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The world’s top 500 will be released in 2022! The rankings of Nestle, Pepsi and Danone have changed again, and Starbucks has re entered the list

Today, Fortune magazine released the list of the world’s top 500 in 2022. Judging from the ranking of food and beverage enterprises this year, the food and beverage industry has experienced a new round of “reshuffle” of forces, with some falling out of the list and some re listed.

Xiaoshidai browsed the list and found that compared with last year, the overall change in the list of top 500 food and beverage companies this year was not significant, but most of the rankings fell, while at the same time, the annual revenue of those companies that fell in the rankings basically increased.

Therefore, this mainly reflects the overall improvement of the “entry threshold” and “gold content” of the world 500 list. Fortune today pointed out that the total operating revenue of the companies on the list this year reached 37.8 trillion US dollars, and the total net profit reached 3.1 trillion US dollars, both of which hit an all-time high on the list. The threshold for entering the ranking (minimum sales revenue) jumped from $24billion to $28.6 billion.

In addition, this part is also related to the rise of the ranking of food giants in the special environment last year. Xiaoshidai introduced that under the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the packaged food industry, which is relatively linked to the “just needs of the people” and has a more flexible consumption scenario, has shown strong resilience. Not only has the number of enterprises on the list increased, but most of the rankings have risen.

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First, let’s search the field of “food: consumer products”. Compared with last year, the ranking of this sector basically “Rose collectively”, and this year’s ranking of this sector all “fell collectively”, and two food giants fell out of the list.

This year, there are only four multinational food companies on the list: Nestle, Pepsi, Yizi international and Danone. They are all “familiar faces” of the previous year, but some changes have taken place in the ranking. Yizi international can become the third place in the sub list by a narrow margin. Their revenue is quite close, and the gap is very small.

There is no doubt that Nestle is still firmly in the “top position”, with an annual revenue of US $95.292.8 billion (2019 revenue last year: US $89.852 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%), continuing to lead the food industry, which is much larger than the total revenue of Yizi international and Danone. This year, Nestle ranked 103rd in the top 500, down 24 places from last year.

Under this sub list, PepsiCo ranked second with a revenue of $79.474 billion in 2021, ranking 143rd among the top 500, down 12 places from last year.

With a revenue of 28.72 billion US dollars, Yizi international ranked 498th among the top 500, down 35 places. Danone ranked 499th (down 45) next to Yizi with a revenue of US $28.708.2 billion. The two companies “breathtaking” retained their seats in the latest top 500 with the ranking of “crane tail” in the general list.

Kraft Heinz (ranked 466 last year) and Wanzhou International (ranked 474 last year) are no longer found in this year’s fortune 500 list. The two food giants have also been “in and out” on the top 500 list for several times.

Xiaoshidai introduced that kafheinz in 2019

It is quite amazing that the companies that entered the list last year have not only remained this year, but also these food producers located in the upper reaches of the industry have basically improved their ranking. It is worth mentioning that, as a member of the top 500 for the first time last year, Beijing based new hope Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was listed again this year with a revenue of US $39.168.9 billion, ranking 356 in the total list, an increase of 34 over last year.

“Last year, under the combined influence of African swine fever, COVID-19, food price fluctuations, pig cycle and other factors, the pig breeding business of new hope faced great challenges, but the feed industry, food industry, new consumption industry, and the ‘specialized and special new’ little giant industry developed rapidly.” New hope said today.

According to the above sub list, in addition to adm company still ranking firmly on the list, the next ranking has changed internally compared with the previous year. This year, it is: Wilmar international, JBS company of Brazil, Bangui company, Louis Dreyfus group, Tyson food, new hope Holding Group Co., Ltd., CHS company, and CJ group newly classified on this sub list this year.

In addition, let’s take a look at the performance of some companies that also have food and beverage business, but are divided into various industry lists.

Among them, China Resources Co., Ltd. ranked 69th with an operating revenue of 119.601.2 billion US dollars this year (ranking last year: 69). The company owns China Resources Yibao, China Resources beer and other businesses, and is involved in drinking water, coffee, beer and other categories in the field of large consumption.

“In terms of ranking, we are one place lower than last year, but you don’t have to be discouraged. The list can only represent the achievements in a period of time. Over the past year, China Resources has still moved forward steadily and its performance continues to grow.” The company said today that in 2021, the group’s revenue and net profit hit another record high, with an operating revenue of 771.5 billion yuan and a net profit of 60.1 billion yuan.

This year, COFCO Group Co., Ltd. ranked 91st with a revenue of 103.087.3 billion US dollars, jumping 21 places from last year, which is also the highest ranking since COFCO group was listed for 28 consecutive years. The company owns consumer brands such as Fulinmen, Great Wall wine, jiajiakang and Chinese tea.

“In 2021, when global agriculture is facing uncertainties caused by epidemic and climate change, COFCO’s overall performance bucked the trend, with revenue of 664.9 billion yuan and total profit of 23.8 billion yuan. Its operating performance has continuously exceeded the same period, history, budget and forecast.” The company said today.

In addition, after becoming the first enterprise with traditional Chinese medicine as its main industry to be listed in the top 500 last year, Guangyao group was listed for the second consecutive year this year, and its ranking reached a new high, ranking 467, up 1 place from last year. The company also operates Wanglaoji herbal tea and other beverage businesses.

“Relying on the strong advantages of the ‘Wanglaoji’ brand, in 2019, Guangyao group developed a series of products with Guizhou Gaowei C fruit Rosa roxburghii as raw material, with sales of more than 1billion yuan in 2021. At present, Guangyao group is working hard to revitalize the Guangdong litchi brand, and the 18 litchi deep-processing products developed by Guangyao group -” lixiaoji “series products have been listed

It is worth noting that the revenue of Chinese listed enterprises accounts for 31% of the total revenue of the 500 listed enterprises, surpassing that of the United States for the first time. American listed companies account for 30% of the total revenue of listed companies. Among the top five enterprises in the list, three are from China, namely state grid, PetroChina and Sinopec.

But at the same time, in terms of profitability, the gap between Chinese companies and the average level of the world’s top 500 companies has widened. “The average profit of 145 Chinese companies listed on the list is about US $4.1 billion. Although it has improved compared with itself, the average profit of the world’s top 500 rose to US $6.2 billion in the same period.” Fortune said that the profits and growth rate of Chinese listed enterprises are far lower than the world average.

In addition, according to the above data, the average return on sales of listed enterprises in Chinese Mainland is 5.1%, the return on total assets is 1.15%, and the return on net assets is 9.5%. The three indicators are behind the average level of Fortune Global 500.

“On the whole, the number and scale of Chinese enterprises on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2022 have increased. However, the global industrial chain is being restructured, and the competition rules of global enterprises will also be restructured. In the future, large Chinese companies will inevitably face more severe challenges.” Fortune commented today.

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The world’s top 500 will be released in 2022! The rankings of Nestle, Pepsi and Danone have changed again, and Starbucks has re entered the list














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