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Refreshing bubble nugget milk drink experience: Muke bubble lactic acid bacteria | daily new product stew Vol.24

Focus on the flash products of the new platform “daily new products”, and present them in a special deconstruction from the professional perspective of foodaily, so as to promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with one in ten thousand inspiration!


Introduction to product features:

Bubble + lactic acid bacteria, innovative technology combined with refreshing taste
Muke bubble lactic acid bacteria is an aerated lactic acid bacteria beverage, which breaks through the production process of traditional bubble milk carbonated beverage, selects the fermentation bacteria for on-site fermentation, and realizes the integration of fermentation and canning. 20 hours of golden fermentation, more than 20 times the production time of ordinary drinks. In addition, the product adopts quantitative inflation, UHT high-temperature instant killing process and pasteurization heat treatment process, and the bubble element is integrated into the fermented lotion, making the bubbles dense, fresh and cool.
The products include original flavor and grapefruit flavor. The original bubble lactic acid bacteria taste sour, sweet and refreshing, with lemon fragrance and dense bubbles; Grapefruit flavor bubble lactic acid bacteria. Grapefruit is fragrant, moist and refreshing, as if you ate grapefruit in one bite.
Source: Miao Ke
0 fat added, nutritious and refreshing without burden
Muke bubble lactic acid bacteria focuses on “0 fat, no burden”. The product adopts milk powder imported from France, which contains lactic acid bacteria and whey protein powder wpc34, especially Bb-12 Bifidobacterium lactis and other effective probiotic nutrients. It is cleared every day, healthy and refreshing without burden. Drink it half an hour after the meal, promote the good state of intestines and stomach, and upgrade the nutrition and taste.

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

Find another way to innovate from the taste and flavor of bubble drink
In today’s 100 billion beverage market, the most popular category is bubble water. According to the forward-looking data, the overall market scale of domestic bubble water in 2019 was about 15billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 40billion yuan in 2025. Among them, the competition between the concept of Zero sugar and zero calorie has become a competitive track for major beverage brands, but this has also led to more and more bubble aquatic products blindly meeting this demand, and the products are becoming more and more homogeneous.
Source: Miao Ke
Combined with the red bubble element, Miao Ke made innovation based on protein drinks, and found another way to realize the differentiation of bubble aquatic products from the polishing of flavor and taste. On the basis of refreshing bubbles, milk powder and whey protein powder are added to add a unique thick taste, and lactic acid bacteria fermentation is used to enhance the release of flavor substances, adding a sour, sweet and fresh flavor experience.
Miao Ke also matched this special taste bud feeling with the “taste of the first heartbeat” in different scenes. The experience of tiny bubbles jumping on the tip of the tongue brings vitality and youth to students and office workers in different scenes. In a hot afternoon, open the fridge in convenience stores, offices and homes, and share the sweet and sour taste of Muke bubble lactic acid bacteria with family and friends. It is moist and refreshing, dispelling summer heat and fatigue.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: China
Company & Brand: Miao Ke
Category: beverages / pure water, flavored water and bubble water beverages
Applicable to: the public
Ingredient list:
Original flavor: water, white granulated sugar, skimmed milk powder, soluble soybean polysaccharide, concentrated whey protein powder, citric acid, sodium citrate, lactic acid, salt, carbon dioxide, essence for food, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis.
Refreshing bubble nugget milk drink experience: Muke bubble lactic acid bacteria | daily new product stew Vol.24





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