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Kelp with fruit puree is not dark cuisine! Atlantic sea farms recreates the charm of kelp | daily new product stew Vol.23

Focus on the flash products of the new platform “daily new products”, and present them in a special deconstruction from the professional perspective of foodaily, so as to promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with one in ten thousand inspiration!

Natural without addition, fresh and nutritious
This is a fruit kelp freeze-dried square. The product takes kelp as the main raw material, kneaded with fresh fruit puree, and does not contain added sugar, gluten, non GMO and other artificial ingredients. The whole series includes original kelp, blueberry kelp and cranberry kelp. When eating, just thaw the product and add other accessories you like, and you can enjoy the delicious natural smoothie shake.
Although the product only contains berries and kelp, and the minimalist style is implemented to the end, the nutritional ingredients and taste experience contained therein are not reduced at all. Each bag of 34 grams contains 7 grams of dietary fiber, as well as rich iodine, calcium and magnesium.
Image source: Atlantic sea farms Facebook
The packaging of this product is made of degradable ingredients, just like the raw materials harvested by following the principle of sustainability. After the mission of “providing delicious food” is completed, the remaining part enters the recyclable system, fully realizing the green cycle.
Cube nutrition, ready to use
The product adopts a square shaped design to concentrate all nutrients in a square inch. Because the fruit puree is directly frozen into blocks without additives, the product can be eaten after thawing.
Image source: Atlantic sea farms official website
According to the introduction on the official website, the taste of blueberry ginger in the series is based on wild blueberries grown on family farms. The anthocyanin content is 33% more than that of ordinary blueberries. The cranberry flavor is based on cranberries grown on renewable farms.
Foodaily noted that the ingredient list also includes Cranberry seeds, a nutrient rich ingredient that is usually ignored, whose dietary fiber content is 1.6 times that of Chia seeds or flaxseed. Trace elements, dietary fiber, antioxidants… After adding the “super fruit” element, the previously unknown kelp suddenly becomes a healthy food with doubled nutrition!
Versatile style, showing the charm of kelp
On the official website of the brand Atlantic sea farms, various recipes made of kelp pieces are recommended for consumers, including as many as 8 smoothies alone.
Image source: Atlantic sea farms official website
Kelp pasta, kelp waffles, kelp smoked chicken… Kelp pieces from Atlantic sea farms are placed in various plates on the table. From baking to seasoning sauce, from salad to pasta, a simple piece of kelp is charming and “makes the best use of everything”.

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To find gold in the ocean, you might as well start with kelp
As one of the most nutritious foods on earth, kelp is rich in iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, potassium, iron and folic acid. In addition, it has the highest concentration of natural calcium in all foods. Kelp is a renewable and zero input aquatic product
Kelp with fruit puree is not dark cuisine! Atlantic sea farms recreates the charm of kelp | daily new product stew Vol.23
图片来源:Atlantic Sea Farms 官网
Atlantic Sea Farms的创始人2009 年在美国创建了第一个商业上可行的海藻养殖场,其目标是将当地沿海里的海洋植物真正推向大众市场,并为进口海藻提供新鲜健康的国内替代品。
图片来源:Atlantic Sea Farms 官网
于是,方便又天然的海带块由此诞生,并发展为至今的多种口味。目前,Atlantic Sea Farms开发的海带块可用于饮料、酱汁、意大利面、米饭、烘焙食品及冰沙等食物调理,传统的食用场景得到极大拓展。公司现有的五种新鲜冷冻和发酵海带系列产品已获得良好食品基金会、特色食品协会和天然产品博览会(NEXTY 奖)颁发的多项创新大奖。



公司&品牌:Atlantic Sea Farms
品类:饮料 / 冷冻饮品

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