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The whole ginseng lemon tea is popular, and the milk tea marketing is good

the milk tea industry has been revitalized again.
Hello, let me ask you a question first:
How many cups of milk tea did you drink this summer?
To tell you the truth, I don’t know if everyone has this feeling. Sometimes drinking milk tea enters a period of burnout. I don’t know which one to order when I open the takeaway software.
Consumers are tired, but the brand’s marketing methods are one after another.
For example, recently I opened a book to read milk tea recommendations, and all of them came out like this:
Since Rosen’s “a whole ginseng water” was popular again, many brands have launched a whole ginseng lemon tea, and netizens have also had a great response.
We don’t know what to say for a moment, so let’s clap first.
Ginseng lemon tea has been popular for two months. The unit price of ginseng lemon tea in Chengdu is 29. With the whole ginseng, it can also be brewed and eaten again. It is said that it is popular in Chengdu, and a single store can sell 200 + cups a day.
In addition to the store in Chengdu, books also burn fairy grass and Chunfeng have produced similar “ginseng” drinks.
Why can ginseng lemon tea or ginseng water be tried repeatedly?
How hot is “one whole”
The owner of Rosen’s “one whole ginseng water” circle has previously served it for 16 yuan a cup, and the official statement says it can continue to serve 8 cups of Changbai Mountain Ginseng.
With the characteristics of high quality and low price, it was out of stock immediately after it was put on the shelves, and even there was 2w+ in the punch in notes of xiaohongshu.
Even earlier, many coffee shops liked “coffee + a whole Popsicle” as a marketing gimmick.
Later, “a whole fruit” became a trend, such as coconut egg coffee, which is actually to open a coconut and pour coffee or other drinks into it.
For example, a whole Hami melon cake and a whole watermelon shaved ice in the dessert store are all directly creative on the fruit.
Then to the “whole ginseng” which is popular again this year, the practice of health + drink is not innovative, but the prominent publicity of “whole” raw materials has attracted many consumers.
The presentation form of “one whole” and “one whole” actually satisfies customers’ purchase desire and makes consumers feel the satisfaction of cost performance. In fact, it is difficult to say whether the cost performance has reached the target.
Marketing logic behind “one whole”
In addition to the whole ginseng this year, the previous “whole mango”, “whole peach” and other “whole” gimmick marketing have also been tried repeatedly.
First of all, put “a whole” raw materials on food or milk tea. Its novelty packaging can not only catch the attention of consumers, but also label the food with real materials.
A ginseng drink of 16-30 yuan can
The whole ginseng lemon tea is popular, and the milk tea marketing is good




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