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head catering enterprises are overweight takeout, and the “double home” mode is turned on. Can takeout and home business still play new tricks?
Haidilao extra take out
The horn of a new battlefield is blowing!
In the post epidemic era, head catering enterprises are looking for a way to break the situation.
Recently, Haidilao announced its new business module “Haidilao community operation Department”. After launching the community operation center, Haidilao will form a community operation mode of “takeout + community + live broadcast + online mall” to explore diversified catering services beyond the hall food service.
Zhang Ying, general manager of Haidilao community operations, said, “the times are changing, and new consumer groups need new service models to care for and reach. In this context, we will expand the service radius, and takeout is a very good way.”
The expansion of the scene also means that the products need to be upgraded synchronously. Zhang Ying mentioned that in the future, the Haidilao community operation center will launch more and more rich product choices.
“Prefabricated dishes, kebabs, stewed pork and beer are all on our R & D list. The products that have been launched include spicy fish with Sichuan pepper, pickled fish in golden soup, pot chicken, and delicious and interesting desserts, such as double coconut ice cream, pumpkin egg tart, and peach jasmine, which sold well during the epidemic.”
Behind the head brand: three changes in young people’s eating decisions!
In addition to Haidilao, there are more head catering enterprises who are overweight takeout and quickly layout online.
cheap square adjusted the online menu structure and launched small dishes; DongLaiShun opened an online “halal food mall”, whose products include hot single products such as prefabricated vegetables Gongbao chicken, roast beef, braised tendons and so on; Jia Guolong Kung Fu cuisine invested heavily in building its own distribution team and vigorously developing takeout business

the data of China chain operation association shows that at present, the proportion of takeout in some traditional catering stores has reached 50% or even higher.
market demand is forcing catering enterprises to change.
the logic behind a series of new actions is actually the migration of consumers’ dining behavior and the transformation of catering needs.
on the one hand, affected by the epidemic, consumers’ dining scenes are forced to change from “mall eating” and “store eating” to “street eating”, “camping eating” and “home eating”… On the other hand, due to the innovation of the scene, consumers’ ordering behavior is also changing, shifting from offline dining to online ordering.
according to the data, at present, nearly 35% of consumers have undergone great changes in the way they eat, and the proportion of online catering and home cooking has greatly increased.
at the same time, the forms of consumers’ online catering consumption are becoming more and more diverse. Takeout, takeout and prefabricated dishes are all under consideration, while young consumers also have stronger demand for the nutritional collocation of meals and the quality of ingredients.
specifically, neishenjun combed three major changes in new consumers’ eating decisions:
first, catering socialization has become a trend.
according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, according to the census and population sampling survey, in 2010, “one person household” and “two person household” accounted for 15% and 24% of the total number of households in the country respectively, while in 2019, the data increased to 18% and 30%. At the same time, the household size in China has shrunk from an average of more than 4 people per household in the last century to 2.6 people in 2020, and the trend of miniaturization is obvious.
family size is shrinking, and the proportion of “people living alone” is increasing, which gradually reduces the economies of scale of cooking at home. In other words, “young people living alone begin to feel that it saves time and effort to order takeout.”
wangpuzhong, senior vice president of meituan and President of Jiajia business group, put forward the concept of “human meal” number in April this year. It believes that the scale of social catering is likely to exceed that of family catering in the next 30 years.
“with the continuous popularization of the consumption habit that everything can be taken away, people are more willing to leave the need for meals to social catering. Now, due to the convenience of catering consumption, users have more choices. Considering midnight snack and afternoon tea, the number of meals per person per day can be increased from three to five.”
secondly, the demand for the quality of takeaway catering products has increased.
in the past, consumers’ demand for takeout only stayed at “being able to eat a hot and full meal”. Now, with the increasing demand for takeout and the diversification of choices, the quality requirements of the main forces of generation Z are also increasing.
many consumers said that after the epidemic, they paid more attention to the safety and beauty of takeout packaging. On this basis, if the timeliness is guaranteed, it is even more icing on the cake.
“I ordered a small pear soup once before, and it was delivered quickly. There are food safety seals on the takeout package. I feel at ease when I look at it.” A consumer said to neishenjun.

