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Wyeth, which welcomes the new handsome, made its debut at the National Exhibition for the first time, focusing on core brands and exploring new opportunities at the same time

In the nearly two months of ushering in the new handsome, Wyeth, which is ready to go, made its debut at the National Exhibition for the first time.

Today, the second China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the consumer goods Expo) officially opened in Haikou. The two major infant formula milk powder series of illuma and Wyeth platinum under Wyeth nutrition, as well as the pregnant and childbirth nutritional supplement Wyeth martner series and other star products were on display at the scene.

It is understood that with the theme of “sharing open opportunities and creating a better life”, the number of exhibitors and brands exceeded that of the first session, attracting more than 2800 brands at home and abroad, and the exhibition area increased from 80000 square meters in the first session to 100000 square meters. It is expected that more than 40000 buyers will attend the meeting. The proportion of overseas enterprises in the exhibition area increased from 75% in the first session to 80%.

Now let’s take a look at the details.

Focus on core brands

It is understood that Wyeth exhibited the “grand illuma” brand family camp at the consumer Expo, and illuma Yunchun, illuma organic, illuma blue diamond, illuma future, illuma minshi and other products were all unveiled. Among them, illuma Yunchun adopts A2 cow milk source and adds active protein OPN, which is currently illuma’s main product in the super high-end market.

Shidai learned that illuma Yunchun, regarded by Wyeth as a heavy new product in China, has achieved rapid growth since its listing for more than a year with the help of its Omni channel distribution strategy.

On the basis of adding active protein OPN, illuma organic series and illuma blue diamond series focus on the selling points of “Alpine organic pasture milk source” and “Irish grass feed milk source” respectively.

The future of overseas illuma is also a highlight of this consumer Expo. According to official data, this product contains six kinds of core human milk oligosaccharides HMO, and illuma’s future HMO addition content and types rank top among HMO formulas sold in China all over the world. Studies have found that the content of HMO in mature milk is about 12 times that of lactoferrin and 6 times that of immunoglobulin.

For babies at risk of allergy, the overseas version of illuma minshi has added HMO, a milk oligosaccharide, to give babies more protection.

Enter the Swiss National Pavilion of the consumer Expo again. The new generation of Wyeth platinum formula comes from the new research findings of the Swiss Brain Cognition Laboratory. In the formula, it focuses on the “smart and good nutrition” combination of brain phospholipids group, lactoglobular membrane and high-quality DHA to provide nutrition during the critical period of baby brain development, and adopts the one-time feeding process of fresh milk. The milk source comes from the 1800 meter high mountain golden pasture in the Alps, and the whole process of cold chain fresh and urgent delivery.

Caojingheng, vice president of public affairs and Corporate Communication of Wyeth nutrition Greater China, said today that the company continues to be optimistic about the opportunities in the Chinese market. In the future, it will continue to practice the development concept of “in China, for China”, pool global R & D resources, increase investment in innovative R & D, bring international cutting-edge nutrition solutions to more Chinese consumers, and jointly promote the development of China’s mother and infant industry with scientific and technological innovation.

Explore new market opportunities

It is not difficult to find that at present, Wyeth still hopes to expand new market opportunities by focusing on its core milk powder brands and taking advantage of R & D and innovation advantages.

Xiaoshidai noticed that illuma Yunchun also launched formula liquid milk products in the official flagship store to seek more market opportunities.

In the report “market opportunities of infant formula liquid milk in China”, IMT pointed out that in 2017, China became the country with the largest number of infant formula liquid milk launched in the Asia Pacific region after South Korea and Thailand. The report believes that the development prospect of infant formula liquid milk in China is very promising, and consumers’ interest in liquid milk is also increasing.

In addition, Wyeth martner, a high-end maternity nutrition product under Wyeth, which provides nutrition needs at different stages of pregnancy, has also become one of the priorities in recent years.

Snack generation once introduced that mark Schneider, CEO of Nestle, said at the JPMorgan Exchange last month that in addition to providing core infant formula, Nestle also has the opportunity to provide nutritional strength during pregnancy and even before pregnancy.

According to reports, Wyeth martner exhibited five products at the consumer Expo, including martner algae oil DHA, martner 23 vitamins and minerals, martner comprehensive vitamins and minerals +dha, martner milk probiotics and martner fenugreek lactation capsule.

Wyeth said that in the face of China’s complex market changes with each passing day, as well as increasingly personalized and diversified consumer demand, Wyeth nutrition has always been based on “scientific and technological innovation”. In addition to infant nutrition products, in the future, the company will also introduce and apply the world’s advanced scientific and technological achievements, continue to strengthen the research and development of maternal and infant nutrition solutions, and provide more high-quality maternal and infant nutrition products for Chinese consumers.

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