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New zero, Yan Taihu, Qian Dama and other brand financing, Leshi new yam slices, TIMS cooperation with Sinopec… | hot news for a week

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1. Leshi launched a new yam slice with materials. It’s ultra-thin and crisp. It’s really interesting

2. Buffx’s new brand, little bear Bofu, is launched into the daily leisure scene

3. Nestle crisp shark protein wafers are on the market, 20% high protein delicious and light burden

4. Layout of high-end tea, unified tea, instant fresh, new season, limited green tea, fried lemon duck excrement fragrance

5. Overweight halogen products, like Guoshang xinchanwei small halogen box

6. If rice customized moon cakes are on sale, flour and sugar are not used

7. Oatly launched the Mid Autumn Festival Limited moon cake gift box, which contains 4 kinds of soft heart cakes

8. Wangwang promotes the new pink langweixian, and the rose taste unlocks the colorful romance


9. Tims China announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Sinopec Yijie coffee, and the co branded products will appear in Yijie stores


10. New zero beer, a brand of alcohol free refined beer, was invested by Yu Minhong

11. Aunt Qian received a new round of financing after two years, and the investor was Hezhi investment

12. Chinese high-end yellow rice wine brand banquet Taihu completed round a financing with an estimated value of 200million, helping high-end product research and development

13. Italian coffee chain brand Bixing coffee completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, and the brand was established in 2022



At the time of dog days, Leshi launched a new yam slice with materials. Inspired by the concept of Chinese health preservation, the new product is conceptually the pioneer of puffed snacks, seizing the health track by matching real yam with traditional Chinese ingredients such as black sesame, red jujube, medlar, etc; The product uses innovative technology, so that each slice of yam is covered with visible ingredients, which promotes the technological innovation of the category. The new product has two flavors: black sesame, Qiya seed yam thin slice, sesame mellow, salty and delicious; Red jujube and Chinese wolfberry yam slices, Cangzhou red jujube with Ningxia Chinese wolfberry, taste fragrant jujube, thick walnut flavor. Visible authentic materials, crispy and delicious food, and 0 trans fatty acids, ease of mind and less burden. At present, it is sold in all offline supermarkets and online tmall flagship stores, with an average price of 6.60 yuan / bag.

Source: Leshi


On July 28, buffx’s new brand, little bear Bofu, launched tamarine fudge and taurine mint candy, and the new product form entered the leisure scene. Yuyou citrus soft candy focuses on intestinal problems, adds pure natural Yuyou citrus juice to remove oil and greasiness, and contains lactose alcohol and galactooligosaccharide, which adds vitality to the intestinal tract. The bear shape q-bomb is cute, and the independent small package is convenient to carry; Taurine menthol refreshing, containing taurine, caffeine, menthol, vitamins B1 and B2, brings one-stop vitality supply. Peach Oolong tastes fresh and full. Now tmall flagship store sells for 19.9 yuan per package.
Image source: buffx


Recently, Nestle crisp shark’s new protein wafer biscuit has been launched. The new product selects imported light truck raw materials such as cocoa powder and high-quality soybeans. The plant protein content is ≥ 20%, and each box of protein is about 50.4g. After precise temperature control baking, it brings five layers of crisp taste, and contains four layers of sandwiches. Each biscuit is only 72kcal, 0 trans fat and 0 pigment. Now tmall flagship store sells 18 pieces / box /64.9 yuan.
Image source: Nestle official flagship store


Recently, Tongyi’s tea · instant fresh launched a seasonal new product, qingti pop lemon duck excrement fragrance. The new product uses high-quality duck excrement fragrance, and uses the ice analysis and extraction process to complete the production of tea within 24 hours, -18 ° C freeze fresh. With qingti and Eureka Lemon, it has rich aroma and taste, and presents a fresh taste for 28 days. The current price is 400ml * 4 cups /47.6 yuan.
Image source: unified official flagship store


Recently, the flagship store of lixiangguo tmall launched a new product, chanwei small halogen box, and entered the halogen track. There are two products, duck clavicle and duck wing, both of which are sweet and spicy. The new products are strictly selected from complete and fleshy duck clavicle and meat tight and large duck wings. The thick soup is slowly marinated, and the liquid nitrogen quick freezing and fresh locking process is adopted. The marinated flavor is quickly cooled and frozen, and the flavor is retained to a large extent. It can be used after thawing. Now the two flavors can be combined arbitrarily, 8 boxes /125 yuan.
Image source: Lixiang flag store


On July 27, the healthy moon cake launched by the substitute brand ruofen officially opened the pre-sale activity. The product abandoned the high sugar and high carbon water formula of the traditional moon cake skin, and used the compound protein powder of casein and whey protein and resistant dextrin to make the moon cake skin. The average protein content per 100g was 18%, and the dietary fiber content exceeded 6% of the national high dietary fiber standard; Maltitol and sorbitol are also used in the stuffing instead of white granulated sugar. The net content of each moon cake is 30 grams, and the calories are not more than 130 kcal. Each box contains one coconut egg yolk, coconut, rattan pepper beef, mango, coffee, pickled mustard ham, and 139 yuan per box during the pre-sale period from July 27 to August 15.
Image source: ruofen


