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With an “imperfect” banana, this brand actually received $18million in financing| New Xiu

from ugly bananas to the perfect transformation of the industry upstart, what has barnana done?

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At present, coconut has become the mainstream of popular products, and it can be seen in the popular products of major manufacturers. In the first half of 2021, more than 130 coconut flavor drinks were launched, and only five brands, including Xicha, Naixue tea, Lele tea, Ruixing coffee and KFC, launched more than 20 coconut series products. Not only that, the application of coconut has penetrated from the field of new tea drinks to the field of packaged food and beverage, across all categories. There is no doubt that coconut has become the most popular super ingredient of fruits at that time.
Source: Ruixing official, KFC official
Under the background that coconut is favored by major manufacturers and consumers, foodaily found that banana, as a tropical fruit with special genes, has its own popular attributes such as health, nature, rich in vitamins and plant base, but no one has been interested in it. Under the influence of the current strong momentum of domestic coconuts, bananas, which originally had no large number of loyal fans, not only could not compete with popular fruits such as mango and peach, but also were preempted by niche fruits with topic attributes such as oil Mandarin and yellow peel fruit, gradually fading out of the vision of consumers.
In the current market environment, compared with other fruits, bananas may seem a little ordinary and even uninteresting. However, as a super fruit, bananas are rich in nutrition, dietary fiber, large output and can be obtained in all seasons. They are a very good fruit that can be used for food processing and have good innovation potential.
Faced with the “inner roll” and “whole life” of many fruits, how can bananas jump out of the comfort zone and strive to become the next popular fruit worth looking forward to? Foodaily found that innovation using bananas as raw materials is not uncommon in overseas markets. Moreover, compared with the only snacks such as crisps in China, bananas have cultivated quite mature consumption scenes and more leading brand concepts in overseas markets. What wonderful story can a little banana have? Next, join foodaily in this issue of [new Xiu] – Banana snack brand barnana from the United States.
Inspired by coconut, the founder bet on bananas
Barnana, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA, is an environment-friendly company that aims to provide consumers with healthy snacks while reducing resource waste. It mainly produces all kinds of healthy snacks made of “imperfect” organic bananas and plantains.
As a sports enthusiast and triathlon professional athlete, caue supply, the founder of barnana, has used banana slices as a small snack to supplement energy after sports since childhood. He is concerned that there are many bananas in banana producing areas every year because their appearance does not meet the listing standards or the supply chain does not meet the requirements
As the first product of barnana brand, “banana bites” series products have experienced many upgrading iterations, and expanded product branches: from the original chewy banana slices, to the coconut flavored chewy banana slices mixed with coconut paste, and chewy banana slices wrapped with various coatings. These breakthrough changes all show barnana’s innovative strength and love for banana products.
“Banana bites” series products, image source minimart
Barnana coconut flavored chewy organic banana slices, tuyuan good eggs
2) Health + flavor, achieving popular banana chips
Barnana’s popular series is a series of crispy banana chips, and the core secret to stand out is very simple: first, flavor, second, health. Most of the traditional banana slices in the market are fried without seasoning or simply seasoned with salt, and the taste is relatively single. Under such a market background, barnana banana slices with innovative flavors stand out. Salt vinegar flavor, Himalayan sea salt flavor, lime flavor, spicy Mango Salad flavor and other novel flavors provide consumers with more choices, and also inject new vitality into the unchanging track.
On the other hand, barnana banana slices are crisp and salty, without added sugar and gluten. They are only made of banana, natural seasoning and 100% coconut oil. They are naturally healthy and can bring the same satisfaction as potato chips, perfectly meeting the healthy needs of contemporary consumers for snacks.
Barnana’s innovative snack, official source
3) Category expansion and innovation
Innovation around bananas has not stopped. On the basis of the success of banana chips, barnana brought a new product to consumers in February 2022, and launched crispy banana blocks, innovative cube crisps, which bring consumers a healthy and novel experience, without added sugar and cholesterol, and each package contains 4G dietary fiber.
