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Rural base continues to impact the listing. The Chinese market has not been notified of sprite’s abandonment of the green bottle, and the preconditions for Danone to acquire Dumex. After the rumors of dissolution, Youxian daily can’t place an order. Hangzhou has an appointment with meituan. Are you hungry

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Rural foundation submits the listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Today, according to the documents of the Hong Kong stock exchange, rural base fast food chain Holdings Co., Ltd. submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange, and the sponsors were Goldman Sachs and China Merchants Bank International. As of May 31, it managed two major brands, rural base and Mr. rice, with a total of 1146 directly operated restaurants, claiming to be “China’s largest directly operated Chinese fast food group”. The net profit of the company was 109.4 million yuan in 2021, and the revenue increased from 1733.1 million yuan in the five months ended May 31, 2021 to 1792.6 million yuan in the same period in 2022. According to the data, rural foundation was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September, 2010, and privatized and delisted in 2016. In January 2022, the rural foundation began to impact the listing of Hong Kong stocks, and its listing status has changed to invalid earlier this month. (snack generation)

Budweiser Asia Pacific CEO estimated that the reopening rate of night channel was 81%

Yesterday, Yang Ke, CEO and co chairman of Budweiser Asia Pacific, said that there was a small-scale epidemic in the mainland in July. It is estimated that the reopening rate of night channels is 81% and that of restaurants is 97%, slightly lower than 91% and 98% at the end of June. But when the epidemic prevention restrictions subside, I believe we will see a recovery. In addition, Budweiser Asia Pacific has raised prices for its products at the end of last year. Yang Ke pointed out that the company is more focused on high-end strategies to improve sales performance. This year, the company aims to expand Budweiser beer to more than 70 cities, while ultra-high-end brands target about 45 cities. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Sprite will abandon its iconic green bottle in North America, and the Chinese market has not been notified yet

Recently, Coca Cola company announced on its official website that from August 1, Sprite in North America will change its packaging and the iconic green bottle will be replaced with a transparent plastic bottle, which will be conducive to recycling and reproduction and reduce plastic waste. Swire Coca Cola Shanghai Shenmei (Coca Cola bottling partner) customer service responded to the change of packaging of Sprite bottles, saying that it had not received the notice of changing the bottle packaging, and it was still using green bottles at present. (Xiaoxiang Morning Post)


Recently, Yuanqi forest participated in the second China consumer goods Expo with the Beijing Exhibition Group, and brought the new products coke flavored bubble water and R1 smart freezer. (issued by the company)

If Dumex China fails to obtain a new registration certificate, Danone can terminate the acquisition in February next year

According to Yashili’s announcement today, the information sent by the company to its shareholders pointed out that in the case of Dumex China’s sale to Danone, one of the prerequisites for the transaction is that Dumex China should have obtained new registration certificates from the government authorities for the two types of formula milk products in accordance with the new national standards; If at least one new registration certificate is not obtained on or before February 22, 2023, Danone can terminate the Dumex China sales and purchase agreement. It is reported that UHT, Zhicui and Dumex goat milk powder are regarded as Dumex brands, while reserved brands (including Chuying) are not regarded as Dumex brands. (snack generation)

Daily Youxian cash has run out

Daily Youxian, a grocery distribution startup once valued at $3billion, informed hundreds of employees on an internal conference call on Thursday that the company had run out of cash. At the hastily arranged teleconference, an executive of the company told employees that a coal mining group announced earlier this month that the funds to be invested had not been in place, and the company could not pay the salary arrears in June. According to the information shared with the financial times, Xiao Yungui, head of the daily Youxian supply chain, said: “the fund is still not in place, so now our operation has encountered great problems.” (Financial Times)

Youxian daily was accused of having a debt of 1.5 billion, and no one helped

Latepost exclusively learned that Youxian daily currently has a debt of 1.5 billion to 1.8 billion yuan. Capital is no longer optimistic about the fresh track, and the high debt has affected daily Youxian to seek financing or be acquired. (


Tianyancha app shows that on July 18,

Xu Zheng, founder of Youxian daily, responded that he did not run away

According to business watch, the head of the daily Youxian business department revealed that Xu Zheng had hidden away. There are also rumors that Xu Zheng “has run away” and “people have gone to Hong Kong”. Today, China entrepreneur contacted Xu Zheng. For the above rumors, Xu Zheng replied, “I have been in China all the time. This rumor is too vicious.” (


Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Youxian daily responded to the surging news reporter that under the general goal of achieving profitability, the company adjusted its business and organization. Next day, smart restaurant, retail cloud and other businesses will not be affected. Due to the business adjustment and the resignation of some employees, the company is actively seeking all possible solutions to maximize the protection of employees’ rights and interests. Insiders told reporters that there are still colleagues on the job. (surging News)


Yesterday, surging news reporters found that the daily Youxian app has been unable to place orders in many places, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and so on. There are still goods displayed in the app browsing interface, showing the fastest next day, and you can add them to the shopping cart. Among them, some products are invalid after being added to the shopping cart due to lack of goods. When the reporter placed an order for the products selected in the shopping cart, the interface showed “sorry, the goods purchased in this order are not available at the current address”. (surging)


