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In the summer of 2022, why did mungbean become the C place in the hearts of young people?

this summer, the “happy tea” began to focus on this “green”.
In the summer when heatstroke occurs every minute, ice drinks and air conditioning have become the “life” of mankind.
In this year’s summer army, new fruits such as red heart guava, green mans and hawthorn have made their debut in the tea industry, and the ice cream industry is full of tricks. Northeast Daban and daily Heiqiao are jointly signed, and Zhong Xuegao adds the whole lychee to the ice cream
In addition, the ordinary mungbean has also become “the light of life and the fire of desire” this year.
According to Baidu Index, the search index of “mungbean” has increased compared with the summer of the previous two years. There are also nearly 100000 notes on “mung bean soup” and “mung bean milk” in the little red book, and most of them roar enthusiastically in the title: “it is recommended that all girls replace milk tea with it in summer. It is really delicious!”
In the summer of 2022, how does mungbean approach the C position in the hearts of young people?
When you come to the world, you always have to drink some green bean sand
Under the scorching sun, I ran to the freezer of the snack bar with sweat, grabbed a “green mood”, and happily bit off the cold mung bean ice, which must be the childhood memory of many people.
Nowadays, if you want to eat mung beans, you have a lot of choices. Whether it’s new tea, ice cream, coffee or wine, you can find mungbean flavor.
It has to be said that although mungbean is simple and unadorned, it has been played with many tricks by its own characteristics and the imagination of merchants.
1. Mung bean, first of all, can be beautiful alone
Mung beans can clear away heat and heat, and with the rusty taste, they can capture many diners.
Aunt Shanghai, Chunfeng and tplus have all launched pure mung bean paste. Customers who are afraid of trouble and do not want to make their own can directly drink the ready-made and chilled mung bean paste. “Honest and ready to boil mung bean paste” has also been the top 3 product sold in many takeout stores of Chunfeng, which specializes in nourishing tea.
Among the products of “mung bean exclusive edition”, in addition to the green mood, there are also the heavy mung bean popsicles launched by Guangming and HEMA. The word “heavy” is enough to reflect the full weight of mung beans. When Papi sauce recommended summer snacks last year, HEMA’s heavy mung bean old popsicle was strongly recommended, and netizens also praised this popsicle constantly, “mung beans are big and many, and the taste is huge glutinous and huge sand”, “you can eat mellow mung bean granules in almost every bite”.
2. Mung bean is a universal match, and nothing goes wrong
However, mung beans alone are not enough to satisfy people’s pursuit of freshness and richness. In order to meet the taste buds of diners, businesses have launched mung beans with milk and tea. Cow’s milk, coconut milk, tea and coffee have all become the beverage bases of mung beans.
In particular, mung bean + milk / cow’s milk is the little dark horse in the beverage industry this year. The mung bean milk ice introduced by Aunt Shanghai last year was particularly popular with the taste of “one bite back to childhood” when it returned this year. In the regional test,
Sugar and low calorie are almost engraved in contemporary people’s diet concept. Health preservation is also an element that consumers are willing to pay for in recent years. Roland Berger and released the new proposition on consumption trends in the retail industry in 2022, which mentioned that consumers’ search volume for “sugar free, low calorie and low fat” has increased, and “Chinese health care” has also been favored by more and more young people.
Maomao (a pseudonym) was moved by the healthy attributes of mungbean in a crowd of milk tea and fruit tea. “When I ordered takeout, I saw mung bean sand. I thought it was healthier to relieve heat and relieve heat than milk tea. I wanted to try it. Then I got out of control.”
Little red book @ cherry delicious blogger V3 also tried to make the recipe after seeing others’ notes of mung bean milk ice. As a result, he was encouraged by his friends and went to experience the trunk stall.
(photo source: xiaohongshu @ cherry is delicious)
“At the beginning, the stall was set up with mung bean milk ice + mung bean smoothie, because mung bean + condensed milk + milk was very healthy, the material was really super conscientious, and the summer was hot and summer relief, everyone liked it very much. I was grateful to have everyone’s support for the first stall, but later I was chased by the urban management once, and continued to operate in another place. The second stall was not enough to sell, so I was flattered! Yesterday, someone asked me when to go out, I was really tired and happy , life experience value +1. “
“However, our tools are all small household appliances. It takes 2 minutes for the wall breaking machine to hit the mung bean paste, and 15 minutes for the automatic cleaning. We almost abandoned the pot and fled, so we really thank everyone for liking it,” V3 added.
3. Milk tea fruit rolls inside, and mung beans stand out
Besides being healthy and drinkable, there are other reasons that move cats (alias).
As we all know, it is not new for major new tea brands to launch different fruits in summer. In the past, there were Mandarin and yellow peel in the beverage industry, and this year there are guava, Rosa roxburghii and olives.
According to the report of Carmen drinking power laboratory in June this year, 259 new drinks were introduced into 50 beverage brands in June, accounting for 83% of the total. There are also a variety of QingWang grapes, Meilong melons and lychees in the ice cream industry.
But as the saying goes, when all new products are fruits, it is equivalent to no new products.
Therefore, in the vast fruit army, even a small number of fruits are pouring in, which will inevitably lead to consumer “fatigue” of fruits. Therefore, when mung beans, which have already acquired national status, were wrapped in “new clothes” and returned to the public’s view, the freshness of summer was rekindled.
Write at the end
A small mung bean not only carries the tradition of Chinese people eating according to the times, but also constantly innovates and changes in consumption. Whether it’s because of the taste, childhood memory, or health preservation and freshness, this year’s mungbean is indeed popular.
However, there is still room for improvement in various mung bean snacks.
In the comment area of various mung bean products, in addition to the praise, there are also some disappointed voices: “the mung bean in the rice cake is not strong”, “the mung bean milk is too much”
In the summer of 2022, why did mungbean become the C place in the hearts of young people?

小红书 @樱桃很好吃 的博主v3在看到别人绿豆牛乳冰的笔记后,也看着配方尝试做了一下,结果受到了朋友的鼓励,就去体验了一下后备箱摆摊。

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3. 奶茶水果内卷,绿豆脱颖而出













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