24.6 million. (reference message)

Ministry of transport: the upper limit of the proportion of main platforms for online car Hailing is between 18% and 30%

Today, wangxiuchun, deputy director of the transportation service department of the Ministry of transport, said that at present, the upper limit of the proportion of online car Hailing companies is between 18 and 30%. All major platform companies have actively disclosed the pricing work to the society through applications, apps and other forms, and displayed the proportion of the proportion in real time on the driver side. According to the requirements, the design includes the total amount paid by passengers and the driver’s labor remuneration, Interface including information such as scaling and scaling calculation formula. (Sina Finance)

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