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Mellon coffee x auspicious Airlines jointly launched the new, exploring a new mode of business cooperation in business travel coffee

new layout of the whole industry chain. Mellon and Jixiang airlines have started the era of business travel beverage cooperation 2.0.
A few days ago, Mellon coffee teamed up with lucky airlines for the first time to launch the joint cooperation fund of lucky airlines with “walking box” flash soluble freeze-dried coffee powder, so as to further cross-border air travel catering industry and open up a new layout of business.
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Break the circle of joint names: create joint cooperation funds for coffee
As a coffee enterprise in the whole industry chain, Mellon fully demonstrates its advantages in the process of cooperation. Strictly select high-quality coffee raw materials and extract with freeze-dried black technology to create a “store level” coffee that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Mellon coffee, together with Jixiang airlines, aims to enable consumers to enjoy a cup of high-quality coffee during the journey. At present, this coffee can be obtained through Jixiang Airlines points mall and other channels.
For a long time, Mellon has never forgotten his original intention of “just for a cup of good coffee”, emphasizing quality coffee and quality life. For such a coffee brand, coffee is a practice based on life expression, a source of inspiration, a free exploration to unlock unknown destinations with imagination, and also represents the infinite possibilities of the world.
This joint venture will share resources and complement each other’s advantages with lucky airlines, and will deeply tap the linkage value of cross-border cooperation. By exporting coffee to aviation drinks, we will expand new consumption scenarios, and provide a more commercially meaningful model reference for broader cross-border cooperation in the coffee field.  
Cool crossover: comprehensively promote brand multi-dimensional cooperation
In the past decade, Mellon has actively introduced excellent coffee products and fine coffee culture from all over the world into the Chinese coffee market, and injected fine coffee culture and quality life attitude into the lives of every ordinary consumer through its own professional strength and platform resources.
In recent years, Mellon coffee does not stop at the coffee itself. In the field of brand marketing, Mellon coffee has constantly crossed borders, and has made a variety of collaborative innovations with fashion, art, culture and other fields. At the same time, in terms of scenario marketing, it has teamed up with many brands to deliver the “coffee +” consumption scenario and quality lifestyle.
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In fact, “crossover” has long been one of the brand keywords of Mellon coffee. As a quality lifestyle, coffee has something in common with many brands and can be used as a medium to link all aspects of quality life. At the same time, Mellon built a strong R & D team in its early years to develop different differentiated products according to the different characteristics of coffee raw materials and the market trend for taste. By giving full play to its own advantages and cross-border cooperation with multiple brands and dimensions, Mellon provides a coffee consumption experience with a sense of freshness and quality, and also allows the market to see more possibilities for cooperation.
The partnership with lucky Airlines has great potential significance for the industry.
At present, under the background of the global economic and environmental changes caused by the new round of epidemic, various industries of life services will be deeply integrated. Under the trend of omni-channel integration, enterprises are moving towards brand and quality
Mellon coffee x auspicious Airlines jointly launched the new, exploring a new mode of business cooperation in business travel coffee





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