Barnana’s new product, organic crispy banana block, was launched in 2022
Source official
Up to now, barnana’s innovative banana snack product line mainly focuses on sweet and salty flavors.
The sweet product line includes: healthy dehydrated and chewy banana slices that are different from the hard and crisp taste of fried banana slices in the past, with less oil and sugar; A series of chewy banana snacks wrapped with a coating on the basis of chewy banana slices.
Salty product lines include: organic banana chips made of healthy coconut oil, gluten free corn chips made of innovative banana powder instead of traditional corn powder, and organic banana blocks with the size of popcorn, which make the taste more three-dimensional and crisp.
Barnana’s various products
From top to bottom: coated chewy banana slices, chewy banana slices, organic banana chips
All barnana products are free of artificial additives and gluten
Since 2013, barnana has reused more than 50million bananas and plantains that cannot be put on shelves, and acquired agroapoyo, a Latin American supply and manufacturing partner in Quito, Ecuador, in September 2021 to create a “farm to shelf” supply. With its excellent innovation ability and sustainable and win-win brand concept and vision, barnana has always maintained a special position in the highly competitive fruit snack market.
How to make bananas into popular fruits?
1) Identify characteristics and expand core consumption scenarios
Barnana is known as a “super potassium” snack, which also suggests that a core reason for its emergence in the U.S. market is that banana snacks have a typical consumption scenario here, that is, sports and fitness.
Banana is rich in nutrition and is recognized as a beauty and weight loss and sports energy supplement food. It is rich in sugar, pectin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamins, crude fiber and other nutrients, especially potassium.
At present, the main consumption scenario of bananas in China is still relatively limited, and they are mostly enjoyed directly as daily fruits. As the main importer of bananas, the United States accounts for 18% of global banana imports, and the per capita banana consumption in the United States is maintained at 27 pounds (about 12.2kg) throughout the year.
Banana is high in sugar and potassium, which helps to maintain nerve and muscle function during exercise. It is a good snack before and after exercise. Therefore, many fitness people will take bananas as a “tonic” to the gym or enjoy in various outdoor scenes. Many food manufacturers in the United States will also use bananas as raw materials to develop various sports snacks, and barnana is one of them.
In fact, among the domestic fitness crowd, there has long been the habit of eating oneortwo bananas before and after exercise, but more in the form of fruit. Therefore, does it mean that bananas actually have more room for development, which can not only be used as fruits or snacks that simply provide taste enjoyment, but also develop into functional snacks and expand new consumption scenarios?
Barnana products can be used as snacks to supplement physical fitness after outdoor sports
Figure source barnana official twitter
2) Break the routine and create new taste and texture
At present, the categories of banana snacks in China are still limited to fried banana slices, banana flavored snacks and banana flavored drinks. The innovation of banana products is only to add banana flavor to various products.
In contrast, banana products in overseas markets have been diverse. For example, barnana’s Coated chewy banana snack is a popular chewy snack made by combining bananas with peanuts and chocolate sauce, and banana milk in South Korea is a perfect combination of bananas and milk. Japan also has many snacks with banana chocolate combination, and we have also observed new texture products such as ice cream made of bananas.
Therefore, the inspiration for domestic manufacturers is that the innovation focus of banana products may be
With an “imperfect” banana, this brand actually received $18million in financing| New Xiu
Barnana的诞生就伴随着对于可持续理念的关注。其创始人注意到,多达 20% 的香蕉在离开农场之前就被丢弃了。尽管这些香蕉的品质并没有问题,但由于严格的出口标准,它们被认为是“不完美的”,并因小肿块、瘀伤或太熟而被拒收,并且有许多在产地种植有机香蕉的小农们,因为供应链技术较落后导致他们的香蕉无法被推向更大的市场,因此每年都有大量品质不错的有机香蕉被丢弃。
同时,Barnana 还帮助原产地的小佃农以及农民,帮助他们从普通农场过渡到有机认证农场,并定期以高于市场价30%的价格收购他们的农作物,以确保公平的工资、稳定的收入和更少的食物浪费,并且确保那些“不完美的”有机水果,经过非常短的行程就能够到达Barnana在当地的加工工厂,制作成消费者喜欢的零食。
自2013 年以来,Barnana 已经再利用了超过 5000 万根无法上架的香蕉和芭蕉,并于2021年9月收购了位于厄瓜多尔基多的拉丁美洲供应和制造合作伙伴 Agroapoyo,以创建“从农场到货架”的供应。凭借出色的创新能力和可持续共赢的品牌理念和愿景,Barnana在竞争激烈的水果零食市场,始终保持着特殊的地位。
国内目前香蕉的主要消费场景还是比较局限,多是作为日常水果直接享用,而美国作为香蕉的主要进口国,占全球香蕉进口量的 18%,美国人均香蕉消费量则常年维持在27磅(约12.2kg)。
作为有态度的千禧一代,现在的年轻人不仅通过消费更可持续的产品表明对环保的支持, 还会选择更加环保的生活方式,让“可持续”、“回收”、“循环”融入日常生活中并有所行动,比如节水节电、拒绝一次性餐具、拒绝消费主义等。



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