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Golden oatmeal parent company, Nongchao coffee market, the latest team, oatly and Mars

When change, uncertainty, unknown and complexity become the keywords of the times, how can enterprises find opportunities for growth? The answer given by weichi group, the parent company of golden oatmeal, is to focus on the core, take the initiative to respond and attack in a group.

Recently, the “vuca UCA era * – new consumption growth seminar” hosted by weichi group was held in Guangzhou, and the official announced that two new coffee series be n (different) coffee and capparoma will be launched soon.

Weichi group and oatly open a deep strategic alliance

Zhongtingyi, CEO of weichi group, and Zhang Chun, President of oatly Asia, signed a strategic alliance cooperation agreement on the spot, which will carry out in-depth cooperation from multiple dimensions such as distribution, peripheral products, raw materials and equipment, new product research and development, product supply and so on. In addition, in order to further expand the influence of the coffee market, weichi group’s cutting-edge coffee brand in the Chinese market, be n (different) coffee, has also jointly launched brand joint marketing with be-kind, a nutritional grain brand under Mars arrow, to jointly launch the theme cooperation of “be kind” (treat yourself well), and create an office CP of afternoon coffee + snacks.

Zhong Tingyi said that even in the face of various unstable and uncertain factors, consumers’ demand for food, especially healthy and nutritious food, is still rigid. The group plans to explore more market opportunities around the two core businesses of cereal and coffee. He also shared more ideas on coffee products and overall business growth to the snack generation.

Now let’s take a look at the details.

Overall layout of coffee business

Although for Chinese consumers, the main reason to know weichi group is golden oatmeal, at the beginning of its establishment in Singapore, the group started making coffee, which can be said to be a “veteran” of the coffee industry.

“Today, the headquarters of weichi Pinshi group is still in Singapore. We are an enterprise relying on the development of China and Southeast Asia. We mainly make cereal in China and coffee in Southeast Asia.” Zhong Tingyi said. It is understood that weichi group has many coffee brands in the world, including cafe21, bencafe, etc. In China, the Group acquired Qiaosheng coffee, a coffee raw material supplier and service provider located in Shanghai, in 2002, thereby entering the 2B business.

Zhongtingyi, CEO of weichi group

At present, Qiaosheng serves b-end customers such as domestic well-known pizza chain brands, international fast food chains, international hamburger chains, international coffee chains and convenience stores, covering many cities across the country. It is understood that despite the impact of the epidemic on the coffee business, weichi’s coffee business in China doubled year-on-year last year.

Weichi group’s new coffee brand be n (different)

In terms of price, the product matrix of this series comprehensively covers three price bands: low, medium and high.

“Everyone has different definitions of coffee in their hearts. We hope to launch different product lines through be n (different) coffee to meet the preferences of different consumers.” Tang Junhua, CMO of weichi group, also revealed that in the future, be n (different) coffee also plans to cooperate with other different FMCG brands, and even break through cross-border beauty lines with different themes

“At least now cereals and coffee belong to better tracks. Especially coffee, which has been growing at a double rate in the past few years, is a good product.” Zhong Tingyi further explained that in order to accelerate growth, the group is vigorously expanding and supplementing the layout of online channels on the basis of its original offline distribution network advantages, so that consumers can easily buy cereal products in different shopping channels and scenes. As for coffee, it is intended to meet the habitual purchase of consumers with coffee beans and caramel coffee products. It will also be carried out through e-commerce as the main channel, and instant (including three in one instant and new freeze-dried instant) products will be used to supplement consumers’ demand for coffee in convenient scenarios.

New consumption seminar CEO Forum

In addition, according to Zhong Tingyi, it is important for enterprises to maintain an open mind and form in order to achieve growth under the current complex situation.

“For example, we have a strategic cooperation agreement with oatly. We hope that the two sides can cooperate in many fields to jointly build channels and products, so that everyone can obtain consumers in their respective fields.” He also revealed that in the future, he hopes to cooperate with more partners to expand the market and categories and better serve consumers.

*Vuca is an acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, representing “unstable”, “uncertain”, “complex” and “fuzzy”.

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Golden oatmeal parent company, Nongchao coffee market, the latest team, oatly and Mars

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*乌卡时代(VUCA )是volatile,uncertain,complex,ambiguous四个单词首字母的缩写,代表“不稳定的”、“不确定的”、“复杂的”和“模糊的”。


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