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Sprite is no longer “green”

The color of happy water has changed, but happiness will never change.

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The green sprite you drank from childhood will be gone forever.

Coca Cola officially announced today that from August 1, Sprite packaging will change from green to transparent.

That is, from the classic green bottle on the left to the white transparent bottle on the right.

This is also the most significant and disruptive transformation since sprite was born more than 60 years ago. Sprite will be “transformed” all over the world.

Can this be called sprite in the future? It’s better to call it snow white.

It’s not only the color of the bottle, but also the new design released by sprite.

The logo in memory, which is like an explosive head, full of bubbles, gurgling and stimulation of the tip of the tongue, will also become a simple, generous and clear line of “Sprite”.

It’s just a little boring, and there’s no room for imagination.

In the past, Sprite may make people want to have a bottle of excitement in the scorching sun.

Now sprite may look like it doesn’t really have a drink to choose from, so you can get a bottle of mineral water in a snack shop.

But sprite must also know the result.

For Sprite, this is a “big sacrifice”.

The biggest purpose of this move is to 👇

Environmental protection, make sprite change
Sprite’s green plastic bottle, which has lasted for 60 years, is not environmentally friendly.
They contain green polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and mixed color pet can only be recycled into disposable products, rather than into other bottles.
If the green bottle is recycled mechanically and then turned into a transparent bottle, the process is too difficult and the cost is very high.
Therefore, the best thing is not to use green bottles from the source.
Recycling enterprise r3cycle said yesterday that transparent PET sprite bottles can be easily recycled into new bottles, which will help promote the circular economy of plastic use. This enterprise has been cooperating with Coca Cola United.
In September 2019, Coca Cola has announced that it will vigorously promote the transparent design of beverage bottles. Sprite has begun to try to change from green bottles to more recyclable transparent plastic bottles, which have been launched in different countries.
The Philippines is the first country with replacement design in the Asia Pacific market.
Subsequently, sprite from Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and Fiji also began to “transform”.
In recent years, we can also see that sprite has begun to test water transparent bottles under different branches.
For example, various specific flavors such as cherry Sprite, sugar free sprite and Sprite fiber + are all packaged in transparent plastic.
However, I miss seeing that all sprite bottles that have been with me for 60 years will withdraw from the market.
When Coca Cola launched sprite in 1961, it caused a global sensation.
It is used by Coca Cola to deal with the seven up drink, which has been popular under the name of “lithium lemon” in 1929.
Sprite’s original name is Sprite, which means monster and spirit.
Coca Cola hopes that it will bring an atmosphere of living waves, with a naughty smile like a fairy boy, and the stars are always shining around, as bright and fresh as bubbles.
And it is translated into sprite in China – snow, cold, in line with the cool taste of soda; Green, clear and green, which matches the color of the outer package of the bottle.
Like a whirling snow, with a clear water.
What a clever Chinese, what a beautiful Chinese.
Who sees the word “Sprite” and the fresh green bottle body, and doesn’t want to have a bottle of it?
Sprite’s slogan “cool heart, flying heart” once sounded on the radio in the streets and alleys, and appeared at the festive gathering every year. The figure of sprite’s green bottle can be said to be a household name.
In 1989, Sprite has occupied the leading position in the lemon soda market.
At present, sprite is sold in more than 190 countries in the world, second only to Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, red bull and Nestle coffee, with a brand value of $5.48 billion. It is the third largest soda brand in the world.
I don’t know. Adults and children who haven’t seen the latest news suddenly find that the familiar sprite bottles can’t be seen on the shelves of convenience stores. Will they look at a loss?
After seeing this news, are you sorry or relieved?
The future behind “transparent sprite”
This trend of environmental protection and plastic reduction for sustainable development has become more and more popular in recent years, blowing through all parts of urban life.
Coca Cola, a beverage giant, is often criticized for producing plastic waste that destroys the environment.
In 2020, it was rated as the world’s largest plastic polluter by the environmental protection company break free from plastic.
Coca Cola’s beverage logo appears on 13834 pieces of waste plastic in 51 countries, and can be seen everywhere in public places such as parks and beaches.
Sprite is actually the first batch of beverage brands to invest in environmental protection. At present, all sprite bottles are 100% recyclable, but it is still difficult to reuse green bottles.
Its parent company Coca Cola also announced the “world without waste” initiative as early as 2018.
The goal is to use at least 50% of recycled materials in their bottles and cans by 2030.
In 2019, Coca Cola promised to use 50% recycled plastic in sprite plastic bottles by the beginning of 2020, and the utilization rate of recycled plastic packaging of its 20 brands will also rise from 25% to 50%.
It can be said that it is to give up green and become greener.
Last year, Coca Cola also introduced its first new bottle size in 10 years, but its material is the most eye-catching – 100% recycled plastic.
It even launched a new paper bottle drink, adez, which is made of Nordic wood pulp paper and is 100% recyclable.
Coca Cola also announced today that its bottled water brand Dasani will be made of 100% recycled PET plastic.
They said this would reduce 20million pounds of plastic waste compared with 2019.
Other coca cola drinks that still use green bottles, such as fresca, Seagram’s and Mello yellow, will also be replaced with transparent bottles in the coming months.
In fact, the trend of “transparent drinks” has become more and more obvious since this year. Not only did the bottle become transparent, Coca Cola, Nestle and Master Kang’s drinks even began to “run naked”. In other words, it will become a complete “unlabeled beverage”.
The bottle bodies of their drinks began to stop posting labels with brand logos and product information.
Removing the label of PET bottles can not only reduce the use of plastics in the production process, but also make the recycled materials more simple and reduce the recycling process.
From this point of view, for Sprite, the transformation from a green bottle to a transparent bottle is only the beginning. Systematic changes should be made from bottle body design to waste bottle collection and recycling.
Sissi, a staff member of Nestle China, said in an interview with us: we believe that the “visual enjoyment and emotional satisfaction” of packaging does not conflict with “environmental sustainability”. Consumers’ awareness of sustainable development is constantly improving, and they hope to buy products with higher quality, more beautiful and more sustainable packaging. These factors combine to promote the sustainable development of the packaging industry.
Perhaps, the transparent sprite bottle will also have more space to carry the fashionable design loved by young people in the future.
Under the general trend of the future, we may eventually get used to it – the color of happy water has changed, but happiness will never change.
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