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In the first half of 2022, who is the marketing No.1 in your mind?

marketing campaign in the food circle! Come and watch!

Text: Tracy Weng

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Half of 2022 has passed. Looking back on the food circle in the first half of the year, do you remember which brand marketing events made you particularly impressed?
Is it Ruixing coconut’s earthy coffee CP that makes you feel good, or is it the “tanned” Snow King that makes you laugh when you see it?
Perhaps the marketing actions taken by these brands can not make the brand “rise to the sky”, but they can become a large-scale out of the circle event in the industry. I believe there will be something worth learning.
Today, foodaily is here to show you some of the major marketing events in the food industry in the first half of 2022.
The hottest Winter Olympics in history,
Which brands are out of the circle?
At the beginning of 2022, a grand Winter Olympics event ignited the sports enthusiasm of the whole people.
Baidu hot search big data shows that the search popularity of this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics is far ahead of the same period of the two Winter Olympics, 1372% and 558% higher than that of the Sochi Winter Olympics and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, respectively, and also more than the previous Summer Olympics after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, making the Beijing Winter Olympics the hottest Winter Olympics in history, with high national attention.
In this national Carnival sports feast, there is such a food brand strength out of the circle, which makes many netizens call “win hemp”. It is the vitality forest.
After su Yiming won the gold medal of men’s grand platform of snowboarding at one stroke, Yuanqi forest officially posted a blog “bet three in three”, successfully sending Yuanqi forest to the hot search. As early as 2021, Yuanqi forest signed a contract with Gu ailing, Xu Mengtao and Su Yiming, and these three spokesmen of Olympic champions also contributed a great deal of topic and traffic to the “lucky” Yuanqi forest, which was jokingly called “lucky forest” by many netizens.
Image source: Official Weibo of Yuanqi forest
As a food and beverage brand, it is not easy to “break out of the tight encirclement” during the Winter Olympics, when sports events occupy people’s main attention, not to mention that many brands have focused on this hot spot and have done a lot of publicity and promotion activities in combination with the Olympics.
For example, Yili launched a commemorative package with the theme of the Winter Olympics, yum China created a Winter Olympics themed restaurant and launched a limited surrounding area, and Tsingtao beer, flying crane and other brands helped achieve incremental brand exposure with the help of Olympic variety shows, etc.
In addition to the bonus of hot spots and luck, it is a wise and forward-looking practice for Yuanqi forest to invite sports stars as brand spokesmen. Choosing to cooperate with young athletes who are highly in tune with their brand’s “vitality” and with the help of their own positive energy auras such as “struggle”, “toughness” and “strength” can not only empower the brand, but also help improve the brand’s image and bring a good wave to the brand
In fact, at the time when the audience’s enthusiasm for chasing dramas was unprecedented, tea loving was half the success simply by virtue of the popularity of “Meng Hua Lu”; In terms of the degree of adaptation, the happy tea, which is itself a tea brand, is quite consistent with the tea culture mentioned in the play, which can make the audience who follow the play get a full sense of substitution and satisfaction.
In addition, in the process of CO branding, in addition to the launch of the same tea in the play, Xi Cha also created offline theme teahouses with [Xi · half mask] in several cities, and launched a series of CO branded peripheral masks, badges and other limited follow-up packages, so as to bring the “dream of China” to the real world as much as possible, and the immersive personal experience added a “fire” to this dream linkage.
Slide left and right to see more
Image source: Xi cha
The result of this joint signing is also quite satisfactory. Take the new product perilla pink peach drink co branded by Xi Cha’s dream of China as an example. Nearly 300000 cups of the new product were sold on the first day of its launch, attracting a large number of fans and passers-by to check in. The power of this wave of CO branding is evident. (after all, who doesn’t want to taste Zhao Niangzi’s tea and dessert?)
Foodaily: in addition to enjoying tea, Naixue also followed suit to launch a joint activity with the record of dreamchina. Xi Cha and Naixue vied to sell tea. Did you drink it?
2. Ruixing coffee × Coconut Juice
However, although film and television co branding has a wide range of audiences and great influence, because of the long cycle and high investment of CO branding with film and television dramas, if the selected one is not popular, then the co branding can’t stimulate much water, and there is a great possibility of losing money.