On July 28, oatly launched the Mid Autumn Festival Limited moon cake gift box, which includes four types of oatmeal original soft heart cake, oatmeal chocolate soft heart cake, oatmeal coffee soft heart cake and oatmeal Jasmine soft heart cake. Each moon cake has a diameter of 35mm and can be swallowed in one bite. Two combination gift boxes are provided: oatmeal original soft heart cake, oatmeal chocolate soft heart cake, oatmeal coffee soft heart cake, two each, oatly original mellow Oatmeal Milk 250ml Three piece set of stainless steel tableware, priced at 168 yuan; Two for each of the four flavors, a 250ml bottle of oatly original mellow oat milk, a mini one mouthed ceramic cup, and a mini one mouthed thermos cup, priced at 268 yuan.
Image source: oatly flagship store


On July 28, Wangwang announced the launch of the new pink langweixian. The new product is rose flavor. Fresh potatoes are selected as raw materials. The visible rose particles wrap the double helix shaped potato roll, which is blended into a unique salty and fresh flavor and has a refreshing rose fragrance. It is sold in limited quantities on the Chinese Valentine’s day. Now the price of Wangwang Jingdong self operated flagship store is 7.9 yuan / bag.
Source: Wangwang food flagship store


On July 26, TIMS China announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Yijie coffee, a subsidiary of Sinopec Yijie. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will explore the opening of small tims coffee shops in some Yijie coffee stores, and will jointly develop joint branded instant coffee (RTD) and sell it in Yijie convenience stores across the country. At present, the two sides are planning the location of tims coffee shop and plan to gradually provide services to the 200million loyal members of easyJet in the next few quarters. In the third quarter of this year, two lattes and mocha ready to drink products jointly developed by both sides will also appear in Yijie stores.
Source: tims China


Recently, the parent company of alcohol free fine brewed beer brand new zero beer, Wuxi Food Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., changed its registered capital from 1.2739 million to 1.3431 million. The new shareholder is the private equity investment partnership of Tibet Hongtai cool entertainment, which was jointly founded by Yu Minhong and Sheng Xitai, the former chairman of Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd. This also means that Yu Minhong began to pay attention to the craft beer track.
Founded in 2020, new zero beer focuses on the research, development and production of alcohol-free fine brewed beer, mainly aimed at beer lovers who need to control card and alcohol intake but pursue taste and health. In terms of technology, it adopts the clear brewing method with independent intellectual property rights, and has launched Pearson, Belgian White beer, turbid IPA and other products to meet the needs of consumers of different sexes and ages.
Source: consumption


Recently, aunt Qian completed the latest round of financing, led by Hezhi investment, and the financing amount has not been disclosed yet. After this investment, aunt Qian will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with Hezhi in rural revitalization, prefabricated vegetables and other fields with the help of the government resources of Hezhi fund, so as to further empower and accelerate future development.
Founded in 2012, aunt Qian started the community fresh food chain store model with the concept of “Riqing” and “not selling overnight meat”. At present, there are about 500 kinds of food materials in four categories: fresh meat, vegetable dishes, cooked food processing, and aquatic products. Through the self built storage and distribution system and planting base, it covers Yuanmou, Yunnan, Shouguang, Shandong, northwest Ningxia, Zhangbei, Hebei, Zhanjiang, Guangdong and other places, so that the whole operation process from the purchase of food materials to the store does not exceed 12 hours.
Image source: Interface


It is reported that China’s high-end yellow rice wine brand banquet Taihu has completed a round of financing valued at 200million yuan, which will be mainly used to help high-end yellow rice wine product innovation and R & D, brand continuous construction and channel in-depth layout.
Founded in 2017, Yan Taihu, with the mission of rejuvenating and inheriting Chinese wine culture, brews and sells fine wines with Chinese characteristics, such as rice wine, rice wine, plum wine, etc. Through unique product creativity, high standard product quality, breakthrough brand building, and online and offline integrated consumption experience, it has quickly won the favor of high-end consumers.
Source: Yan Taihu Lake


Recently, the Italian coffee chain brand Bixing coffee completed an angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor of this round is Shun Wei capital, and the financing funds will be used for store expansion and brand team construction.
Established in 2022, Bixing coffee has 18 stores in Shanghai and Suzhou that are preparing to open. The products of the store are mainly Italian coffee, and more tea flavored and fruity special coffee and tea series are added to meet people’s daily needs at different times. Bixing coffee will adopt the mode of combining direct marketing and franchise management: first tier cities will focus on direct marketing and do a good job in brand moat; Third and fourth tier cities focus on franchising to increase the number of stores, with an area of 10-60 square meters, and improve the floor efficiency of single stores.
Image source: Sohu



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