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PepsiCo invested 3.7 billion in the parent company of Celsius lux, and Colgate Palmolive invested 4.7 billion to buy pet food factory. Heineken shelved its 2023 profit margin target, and Moutai completed the transfer of Xijiu equity

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PepsiCo invests in the parent company of Celsius Lux

Today, PepsiCo and Celsius Holdings (hereinafter referred to as Celsius), the manufacturer of energy drink Celsius, announced a final agreement to establish a long-term strategic distribution arrangement. The agreement will allow PepsiCo to distribute Celsius beverages in the United States; PepsiCo will also enter into a long-term U.S. distribution agreement on August 1. PepsiCo will also become a part of the global deal. PepsiCo will hold about 8.5celsiusj strategic partnership

Maotai completes the equity transfer of Xijiu

Recently, Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd. has undergone a number of industrial and commercial changes. The shareholding ratio of the former shareholder China Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. has been changed from 100% to 18%, and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou Provincial People’s Government has been added as a shareholder, holding 82%; The legal representative of the company was changed from Zhong Fangda to Zhang Deqin. Previously, Maotai Group announced that it planned to transfer 82% of its equity in Guizhou Maotai distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd. to Guizhou SASAC for free, and Guizhou SASAC would perform the role of investor. (business system)

Daily Youxian: today’s notice that the company’s capital chain is broken and cannot operate is false

Today, it was reported that Youxian daily released an announcement of fund chain breaking and rectification. In this regard, on the evening of August 1, the relevant person in charge of daily Youxian responded to the surging news reporter that as of today, daily Youxian has not issued any announcements, and the “notice on daily Youxian fund disconnection and inability to operate” circulated on the Internet is false information. (surging)

Aunt Qian will make efforts to prepare vegetables after obtaining new financing

Recently, the community fresh food chain brand “Qian Dama” obtained a new round of financing, led by Hezhi investment, and the transaction amount has not been disclosed yet. According to the plan, after this investment, aunt Qian will cooperate with Hezhi investment in the fields of prefabricated vegetables. (Interface)

COFCO international signs another $1.6 billion sustainable development loan agreement

Recently, COFCO International announced at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland that it had signed a US $1.6 billion sustainable development revolving loan agreement with 19 banks. This is the third sustainable development loan prepared by COFCO international in recent years, bringing the total amount of similar loans currently available to the company to $2.3 billion. (issued by the company)

“Building outside the building” crackdown on fake “West Lake building outside the building”

Surging news learned today from the Zhejiang provincial market supervision bureau that an online company that opened the flagship store of “West Lake Louwailou” on tmall was fined 780000 yuan for selling goods that infringed the exclusive right to use the registered trademark of “Louwailou”. “Louwailou” is a well-known time-honored brand in Hangzhou and a well-known trademark recognized by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. (

China Nutrition Society – Pepsi nutrition Innovation Center unveiled

Recently, the “China Nutrition Society – Pepsi nutrition innovation center” jointly established by Pepsi and the China Nutrition Society was officially unveiled. The center will integrate the resource advantages of industry, University and research, jointly promote scientific research and innovation in the food and beverage industry, and help scientific innovation China and healthy China

Quoting sources in the investment community and large food manufacturing circles, Russia’s “trader” reported that Kraft Heinz of the United States sold its baby food business in Russia. “The company sells its baby food business, including two factories with an annual output of 30000 tons of goods and local brands, with a value of about 3billion rubles,” the report said A source pointed out that kafheinz estimated that its Russian baby food business was worth 2.5 billion to 3 billion rubles. (Interface)

Russian singer timati announced the acquisition of all assets of Starbucks in Russia

Recently, timati, a Russian rapper and businessman, posted on his social media that he and Anton pinski, a Russian catering businessman, had fully acquired all the assets of Starbucks, an American chain coffee company, in Russia. He pointed out that there was no large-scale brand remodeling plan after the acquisition, but he also called on the Russian public to participate in the naming and logo design activities of chain coffee stores. (Xinhua Finance)

Volvo and Starbucks announced a cooperation that car owners can charge while drinking coffee

Volvo recently announced its cooperation with Starbucks to establish a fast charging network in the latter’s stores in the United States, covering 15 Starbucks stores and a total of 60 charging piles. The electric energy is provided by ChargePoint. The first phase of the project is planned to start this summer. Charging piles will be installed from Starbucks headquarters in Seattle to stores in Denver, with an effective network range of 1350 miles. (real vehicle network)


The purchase price of domestic whisky in Japan rose 50% in two years


Recently, the purchase price of a representative Japanese whisky has increased by 50% in the past two years. The reason is that the characteristics of many brand choices and various drinking methods meet the needs of drinking at home. In addition, the knowledge of brewing technology, age, bottle shape design and so on has prompted the popularity of collection. The number of collectors who do not drink alcohol but are only satisfied with whisky has increased, and lovers have become more and more diverse. (Nikkei)

Quick reading of food industry information

China’s beer industry recorded a significant recovery in July

Goldman Sachs said recently that it is optimistic about the recovery of beer stocks in the third quarter. On the one hand, the weather is hot, on the other hand, it is expected to recover in drinking scenes such as bars and restaurants, while the demand of mass retail scenes such as supermarkets is also resilient and product upgrading. The bank expects that China’s beer industry recorded a significant recovery in July, with sales expected to rise by a high single digit to about 10%, an increase of more than 6% compared with June. At the same time, it also expects that the pressure on raw material prices will slow down; More importantly, the improvement of operating efficiency and the ability to raise prices can boost the gross profit margin, which will help the profitability of liquor enterprises to improve from the second quarter. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Japan: the price of more than 10000 kinds of food will rise after August

According to Kyodo news agency of Japan, due to the rise in raw material fees and logistics costs, 10474 kinds of food and beverage are expected to rise in prices from August to the end of the year. In addition, there are 18532 kinds of commodities whose prices have increased by the end of July, with an average price increase rate of 14%. The depreciation of the yen against the US dollar, which has pushed up the price of imported goods, continues, and the household economic burden will increase for a long time. (Financial Associated Press)



According to Alibaba, this morning

PepsiCo invested 3.7 billion in the parent company of Celsius lux, and Colgate Palmolive invested 4.7 billion to buy pet food factory. Heineken shelved its 2023 profit margin target, and Moutai completed the transfer of Xijiu equity







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