Therefore, considering the high risk of pre selecting to cooperate with film and television series, more brands tend to choose to seek cooperation with other brands. If the joint name is appropriate, it may also become a great opportunity to get out of the circle.
The new product jointly launched by Ruixing coffee and coconut juice – Yeyun latte is a big hit in April this year.
Image source: Ruixing coffee
This is a new move of Ruixing coffee, and it may also be “premeditated for a long time”.
Recalling last year’s popular raw coconut latte, it not only became popular, but also led to the explosive growth of coconut milk, which attracted many coffee brands in the market to follow up. For example, m stand followed suit and began to launch new “coconut” series of new products; Seesaw launched Ruixing “the same” thick coconut series and so on, which gradually made the coffee track full of smoke.
This year, on the basis of raw coconut latte, Ruixing chose to partner with coconut, an old beverage enterprise. This is also the first joint event of coconut in its 34 years of development. For coconut, it can not be said that it is not a bold attempt to rejuvenate the brand. For Ruixing, with the endorsement of the joint brand of coconut tree and coconut juice, people’s impression label of Ruixing coffee’s ace “raw coconut” will also be strengthened again.
In addition, the packaging of new products also greatly contributed to the success of this joint branding. In particular, the coconut tree tribute Ruixing version once brushed the screen on the Internet.
Film source:
See how brands play creative marketing
Some people say that in the Internet era, the most important thing of brand marketing is to play tricks.
Especially in today’s digital marketing era, social networks have been booming as never before. Wechat, Weibo, Tiktok, Kwai, xiaohongshu and other platforms used to be just a window for brand officials to speak, but now they have gradually become a channel for brands to enhance interaction with consumers and shorten the distance between consumers.
In this case, the official with lively characteristics and “whole life” will naturally be more able to capture the hearts of young groups. In this regard, KFC and Michelle ice city are good references.
1. KFC’s official trick is definitely “crazy four literature”
At the beginning of the year, I believe you must have been “choked” by the strange literature on the Internet:
“It’s ironic that from the early morning until now, no one said happy birthday to me. My relatives didn’t say it, my friends didn’t say it, and the person I care about most didn’t say it. Until now, I realized that today is not my birthday. But today is crazy Thursday. Would you like to invite me to KFC?”
At first glance, it seems to be the sadness of no one’s birthday blessing? No, actually, the point is the last sentence.
In addition to the above style, there are multiple styles such as fantasy, adventure, suspense, dog blood, etc. But no matter how wonderful it is, I believe you will be fooled by the “KFC crazy Thursday” at the end.
Seeing the rising popularity of “crazy four” literature on the Internet, KFC officials began to play tricks in person. They not only happily interacted with netizens on Weibo to discuss “crazy four literature”, but also opened an official live broadcast of “crazy four Literature Festival” on the last day of the end of 2021, and folk activities immediately became official certification; On the other hand, KFC has also used its own brand influence to push the enthusiasm of the national “crazy four” to a climax.
KFC crazy four literary festival Poster
Picture source: KFC
Among them, there are not only KFC preferential products and the huge number of users of the brand, but also the influence of viral communication brought by consumers’ second innovation. However, if the phenomenon of crazy four literature is not widely promoted by the official end, it is believed that it is difficult to develop so much that people enjoy talking about it.
Foodaily: so, this week’s crazy Thursday, would you like to invite me to KFC? (sincere face)
2. Honey Snow Ice City Snow King “blackened”
“Snow Ice City, the God of marketing”.
From the magic theme song “Honey snow ice city sweet honey” released by honey snow ice city in the summer of 2021 to the “blackening” of the Snow King’s Avatar in June this year, honey snow ice city can definitely be called a good player in the marketing industry.
Image source: Sohu
Take this year’s “black” marketing as an example.
In the mulberry season, in order to promote the new mulberry products of Michelle ice city, Michelle ice city will display the avatar on the takeout platform
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Cover image source: Ruixing coffee, KFC
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