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Product color change, IP cross dressing… What does this 33 year old childhood classic snack rely on?

For classic products, classic is its advantage, and brand rejuvenation is its long-term topic. Breaking through the inherent image through product innovation and marketing innovation, and expressing the brand’s unique brand in a way that is more popular with the new generation of consumers, may be the direction that classic products should try to revitalize.

Text: Giselle Yin

Source: food daily (ID: food)

Qixi is coming again. At the node of Chinese romantic Valentine’s day, Xiaobian found that not only the recent air has become pink in recent days, but also my childhood snacks.
The childhood snack that has become pink this time is langweixian, a subsidiary of Wangwang group.
I believe that for many post-80s and post-90s generation, having a bag of Wangwang gift bags in their childhood can definitely become the envy of all children. When you receive a big gift package, you will also take out your favorite package of snacks first. In the gift bag, in addition to fairy shells and snow cakes, Langwei fairy is also the object to be snatched. The blue packaging bag, the spiral shaped crispy potato rolls, and the image of angels and fairies on the packaging constitute a beautiful childhood memory.
However, on this year’s Qixi, langweixian changed from blue to pink, and launched the pink rose flavored creative fancy potato roll, with the main theme of romance. In fact, langweixian has made frequent innovations in recent years, which is not the first time it has “cross dressed”. So, as a classic snack, in order to adapt to the new consumer and industry trends, what changes have taken place since the birth of langweixian? In terms of products and marketing, how to cater to the changes of the new generation of consumers? What enlightenment can be given to the innovation and change of traditional products, the rejuvenation of brands and the embrace of new consumers?
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro

