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A cup of tea incarnate sound hammer: Lipton restructures the brand’s new “human design”

Hello, Hello, stand down.

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Lipton introduced tea bags into the domestic market 30 years ago. Countless people cultivate the habit of drinking tea through tea bags. Now, Lipton is completing another “mental education” for the new generation of tea drinking by reconstructing the drinking scene of tea bags.
Recently, Lipton’s cold brewed fruit tea has been upgraded: new tea bases and fruit flavor products with a more fashionable and “Chinese flavor” have been launched to meet the current young people’s “fast-paced + social” tea preferences; At the same time, Lipton hit the real pain point of being busy in adults’ work, launched the theme activity of “adults’ recess bell” on social media, and don’t forget to ring a recess bell at the right time when you are busy going to the mountains and seas, “Lipton”.
From the launch of new cold tea products to the design of chic new tea drinks, Lipton is trying to create a new positioning and brand image. Can the newly upgraded Lipton cold tea open up a larger tea market? Most tea brands only focus on “taste” and “function”, while Lipton aims at adults’ break through the scene. Is it “sword walking on the wrong side”, or “big hand” after careful consideration?
“Cold bubble is more delicious”:
Lipton cold tea stirs the new trend of tea drinking
According to the report released by AI media consulting in 2020, the scale of China’s new tea market in 2021 has been close to 280billion yuan, and 26.2% of consumers will increase the consumption frequency of new tea in 2022. Among these consumers, young people are the main driving force. The emergence of tea bags has overturned the cumbersome and time-consuming tea making process of traditional pure tea, and made contemporary young people who love freshness and convenience not only refresh their understanding of tea making, but also broaden the consumption scene and drinking experience of tea.

The world’s first tea bag appeared in 1904. For more than 100 years, the materials of tea bags have ranged from silk to Tulle cloth, simple non-woven fabric, and then to more environmentally friendly corn fiber; From square and round shape to the mainstream transparent triangle tea bag, every improvement reflects the upgrading of people’s demands for tea.

Nowadays, the tide of consumption upgrading has swept all industries. For bagged tea, category iteration should not only be limited to the diversification of flavor and younger packaging, but also need to create a more personalized consumption experience.  

Cold brewing tea is a new species of tea with “distinctive personality”. Drinking cold water represents a subversion of the traditional way of making tea, getting rid of the dependence on hot water and tea sets, and making tea more free and more at will. According to cbndata’s 2020 tmall tea industry trend report, the growth rate of cold tea consumption on tmall platform in 2020 was 10 times faster than that of the overall tea category.

It is not only the change of tea making methods, but also the change of tea flavor under the new consumption wave. Meituan’s data view shows that the sales of current tea drinks exceed that of coffee by 10.9 times, and the post-1995 generation is the main force in the revitalization of tea culture. In terms of specific taste preferences, the favorite tea category after 95 is fruit tea. Various fruits have become an indispensable flavor element in the current tea market.

Based on these consumption trends, in 2019, Lipton launched the first “real” cold brewed fruit tea on the market, which can be enjoyed in cold water for 3 minutes without soaking overnight in the refrigerator, becoming a milestone category in the tea industry. In April this year, Lipton comprehensively upgraded the cold tea based on the previous generation of products.