Recently, Fonterra group of New Zealand and gaopei milk powder jointly held the world’s first white paper press conference on forage. The white paper on forage shows that the dairy system of forage grazing is more environmentally friendly and has less impact on the earth. At the same time, it can ensure that cows enjoy a high level of animal welfare, so as to produce nutritious and delicious milk. (issued by the company)


Starbucks launched the Beijing Starbucks public welfare foundation two years ago, which is committed to better and longer-term participation in China’s public welfare undertakings, and responds to every expectation in trouble with tangible philanthropy. As of April 2022, the foundation has donated more than 15.6 million yuan, covering 12 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and the project has benefited nearly 30000 beneficiaries. (issued by the company)

Naixue bottled tea has become a growth “pop point”

According to Naixue, today, “RTD bottled fruit tea” has become one of the three business segments tied with “ready-made tea” and “Naixue tea”. According to reports, since the launch of Naixue’s bottled fruit tea series this year, sales have soared, becoming a new growth “explosive point” of Naixue. At present, Naixue bottled fruit tea has established a sales system covering online and offline all channels. (issued by the company)


Recently, Carlsberg’s 175th anniversary City torrent exhibition opened in Guangzhou. Together with Chinese avant-garde modern artist Lu Xinjian, inspired by the spirit of Denmark and China, it created two works, “endless summer” and “neon night”, and released Carlsberg’s 175th anniversary package. (issued by the company)


Yesterday, after Abbott recalled infant formula, the plaintiffs suing the company urged the Seattle multi District litigation judicial team to consolidate their cases. Court records showed that Abbott faced at least 30 lawsuits in federal courts across the United States, accusing it of mishandling infant formula produced by a factory in Michigan. Abbott said that these cases filed after the recall were “repeated”, and there was no evidence that there were problematic bacteria in any sealed and distributed formula products of Abbott. (Reuters)


Budweiser InBev announced higher than expected second quarter earnings yesterday, due to the increase in alcohol consumption among Latin American consumers and the global rise in product prices. The brewer, which owns Budweiser, corona and Stella Artois brands, said that its core profit increased by 7.2% year-on-year in the last quarter, exceeding analysts’ expectations. (Reuters)


Yesterday, Diageo, a maker of Johnny Walker whisky, reported its latest fiscal year results. As of


Ferrero group recently announced the appointment of Alanna cotton as president and chief commercial officer of Ferrero North America. Cotton is responsible for Ferrero’s operations in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, and will take the position from September. (issued by the company)


Hershey said yesterday that it would not be able to meet the demand for this year’s most important Halloween and Christmas holidays due to the scarcity of raw materials and insufficient suppliers. The global supply chain disruption caused by the epidemic and the conflict with Russia and Ukraine have led to a tight supply of cocoa, edible oil and other food ingredients, squeezing the production lines of global packaged food companies. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information




日前,根据《食品安全法》规定,国家卫生健康委、市场监管总局联合印发2022年第3号公告,发布36项新食品安全国家标准和3项修改单,包括了《食品安全国家标准 饮料》(GB 7101-2022)、《食品安全国家标准 再制干酪和干酪制品》(GB 25192-2022)。其中,“饮料”的定义也进行了最新的修改。(小食代)


Hungry and Alipay launched the “Shanghai coffee new brand support plan”, which will provide targeted support to relevant businesses in seven aspects: online, operation, traffic, industrial chain, talent training, green environmental protection and post epidemic recovery. The plan will also work with financial institutions to provide discount loans to eligible businesses to help businesses reduce the burden of opening after the epidemic, alleviate financial pressure, and speed up the recovery after the epidemic. (considerate to Shanghai)

The number of cafes in Shanghai ranks first in the world

As of June 30 this year, the number of cafes in Shanghai has reached 7857, making it the city with the largest number of cafes in the world, with 3.16 cafes per 10000 people, up from 2.85 in January last year. According to insight into Chinese coffee consumption released by meituan, the number of cafes in Shanghai continues to rise. Among them, Huangpu District is the hottest gathering place for cafes in Shanghai, with 38.5 cafes per square kilometer, and Jing’an District, which ranks second, has 20.1 cafes per square kilometer. (Wen Wei Po)


Recently, Hangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau interviewed the city’s meituan, hungry and other takeout delivery platforms, requiring relevant platforms to implement the responsibility of food safety management and prohibit catering businesses from vicious competition at low prices. Specifically, the following requirements are put forward: first, food safety issues are closely related to the safety of people’s lives and health, and takeout platforms should give top priority to food safety issues and strictly perform their platform responsibilities in accordance with the law; Second, low price vicious competition is often accompanied by potential food safety problems. The catering industry should further standardize the business order, strictly prohibit vicious competition, and not allow low price dumping to disrupt the market order. Third, the takeout delivery platform should take warning, seriously carry out self-examination and self correction, and take one example against three, so as to ensure that food safety, low-cost malicious competition and other related problems do not happen again. (Financial Associated Press)


Today, an Baojun, deputy director of the Department of consumption promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, said that although the national catering revenue fell by 4% year-on-year in June, the decline was 17.1 percentage points narrower than that in May. (Securities Times)


Today, the Ministry of Commerce released data that in the first half of 2022, the actual use of foreign capital nationwide was 723.31 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.4%, equivalent to 112.35 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 21.8%. (Xinhua News Agency)

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