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Shake shack continued to expand in China, and the share price of Youxian daily soared. Wen’s loss in the first half of the year was 3.517 billion, the net profit of golden dragon fish in the first half of the year fell by 30%, and Alibaba’s revenue in the last quarter was better than expected

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Daily fresh food soared before the market

Today, the daily youxianmei stock rose rapidly before the market, with an increase of more than 160%. Since then, its increase gradually closed to about 120% within an hour (Note: the stock rose more than 70% when the US stock market opened tonight). Recently, the reporter learned from a former senior person of daily Youxian that “now only a few general manager’s office personnel of daily Youxian are left behind”. (21 finance and Economics)

Wen’s shares lost 3.517 billion yuan in the first half of the year

Today, Wen’s shares issued a performance express. In the first half of the year, the company achieved a total operating income of 31.544 billion yuan, a slight increase of 2.97% over the same period last year; The net profit was a loss of 3.517 billion yuan, with a loss of 2.498 billion yuan in the same period last year. The company said that with the recovery of pig prices in June, the pig industry achieved a monthly turnaround. (company announcement)

The net profit of Golden Arowana in the first half of the year decreased by 33.47% year-on-year


Yongshuntai’s IPO was held, and its customers included the top five beer groups

According to the IPO news, the malt enterprise Yuehai yongshuntai Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “yongshuntai”) recently launched a meeting and plans to be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In terms of end customers, yongshuntai has established close cooperative relations with major beer groups. It has cooperated with Yanjing Beer, Zhujiang Beer and Tsingtao beer for 30 years, with Budweiser InBev and Carlsberg for more than 20 years, and with China Resources beer and Heineken beer for more than 10 years. (IPO knew it early)

White elephants responded that instant noodles were exposed to be “full of ants“

With regard to the recent “white elephant instant noodles was exposed to be full of ants on the cake”, white elephant issued a statement saying that after verification, this is by no means a quality problem in the production process of our company. (Sina Finance)

Yihong shares will lose its halberd at the meeting

The latest disclosure on the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange shows that at the municipal Party committee meeting on August 2, the IPO of Yihong’s gem failed to be approved, and the IPO of the company was changed to the terminated state on the evening of the same day. In the audit process, the municipal Party committee pointed out that Yihong Co., Ltd. has a significant dependence on its main customer Mengniu Group. (Beijing business daily)

The formula registration of 6 Ningxia infant formula milk powder products was approved

Yesterday, the food evaluation center of the State Administration of market supervision and Administration issued a mailing detail sheet of the approval document (decision) for the registration of infant formula milk powder products, involving six products. The details are as follows. (State Administration of market supervision)

Tims China and Tencent Shanghai open E-sports coffee shop

Today, Tim Hortons’ operator in China, TIMS China, announced the opening of a new E-sports coffee shop with Tencent in Shanghai to “provide customers with an immersive theme space to enjoy and share coffee and the e-sports world”. Tims China and Tencent began to cooperate in 2020, opening the first co branded E-sports shop in Shanghai and then a second in Shenzhen. (released by the company)

Ben&jerry’s said Unilever had frozen the remuneration of its directors

A few days ago, the independent board of directors of Ben & jerry’s said that Unilever had been in dispute with its parent company on the sale of its Israeli business

The US authorities announced today that 4.3 million cans of aptamil gold plus (phase 1) will be airlifted from New Zealand to Chicago from August 8 to 11. At present, Danone will export about 38million cans of milk powder to the U.S. market, including milk powder from Ireland and New Zealand. (WH)

Russian local companies fill the gap left by Coca Cola and Pepsi

With the withdrawal of Coca Cola and Pepsi from Russia, chernogolovka, a local producer, aims to occupy 50% of the country’s nearly $9billion market. Chernogolovka is named after a small town on the outskirts of Moscow in 1998. It produces snacks, bottled water, lemonade and energy drinks. It has been producing cola chernogolovka since May. (Reuters)

Just east lowered the valuation of grubhub by 3billion euros

Recently, take out company

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The founder responded to the shutdown of Miya app: the golden age of vertical e-commerce has passed

On August 2, one month after the release of the service suspension announcement of Miya app, Liu Nan, the founder and CEO of Miya, held a media communication meeting called “Miya starts again” to respond positively to external doubts. Talking about why to close Mya app, Liu Nan explained that the most fundamental reason is that the golden age of vertical e-commerce has passed, and Mya app has completed its historical mission. As the founder, she needs to lead the transformation of the company. (Interface)

Today, Alibaba announced the first quarter performance report of fiscal year 2023 as of the end of June. During the period, the revenue was 205.555 billion yuan, about the same year-on-year, but better than the expected 2030.095 billion yuan, although it was still the slowest growth rate since Alibaba’s US stock ads listing in September 2014.

It fell 1% in the middle. 1 although tmall 6 held the e-commerce Festival during the period, the Gmv of online physical goods of Taobao and tmall fell year on year., With the realization of payment, Gmv is growing year by year.

The EBIT loss of local life services including “hungry” of community groceries e-commerce, which is still in the money burning stage, narrowed by 36.2% to 3.044 billion yuan. Alibaba’s cloud business revenue in the last quarter was 23.938 billion yuan, and the growth slowed to 10%, slightly lower than

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Shake shack continued to expand in China, and the share price of Youxian daily soared. Wen’s loss in the first half of the year was 3.517 billion, the net profit of golden dragon fish in the first half of the year fell by 30%, and Alibaba’s revenue in the last quarter was better than expected

随着可口可乐、百事可乐撤出俄罗斯,当地生产商Chernogolovka的目标是在该国近90亿美元的市场中占有50%的份额。Chernogolovka以1998年在莫斯科郊外的小镇命名,生产零食、瓶装水、柠檬水、能量饮料,并从5月开始生产Cola Chernogolovka。(路透社)

Just Eat对Grubhub估值下调了30亿欧元

日前,外卖公司Just Eat对其美国子公司Grubhub的估值进行了30亿欧元的减记,使其价值大幅缩水近一半。就在一年之前,该公司收购了这家食品外卖集团,以应对消费者预算紧张和竞争激烈的局面。同时科技公司估值大幅下降,也打击了Just Eat自身的市值。(金融时报)







今天,阿里巴巴 公布截至6月底止的2023财年首季业绩报告。期内收入2055.55亿元,按年大约持平,但是好于预期的2030.95亿元,尽管仍为阿里巴巴2014年9月美股ADS上市以来最慢增速。

其中,国商务收入1419.35亿元,同比下跌1%,预期为1406.37亿元。虽然期内举办电商节天猫 618”,但淘宝和天猫的线上实物商品 GMV同比位数下降。阿里表示,随着5月下旬物流运力正常化,GMV 正在恢复,而“天猫 618”实现支付 GMV 按年正增长。



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