The first is the upgrading of the dissolution rate: compared with the previous generation of products’ concept of “3-minute instant enjoyment”, the new products rely on process innovation to achieve a new record of “30 second flavor”, so that consumers can enjoy freshly brewed “fresh” fruit tea without being constrained by water temperature and time.
The second is to “return to the mainland” in taste. The first generation of cold brewed tea three years ago, with the wonderful flavor of various fruits and cold brewed black tea, restored the exotic style. In this upgrade, Lipton chose to return to China, the hometown of tea. It selected characteristic tea from Yunnan, Fujian and Taiwan, matched with real freeze-dried fruit grains, and launched four Chinese cold brewing fruit teas, “White Peach Oolong”, “qingti four seasons spring”, “pineapple jasmine flower” and “pomelo fragrant moonlight white”, showing the charm of national style tea and attracting more young consumers to plant grass.
Source: Lipton
It should be pointed out that these four flavors locked by Lipton are not only the fastest growing flavor combination on tmall platform, but also take full account of the current Chinese preference for Chinese tea bottoms.
In addition to “taste in 30 seconds” and “local flavor”, Lipton also designed more drinking scenes for this new cold tea product – “everything can be cold soaked” – not only water, but also coconut water, soda water, beer and even rice wine, which can be thrown into Lipton’s cold tea bag, add people’s favorite fruits, mix and match “exclusive summer flavor”, and have a unique taste experience.
Source: Lipton
The careful selection of Chinese ingredients, significantly enhanced enjoyment, and creative and versatile product physique together constitute the solid core of Lipton cold bubble fruit tea. In terms of appearance design, it is also commendable: the newly upgraded packaging uses translucent PET material, combined with fresh fruit color to create a high-value, recyclable outer box, while triangle tea bag gets rid of the shackles of cotton thread, applies wireless design, uses degradable materials at the same time, and deeply implements the concept of environmental protection.
Source: Lipton
Foodaily noticed that after canceling the tea line of traditional tea bags, you can enjoy a bottle anytime, anywhere“
According to Lipton, after the cold brewed fruit tea was launched, it continued to cultivate users’ minds through social networking. It has been on the market for six weeks, and has become the leader of tmall cold bubble tea circuit during the period of June 18.
In this promotion, Lipton also designed instant freeze-dried fruit tea for urban young people who pursue fresh tea drinking experience and “quality life”. The product is composed of large pieces of real fruits and fresh tea soup, which are fused into blocks after freeze-drying treatment. It is soluble in cold water, one cup for one, sour and sweet, refreshing, and full of pleasure. Similar to cold brewed tea, this series also adopts the popular fruit + tea combination, “pineapple passion fruit jasmine tea”, “lemon passion fruit green tea” and “White Peach Oolong tea”, together with the concepts of “three seconds to restore Street Tea”, “low sugar delicious”, so that the products are “simple and interesting”
Source: Lipton
From the past “cultural carrier” to “drinking artifact” and “social currency”, Lipton’s accurate insight into the positioning of tea has laid the foundation for excellent market performance.
In the life of running at full speed,
Also set aside a cup of tea for recess
Designing a classic product with considerable sales volume is not Lipton’s ultimate goal. With the help of products, the ultimate goal is to reshape the brand image of Lipton and allow more people to establish a consumer mind to enjoy Lipton tea at any time.
Lipton has a keen insight into the busy state of contemporary young people, but forgets to press the “pause button” at the right time, and puts forward a new brand proposition – “Hello, Lipton”, which directly hits the pain point of modern fast-paced life and reminds everyone to remember “Lipton” no matter how busy they are.
In most people’s memory, the school break bell is the most beautiful. When we leave campus and enter society, “busy” has become a portrayal of helpless life. Therefore, Lipton put forward the creative concept of “adults’ recess bell”, and at the same time built it into a sound hammer with deep memory points.
Source: Lipton
In order to create emotional resonance in the target circle, Lipton chose to cooperate with xinshixiang, which has a deep insight into social emotions and has extensive influence on the whole platform, and launched an interactive topic of “10 minutes between classes”, so that the brand can quickly gather super high attention.
After that, Lipton launched a hot search topic on Weibo # whether to keep busy or to make progress #, directly attacking the topic of modern adult workplace and life pain points, causing a large number of netizens to review their busy state, whether they don’t want to stop or dare not to stop, and thousands of people have published original content one after another.
As a continuation, Lipton invited many heads KOL to speak under the topic of microblogging hot search, presenting the busy life of contemporary young people from different perspectives, In order to continue to expand the scope of communication, Lipton also launched topic video stories on video websites and wechat circles of friends, and selected the most typical and painful resonance scenes encountered by genz, exquisite mothers and white-collar workers in their lives, reflecting the “good heart sunny” changes that can be brought to life after “Lipton”.
Slide left and right to see more pictures source: Lipton
In addition, in order to complete the multi-dimensional crowd coverage from online to offline, Lipton has set up a “Lipton once” rest station in the office buildings in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and distributed fruit tea for white-collar workers during the afternoon tea time. Through practical actions, white-collar workers are reminded to remember to Lipton once they are busy.
Through multiple channels of communication and touch, Lipton has completed an in-depth communication with urban workplace target users, imperceptibly enhancing users’ individual perception, and making people’s cognition of the newcomers of Lipton brand clearer and stronger. According to foodaily, in half a month, the topics initiated by Lipton have covered tens of millions of people in the social circle of the whole network, and the total number of readings of Weibo topics has exceeded 120million!
Source: Lipton
Through the “red line” of emotional resonance, Lipton skillfully connects products with users, and the daily appeal established by this – the correlation effect between products is far better than the usual marketing method. Therefore, good scene design should directly hit the pain point of consumption, and excellent brand implantation should be reasonable and reasonable, which has great reference significance for the entire food industry.
Over the past 30 years, Lipton has a complete product system and deep insight into the tea market. Change people’s stereotype of traditional tea and resonate with young consumers. Lipton not only provides tea products that meet the needs of young people, but also continuously outputs positive values like the “little sun”, so that everyone who works hard in urban life can find the “Lipton moment” in busy life. In the future, Lipton will also carry such a brand mission. While constantly innovating products, Lipton will interact deeply with consumers emotionally and become an indispensable companion for adults during “recess”.
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