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What are the differences in Lipton’s product innovation?

In the context of the tea industry, which can be said to be a hundred flowers blooming, innovative products with bright spots promote the brand to revitalize. Lipton has always made various efforts and attempts in this regard.


For a long time after entering China in 1992, Lipton seemed to be synonymous with tea bags in the hearts of Chinese consumers.

For office white-collar workers, Lipton has always been one of the warmest companions. According to Euromonitor International data, in 2021, Lipton still occupies the first place in China’s tea bag market share.

In addition to maintaining the existing scale as an advantage, Lipton has also been continuously attracting a new generation of consumers through product innovation and brand change.

The consumption of fruit tea is showing a younger trend. The “2022 spring tea consumption trend report” released by JD consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute shows that more young people have joined the ranks of tea drinking, and the transaction volume of post-95 flower and fruit tea has increased by more than 80% year-on-year. At the same time, the choice of tea base is becoming more and more localized. Since March, the top five tea products in terms of transaction volume are herbal tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, black tea and oolong tea.

The launch of Lipton’s new cold brewed fruit tea is also based on such considerations. Featured local tea, combined with real freeze-dried fruit grains, launched four flavors of “White Peach Oolong”, “qingti four seasons spring”, “pineapple Jasmine”, “pomelo fragrance moonlight white”, showing the charm of national style tea and attracting more young consumers to plant grass.

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In addition, young people also pursue individuality. They are often interested in products that are different or can bring different experiences.

Because tea can’t taste quickly in cold water, the so-called cold tea making in the past needs to be soaked in cold water and placed in the refrigerator overnight – which is not convenient for young people. This means that Lipton needs to work hard on raw materials and technology.

After a series of research and development, Lipton took the lead in introducing cold brewed fruit tea that can be drunk in 3 minutes in 2019.

In order to further meet the needs of young people for “instant”, the upgraded cold brewed fruit tea series truly achieves the “30 second taste” of cold brewed tea, and removes the tea line of traditional tea bags. In many scenes such as office, outdoor, sports and leisure, wireless tea bags can be thrown into a bottle of water to enjoy fresh freshly brewed fruit tea.

In addition, compared with other brands that use fruit preserves in fruit tea, the new product uses high-quality and healthy freeze-dried fruit granules.

It is worth mentioning that Lipton cold brewed fruit tea is not satisfied with just brewing with cold water. Lipton put forward the concept of “everything can be cold brewed”. When the team developed the product, they threw this cold brewed tea bag into bubble water, coconut water, beer and other beverage products and tried it. They found that this cold brewed tea can “transform” these drinks and increase the taste level of more fruits and tea.

The above product highlights can just meet the personalized needs of young people and make drinking water interesting.

According to the data provided by Lipton, cold brewed fruit tea became the leader of tmall cold brewed tea six weeks after its launch.


Xiaoshidai noticed that with the launch of new products, Lipton released

Lipton Liyan tea (Rose berry fruit tea) is prepared for young people who stay up late to catch up with drama and have dark skin. It is based on black tea, preferably Pingyin double petal red rose, matched with freeze-dried berry fruit particles, and “flowers, fruits, tea” can feel the natural sweetness of multiple levels.

Young people’s consumption concepts are constantly changing, and Lipton also pays close attention to market trends and makes corresponding changes in a timely manner. It is the brand reshaping action based on product upgrading that allows Lipton to create “Lipton time” with the spiritual guidance of brand proposition and the practical support of product functions.

Under the new brand declaration of “Hello, Lipton”, Lipton has made a conceptual subdivision: fruit tea is “Lipton, good heart, clear”, while herbal tea is “Lipton, good state”. It can be seen that Lipton’s “unity of knowledge and action” not only responds to public needs and social emotions through internal product iterations and external expression updates, but also allows brand care to enter the daily scene and lead young people to regain the good feelings of life.


These new products have been welcomed by consumers in a short period of time since they were launched, which is only the beginning of Lipton’s product innovation and change.

It is understood that Lipton has plans to launch more new products in the Chinese market, and will also maintain in-depth emotional communication with consumers in the dissemination, forming a stronger memory connection in the hearts of consumers. These measures will also help Lipton gain more attention and consumer recognition from young people in the future, and continue to consolidate its market advantages.

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What are the differences in Lipton’s product innovation?










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