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The blessings of Qixi are given by Ruixing

Qixi is not lonely.
Hello everyone, this is Toutiao.
This year’s Qixi is probably the most unfriendly one for single people. When you avoid all online and offline activities to show your love, when you go home and stand on the sofa alone, and see the delivery boy busy delivering flowers take time to bring you coffee, it is likely to break the defense in a second:
Yes, the sad frog that recites to you on Qixi every year has a joint name with Ruixing.
“Lonely and widowed frog” is the stem that became popular during the Qixi festival in 2020. Because the frog’s cry is homophonic with “lonely and widowed”, it is used to tease single dogs like me, and is pursued and followed by many people.
Lonely frogs have also become a fixed ceremony on Valentine’s day and Qixi day every year. In these festivals, single friends will always receive “lonely” blessings. This time, Ruixing seized this annual hot spot and launched a new coffee set near Qixi:
In fact, at the end of July, Ruixing began to release related suspense posters, which has aroused the appetite of netizens:
It has also been interpreted by netizens in various versions:
Should I say it or not, I feel that the joint name of Ninja Turtles is quite like that:
Of course, there are also works that make people Black:
However, once the two keywords “Qixi” and “green biology” appear, many people can guess the answer:
After selling a wave of suspense, on August 2, Ruixing coffee officially launched the Qixi limited cup cover and paper bag jointly with Peipei Pei, a sad frog. It not only wrote a copy of “Qixi doesn’t gugua, Pei Rui likes you”, but also a big photo of Pei Pei and her girlfriend Cuihua.
The copywriter also played a homophonic stick: “very like you” and “Peony (mother single) is also happy”
Although peony is also happy, after Toutiao brother’s personal test, you can’t get a paper bag by buying only one cup.
This kind of paper bag design, which is both hot and slightly unfashionable, suddenly aroused many people’s desire for collection and creation.
(retro creation of netizens)
Bags are used to make cartons:
There is also a mask storage box:
Couple mobile phone case:
It has to be said that Ruixing’s joint brand is quite excellent in the Qixi marketing of many coffee and tea brands. Solitary frog stalks have been popular for nearly three years, but Ruixing should be the first to find this node stalks as a joint brand.
Taking advantage of the hot stem “lonely frog”, Ruixing’s starting point in sound volume will be much higher.
At the same time, Ruixing is becoming more and more skilled in controlling suspense marketing. Compare several
The blessings of Qixi are given by Ruixing




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