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In the era of great health, milk has also entered the first year of quality

continue to cultivate the core of health and put quality first.
At present, the national health consumption environment has entered a new era, people’s awareness of health consumption has quietly changed, and consumers have put forward more personalized, quality and healthy product demands to the market. In this context, the major domestic consumer brands are also changing. They hope to inject new power into the consumer market in the era of great health through finely differentiated personalized health products.
For example, foodaily once published an article, “probiotics can be added to ice, which is too voluminous!” The article deeply analyzes the sudden emergence of the current segmentation scene of the healthy consumption track. In addition to the continuous exploration of new ideas and solutions for health in the field of tea and snacks, even the enterprises selling ice cubes have introduced the concept of “probiotics” to join the market competition of new tea drinks with innovative and healthy ice cubes.
In such a consumer market trend, the era of great health has also put forward new ideas for the dairy industry.
As the dairy industry that accompanies people from zero to 100 years old, how can they break through the health advantages of products and launch products with more quality and added value, so as to continue to occupy the highland of the healthy consumption market?
In the face of this problem, national brand Sanyuan gave a specific answer.
“Continue to cultivate the core of health and let quality first”, which is the health action symbol that Sanyuan has adhered to for 70 years. Today, Sanyuan has launched many quality “Star” products, including acme A2 β- Casein milk, 72 ° C fresh milk, yitangping yogurt, ailiyou infant formula milk powder and Baxi light truck ice cream, these products with high quality, high nutrition and new breakthrough properties are popular with consumers.
Recently, Sanyuan’s high-end milk brand “acme” also launched a new product, acme 1+1 native double protein milk, to achieve a comprehensive nutritional upgrade, build a richer and healthier quality nutrition scene for consumers from “one more dimension of nutrition”, and continue to empower national health consumption.
From the perspective of enterprise marketing strategy, Sanyuan ultimate choice uses nutritional 1+1 products to resonate with the attitude of 1+1 in life, opening the first year of the ultimate 1+1 strategy.
Native double protein racetrack,
Adhere to more extreme nutritional quality
It can be said that the birth of ternary extreme 1+1 native double protein milk has opened a new chapter in the domestic high-end white milk industry. This is not an exaggeration. In fact, in the past two years, the trend of health consumption upgrading has been extremely rapid. Especially in the post epidemic era, consumers’ attention to nutrition and health is returning. Dairy consumption has also returned to white milk from milk drinks, yogurt and other categories. The new products launched by Sanyuan acme naturally attract attention.
For more than 70 years, Sanyuan, as the “capital milk bottle”, has witnessed the growth of several generations, strengthened the values of taking quality as conscience and responsibility, and passed on from generation to generation, year-round and strict
In the industry, the label of “low-temperature milk” can only be matched if the milk source and process meet very high requirements. The whole process from extrusion to production of low-temperature milk needs to be completed within 24 hours. Ternary acme 1+1 original double protein fresh milk adopts the 72 ° C fresh locking process, which uses a lower golden sterilization temperature to achieve the purpose of sterilization. At the same time, it can retain more 25% active protein, with more fresh nutrition and mellower taste.
Compared with the traditional sterilization process of normal temperature milk, the FVN optimal process adopted by ternary extreme 1+1 raw double protein pure milk adopts instantaneous heating and cooling sterilization, which can quickly sterilize and lock fresh, so that normal temperature milk can also enjoy more fresh raw high-quality nutrition.
For a long time, Sanyuan has insisted on helping healthy China with fresh and high quality, and has maintained the defense line of health and quality for the milk field. From the cultivation and screening of high-quality dairy cows, to the high-quality pasture with its own gap and ISO certification, to the strict production standards and advanced production technology, through continuous scientific and technological innovation, Sanyuan has redefined the domestic high-end white milk, and guaranteed the nutrition and health of the national tongue with the upgraded and leading product strategy.
70 years of capital quality,
Explore new solutions to brand value
Sanyuan, a time-honored brand in the capital for 70 years, still accompanies Beijing and its citizens on the road of innovation. Therefore, it is possible to create such a high-end milk sub brand with the same quality and innovation, and find a way to communicate with young consumers.
In May this year, Sanyuan acme officially announced that Wang Kai has become the brand spokesperson of Sanyuan acme. One is Wang Kai, who has been persistent in his beloved field and career for 16 years, and the other is Sanyuan acme, which has cultivated national good milk for 70 years and precipitated for 15 years. The collision and friction between the two give a new interpretation of “acme”, which reflects the pursuit of acme nutrition on the one hand, and the exploration of acme life on the other hand.
Through TVC and the micro film “tribute to the ultimate life”, we express the ultimate life philosophy of “having one more dimension will give us the opportunity to understand the ultimate life”.
On the road of common pursuit of excellence, in addition to joining hands with Wang Kai to become the brand spokesperson, Sanyuan acme and Wang Kai also cooperated with the people’s network “Transparent Factory” to conduct a live broadcast of the “extreme journey
witness quality” and walked into Sanyuan acme pasture and Sanyuan milk production base to jointly reveal the ultimate pursuit of quality and nutrition behind Sanyuan acme milk. This also enables consumers to understand the technical strength and production process of Sanyuan acme through the live broadcast lens of people’s network, strengthen consumers’ trust and quality awareness of Sanyuan acme, and realize a new round of brand out of the circle.
As a national healthy milk brand, Sanyuan acme broke through the original marketing pattern in this new and bold attempt, allowing consumers to “personally participate” in the process inspection of milk production and feel the brand’s pursuit of “acme” of quality
In the era of great health, milk has also entered the first year of quality






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