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Sprite in her 60s is no longer “green”. Interpret the brand strategy of the beverage giant!

Sprite, after taking off the green.
On July 28, sprite rushed to the top of the hot search with the news that it would give up the green bottle.
Sprite, which has maintained green packaging for more than 60 years, has abandoned its iconic green packaging and will officially use transparent packaging from August 1.
Inquire about Coca Cola tmall’s official flagship store “Coca Cola flagship store”, which has no sales of Sprite packaged in green plastic bottles. Instead, it is transparent packaged “fiber +” Zero sugar zero Kalu sprite and canned green sprite.
Why did Coca Cola suddenly give up sprite’s green packaging?
As we all know, it is very difficult to cultivate a product image to the level of popular support. Giving up this logo easily has a great impact on brands and products.
Coca Cola said that the current bottles contain green polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that cannot be recycled, and the use of transparent bottles can reduce plastic waste. This substance is usually only recycled into disposable products, not other bottles.
This is contrary to the environmental protection route implemented by Coca Cola group, so Coca Cola decided to reluctantly give up sprite’s green packaging.
Behind the abandonment of Sprite green packaging, what problems does Coca Cola group face?
Sprite takes off its green clothes, environmental protection or cost reduction
Sprite is the third brand launched by Coca Cola. At present, it is sold in more than 190 countries in the world, second only to Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, red bull and Nestle coffee, with a brand value of $5.48 billion, and it is also the third largest soda brand in the world.
Coca Cola group announced on July 27 local time that from August 1, it will convert sprite’s classic green bottle, which has been used for more than 60 years, into transparent plastic. The newly designed packaging and logo will also appear on the sprite bottle, ending the 60 year history of the green bottle.
The seemingly “sudden” dressing storm, in fact, has long been a harbinger.
As early as 2019, Coca Cola group announced that it would vigorously promote the transparent design of beverage bottles. Since then, Sprite has begun to try to turn green bottles into more recyclable transparent plastic bottles, and has been implemented in several countries.
In recent years, Sprite has been carrying out “transparency” reform. “Fiber +” Sprite, cherry flavor Sprite and sugar free sprite are all made of transparent bottles.
However, when all the green bottles disappear and turn into transparent bottles, Sprite fans will still have a feeling of “green knot”.
According to Coca Cola group, the reason for sprite to change bottles is very simple, that is, environmental protection.
Because the green packaging used by sprite originally contains green polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and the mixed color pet can only be recycled into disposable products, not
It is said that Yuanqi forest is currently developing Zero sugar and zero fat cola, which directly targets Coca Cola’s logo products, which also makes this beverage giant face great challenges in the Chinese market.
In recent years, Coca Cola has launched a series of new products, such as foaming soft drinks, dairy drinks and so on. This part of new products has even become a leading growth point in the North American market.
With continuous innovation, continuous competition and rising, good market atmosphere and benign competition, Coca Cola, as the world’s undoubtedly beverage giant, has set an excellent example for the latecomers.
After transparency, sprite’s next challenge
Back to sprite’s dressing storm, although the change is instantaneous, the uniqueness of green bottles for sprite can still be seen after more than 60 years of classic design.
When sprite was born, it swept the world with keywords such as cool and refreshing. This is a relatively different selling point from coca cola. Coca Cola has suddenly brought the two bright colors of green and red into the product, becoming one of the biggest features.
This time sprite took off its green packaging. Consumers questioned whether the sprite that lost its “cool” and “refreshing” was the original Sprite?
You know, it’s true that the content remains the same, but packaging can add more points to goods. Research shows that sprite’s green packaging is an important symbol of its own strategic layout, and the cool touch of green also makes sprite’s summer sales far exceed that of other seasons.
In addition to packaging, Sprite also faces many challengers, eyeing the previously firmly occupied market. For example, 7xi, which also belongs to lemon soda with Sprite, is likely to take this opportunity to make a comeback and divide sprite’s original market share.
The bubble water of Yuanqi forest, the soft drink of Nestle and so on all have great interest in sprite market, and the chain reaction after sprite dressing up has just begun.
In addition, sprite’s marketing in China has always taken a younger route, cooperating with young artists to produce singles, shoot advertisements, and carry out variety marketing.
All these marketing activities are closely related to green. Consumers are very curious about whether sprite will lose this symbol after losing green.
After taking off the green packaging, how to strengthen people’s green in sprite’s “gene” again is the key to the next market layout.
Environmental protection is the cause, and the cost comes under pressure.
Even industry giants such as Coca Cola group have made great changes in the ever-changing market. The result of the reform is yet to be known. If some people are optimistic, others will be negative. Just wait for the financial report of fiscal year 2022 to reveal the result.
It is admirable that Coca Cola’s support for the green cause did not produce arrogance towards its leading position. After taking off the green, Sprite can make the world environment cooler.
Author: lin ning; Source: consumer (id:xiaofeijie316), reprinted
Sprite in her 60s is no longer “green”. Interpret the brand strategy of the beverage giant!



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