The taste is new, and it needs to be classic and new,

Enrich product lines and embrace new fans

Looking at those “classic products” at home and abroad, although they are blessed with feelings and the filters of the times, they also have a national degree and a wide range of consumer awareness. However, in the face of changing consumer habits and preferences and emerging new consumers, how to create products and marketing in accordance with the new trend while maintaining the classic is a subject that all classic products need to study. Lang Weixian, the protagonist of today’s case, is no exception.
Born 33 years ago, langweixian reaps long-term fans
Langweixian, born in November 1, 1989, is also a 33 year old classic product. As a snack with potato as raw material, langweixian positioning fancy potato roll realizes a unique spiral DNA shape by relying on the patented fried puffed food preparation method, which not only makes the product less fragile and maintains the complete taste, but also differentiates from flat puffed food such as potato chips, creating a unique shape memory point of langweixian and improving consumer awareness.
Photo source: Wangwang langweixian official account
At the same time, langweixian is not greasy, heavy and sticky, and sprinkled with salty and sweet vegetable powder
In addition, with more and more “cheese heads” on the Internet, in June this year, langweixian launched a new golden garlic cheese flavor.
Compared with the relatively light vegetable flavor langweixian of the early generation, langweixian with garlic flavor and cheese flavor follows the differentiation route of rich aroma. The non fragile double helix shape is full of materials. The delicious garlic flavor and fragrant cheese have also quickly harvested a large number of fans after being listed, and become a good partner for them in drama chasing, office and other times. Some fans even send social media to call it the “best puffed food of the year” in her mind.
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro
The taste expansion of normal products provides more choices for consumers, meeting the diverse needs of groups of different ages and tastes; Other new flavors launched in succession have broken through the traditional brand image, providing fresh taste experience and topic degree, which can arouse the memory and curiosity of old fans and also attract new fans to taste.
Photo source: langweixian
New vision, fashion change + interaction with “friends”,
“Changeable immortal” embraces the new trend of IP play
Another popular marketing trend in recent years is IP marketing. Through the combination of brand and IP, create a more recognizable brand image, attract the attention of consumers and improve the brand awareness; Or to interact with consumers through the IP image, draw in the distance between consumers and improve the brand’s popularity, which is the marketing and brand building direction that more and more brands are trying.
As we all know, Wangwang is a pioneer in IP marketing of domestic food brands. Continuous IP upgrading and rejuvenation has always been one of the characteristics of Wangwang. As a brand under Wangwang, langweixian has made many new moves in IP rejuvenation in recent years in addition to taste updating.
I don’t know how many people have an impression on the little boy in white who is waving his wings and holding a magic wand on the package? That little boy is the IP image of langweixian. While langweixian kept pace with the times and promoted new tastes, the little boy also changed his white clothes to become a “miracle Fairy” and held a variety of theme changing shows.
For example, in the microblog released on July 31, the official wechat of langweixian showed the clothes of different colors corresponding to different flavors of langweixian.
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro
In addition to taste themed cross dressing, langweixian will also closely follow current events. This year alone, after Liu Jianhong’s shuttlecock Exercise fire, Xianxian changed into a sports suit and joined the cloud fitness; After the Spring Festival Gala “only green” shocked countless audiences, Xianxian changed into the same clothes of the dancers and practiced the non-standard “green waist”.
In addition, the theme of twelve constellations, the theme of daily greetings, Koi costumes, wizard costumes, cowboy costumes, doll costumes… Langwei fairy official wechat can be said to be a large-scale dressing show of “miracle Fairy”. People always shout that Langwei fairy is so cute, and they simply want to make a picture of it.
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro Red Book @ Wangzai Club
For Wangwang, which is well-known in the world for its advertising language of “pay tribute to Wangwang and make it more prosperous in the coming year” and “you are prosperous, I am prosperous and everyone is prosperous”, not only IP marketing is its strong point, but also festival marketing, which has contributed many interesting festival marketing cases.
Recently, during the Qixi Festival, langweixian, as a brand of wangwangzi, once again became fragrant and changed color, and launched a new pink rose flavor product, which changed the childlike image and played a romantic role for adults.
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro
Visually, the pink langweixian has changed from the package to the DNA spiral shaped potato tortilla into a delicate pink like rose petals, and the girl is full of heart. The spiral shape composed of rose petals in the new product video and the langweixian born from a large sea of pink roses have created a romantic atmosphere.
At the same time, the new taste has a real petal covered potato tortilla body, which retains the fragrance by adding high-quality roses. Once the packaging bag is opened, the aroma of roses immediately comes to the face. In addition, the classic crisp and crisp taste of langweixian brings three impacts on vision, taste and smell. It can be said that it is a full sensory immersive romantic experience.
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro
In addition to the new flavor products integrating rose elements, langweixian also provides options with a sense of ceremony. In combination with the concept of Qixi roses, the combination of pink langweixian and rose bouquet is carefully prepared.
In coordination with the launch of new products on Qixi Festival, the officials and micro businesses under langweixian and Wangwang also continue to carry forward the brand tradition and cooperate with each other from the warm-up stage.
For example, one week before the launch of the new product, the official wechat of langweixian appeared a very hidden notice, and the pink langweixian appeared in the illustrations of langweixian Park and the new taste notice.
Photo source: Weibo @ Langwei xianguan micro
After the new product was put on the shelves, “miracle Fairy” changed into new clothes for the occasion again. Three sets of “Qixi rose clothes” have been changed before and after.
Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Wangzai Club Weibo @ Langwei xianguan Weibo
As a friend of langweixian, Wangzai has also started to provide assistance in a fancy way in the official micro. Forwarding Weibo is of course the basic operation. Before the countdown to the sale, we sent out three days of unfashionable love stories. We even took out the “unfashionable retro style advertisement” on the day of sale, and made a new video with different flavors of Langwei Xianshang dating program as the theme.
Photo source: Weibo @ Wangzai Club
Wang Wang’s second son @ Matt Wang’s family also came to call in time. He said, “I can’t write it down, but the food is delicious.” he added plastic English to praise “Goodtaste”. Planting grass is simple and rough, and it is quite straightforward and willful of “group master”.
Photo source: Weibo @ Matt Wangjia
In this new product release of langweixian, the brand took advantage of the romantic festive atmosphere of Qixi Festival and combined the pink rose visual elements catering to Qixi festival with the hot floral flavor in recent years. In the publicity, the IP linkage of langweixian and Wangwang was used for borrowing
Product color change, IP cross dressing… What does this 33 year old childhood classic snack rely on?
对于以“拜拜用旺旺,来年更加旺” “你旺,我旺,大家旺”的广告语闻名于世的旺旺来说,不仅IP营销是强项,节日营销也是强项,贡献了不少有趣的节日营销案例。
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