finally, the demand for home catering services is more refined.
in the past scenes of offline dining, it was easier for merchants to quickly and accurately capture the details of consumers’ dining needs. In the online trend, the service experience of merchants reaching consumers comes more from the delivery of takeout.
Haidilao also said, “we should make sure that we can enjoy the service of Haidilao care in the hall food. In the home or community scene, we should also make consumers feel the same or even better service, which is a very key service mode.”
how to do a good job of taking away food in the “double home” daily dining enterprises
under the background of the above decision changes, the social value of taking away business and online services has been maximized. In the three-year “tempering” of the epidemic in the
catering industry, the “dual home mode” that places equal emphasis on food and takeout has become the main theme, and is constantly giving birth to new ways of playing, such as taking out franchise stores and incubating independent takeout sub brands.
but the trend also means fierce competition. For catering enterprises, they need to pay attention to three points if they want to do a good job of takeout.
1 1. Food and takeout should coexist. During the suspension of the
epidemic, the shutdown of offline stores forced catering enterprises to devote most of their energy to takeout. However, after the epidemic situation stabilized, many consumers responded that “the dining experience has become worse”. In the process of the transformation of take out from Tangshi, how much should the proportion of take out be so as not to “lose sight of one thing and lose sight of the other”?
previously, meituan takeout had proposed the “30/50 rule” to address this problem, which refers to the ratio of takeout and in-house food of regular meal and fast food merchants. In the “double home” era, while ensuring the supply of food in the hall, the takeout of dinner restaurants accounts for 30% and that of fast-food restaurants accounts for 50%, which can maximize the human efficiency and floor efficiency and achieve the balance of online and offline operations.
baixiufeng, Dean of meituan takeout college, introduced that the “30/50 rule” is a rule summarized after repeated verification through a large number of business research, platform data research, model calculation.
2. Service categories should be innovated
in May, some cities such as Shanghai “stopped eating in the hall”, and Haidilao took rapid action, from setting up stalls to launching new categories such as prefabricated vegetables, kebabs, stewed flavor, beer, etc., to constantly meet the changes in consumer market demand.
it is certain that catering retailing is an inevitable trend, while home business and takeout business are extensions of retail.
“Tangshi has a consumption experience of Tangshi, and takeout has a consumption experience of takeout. What we are committed to playing in the minds of users is’ Haidilao’s goods and ingredients are fresh and reassuring, and takeout services must be fast and accurate ‘, which in turn requires the strong support of third-party takeout platforms.” Zhang Ying said.
3. Service links such as delivery and performance should be “customized”.
catering, as one of the industries with complex links, requires refined operation from quality management, products, stores, to site selection, design, dining process, etc.
after takeout and home business became the new focus, the link was shortened, but the service required more “customization”.
Zhang Ying said that takeout is not only limited to takeout itself, but also covers the whole home and community business. “Consumers’ needs in the community are completely different from those in the dining room. The dining scenes are more diversified, from parent-child scenes, one-man eating scenes, to midnight snack, breakfast scenes, and even the demand for goods storage. All these require meal enterprises to think about how to provide customized services.”
while food enterprises are seeking innovative breakthroughs, takeout platforms are also deepening services and actively providing professional and customized services for brand food enterprises.
take meituan as an example, the take away platform in the epidemic further strengthened the performance service, guaranteed the delivery timeliness through special delivery, express delivery and other forms, and also provided customized performance services such as joint marketing, expert planning, exclusive scheduling strategies, etc. for national chain stores. At the same time, according to the personalized needs of catering enterprises, meituan takeout will also carry out customized development, including service performance, member management, etc.
facing the future, Zhang Ying, general manager of Haidilao community operation, said, “whether it is based on the innovation of catering retailing or the combination of home and takeout, it is essentially based on the innovation of human nature and consumer scenarios.”
online and offline integration of catering enterprises is the trend. How to preempt the minds of consumers in the home and takeout business is worth further study by catering people.

Author: Zhang Xindi; Source: internal reference of catering boss (id:cylbnc), reprint has been authorized.
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
Join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15262433826).

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