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Ruixing is learning how to “hang” Pizza Hut. How can it earn US $17.8 billion a year?

from the most delicious pizza to the “No. 1 odd stock in the universe”, what did domino do right?
In March this year, many restaurants ushered in the “darkest moment” of 2022. However, at the same time, a magical pizza shop was successfully listed in Hong Kong.
This pizza shop was listed in the United States in 2004. Since its listing, its stock price (up to US $565.37) has increased more than 10 times, and its return on investment has exceeded that of Google. It is called “the first odd stock in the universe”.
Photo source: Oriental Fortune
It is also known as the “dark horse of the pizza industry”, and it is rumored that Ruixing has the deepest research. In 2021, the total Gmv of global stores was US $17.8 billion, far exceeding the 12.96 billion of pizza hut. Nearly 20000 stores were opened in 90 + markets around the world. In recent years, it has been expanding wildly in China, claiming to be the “No. 1 Pizza Company in China”.
I believe that by now, many partners have guessed which company it is. That’s right. It means “domino”.
According to the ranking of “2022 World’s most valuable catering brands” released by brand finance, Domino’s has become the top 4 of global chain catering and No.1 of pizza in 2022.
Source: brand Finance
Once considered as a pyramid marketing company, Domino’s was crazily roast by consumers that pizza was bad and was on the verge of bankruptcy, but now it has been successfully listed in Hong Kong, making many consumers “unable to stop”.
For a long time, pizza hut has always been the boss in our impression. Where does Domino’s confidence to “kill” Pizza Hut come from? How did Domino’s go along this way?
Next, the operation research society will lead you from its brand marketing to private domain operation to reveal the growth path of domino.
“Brainwashing MLM” or “hot blood obsession”
How wonderful is Domino’s?
What you can never imagine is that the trump card of Domino’s breaking the circle is “take out”, which can be called the “father of take out” in the pizza industry. Of course, Domino’s takeout is not an ordinary takeout. Its biggest feature is “fast”, and it has an obsession with “fast”.
Because the taste of pizza will become worse after more than 30 minutes, the founder formulated a rule: the price of pizza for delivery more than 30 minutes will be halved. Later, the rules became more stringent. If it is more than 30 minutes, consumers can get a pizza for free.
What is the secret behind Domino’s insistence on “fast” business?
In addition to the supply chain advantages of Domino’s, another key that must be mentioned is the “magic” corporate culture of domino’s. At the morning meeting before work every day, the store manager will give the employees a wave of chicken blood and sing the song of domino together:
“Who are we? Domino’s pizza. Who are we? Number one. Our goal is to sell more pizza
This wave of reverse marketing has strengthened consumers’ goodwill. In the first quarter of 2010, the sales volume of Domino’s began to increase significantly.
2) Enhance the sense of participation
In order to further narrow the distance with users and enhance the sense of trust, Domino’s has launched the pizza hero app. Users can use the app to DIY pizza, simulate the use of different dough, sauce, cheese and other raw materials to make pizza. After the production is completed, they can place orders online directly, and Domino’s store will make the pizzas of users DIY.
Domino’s has also prepared more than 100 new dishes to meet the tastes of different people, providing users with recipes for making pizza, and allowing them to name the pizza and share it on social networking sites. When users make their own pizza and see that their own pizza is made, they will have a strong sense of participation.
Interestingly, Domino’s also launched an app called tummy translator, where users can choose their hunger level – “slightly hungry, hungry, very hungry, hungry to crazy”, and then point the mobile phone at their stomach to “scan”. The app will customize a pizza that “your stomach wants to eat” and can place orders directly, greatly reducing the user’s decision-making cost.
A few days ago, Domino’s also cooperated with the popular Netflix film and television IP “strange things” to launch an app for ordering pizza with “idea” using face recognition technology, guide users to upload photos with topics on twitter, and promise that users will have the opportunity to get free pizza.
The strong interaction of the app and the social communication of the poster made this activity really popular on twitter, and everyone came to experience the fun of ordering pizza with “ideas”.
3) Process visualization
Later, after the new CEO took office, he introduced a series of reform measures to make the pizza “trading” process more transparent.
Domino’s launched the order tracking service, so that users can see the status of orders in real time. Users who order on Domino’s online can even see who is kneading and baking the pizza they order through the online pizza tracker, so that users can monitor the progress of food.
Users can see their own pizza production and distribution progress through small 3D animation

After placing an order on the domino app, users can see that the whole process of receiving orders, making pizzas, putting them into the oven, quality inspection after the pizzas are made, and the time schedule of delivery seem to be under the control of users.
Domestic domino pizza tracking chart
Showing the work behind the scenes can enhance the trust of users and help improve the work efficiency of employees. This is the same as Xibei’s 25 minute serving hourglass, which is more than 25 minutes free of charge, and has the same effect.
Secondly, for users in the growing period (who have placed orders on the app), Domino’s has firmly tied them up through the membership system and the point system to constantly improve the loyalty of users.
There are three levels of Domino’s members: initial enjoyment, heart enjoyment and exclusive enjoyment. The rights and interests enjoyed by members at different levels are increased step by step. Compared with initial members, the rights and interests of Xinxiang members are more than those of promotion gifts and points; Compared with Xinxiang members, the rights and interests of privileged members are 1.5 times more than those of “exclusive consumption”. (that is to say, when members of other levels earn 1 point, the privileged members can get 1.5 points.)
Membership level of Domino’s
The main way for Domino’s to obtain points is consumption. The points can be upgraded, and can also be exchanged for deduction coupons. Participating in the lottery has the chance to win free pizza. In order to obtain a higher level and enjoy more rights and interests, consumers are easily led into the “consumption trap” and can not stop buying.

Finally, for mature users, Domino’s will let consumers continue to make orders and repeat purchases.
In order to increase the consumption frequency of users, Domino’s has discount activities every week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week are called “one after another”, which is similar to the crazy Thursday of KFC.
It is really difficult for a mature domino user to get out of this “strange circle” by spending to earn points → exchanging points for discount coupons and winning 100% of the prize in the twist of the egg lottery → continuing to spend with the discount → spending to earn points.
3) Gaming operation
Domino’s small game is simple and rough, but it does not diminish the fun of the game.
“Free pizza gimmicks” can be seen everywhere on the ordering app of Domino’s, such as “600 free pizza coupons” in the Twist Game Award.

The score lottery game is very simple, and the threshold for users to participate is relatively low. After users participate, they will receive certain rewards, such as free pizza, 50% discount, and free exchange coupons for low-cost snacks such as “drinks and egg tarts”.

Users participating in the game have to place another order in order to win the prize after they get the prize for free. If you place an order, Domino’s goal is achieved.
In addition to constantly guiding users to place orders on the app, the content of Domino’s official account is simple and crude, and it also attracts users’ attention with the gimmick of “free pizza”.
Domino’s official account
Domino even has a special game widget, and users participate in the game in the widget in the marketing tweet. Similarly, these games are very simple and the threshold is very low. The final prize is free pizza.
After all, the number of free pizzas is limited, and users are more likely to get low customer price products such as drinks and egg tarts, and these prizes can only be used after consuming any pizza. After all, the prize is free, and the loss is tiring
Ruixing is learning how to “hang” Pizza Hut. How can it earn US $17.8 billion a year?
在产品重新设计及购买流程优化后,达美乐产品再次受到消费者认可,同时经营业绩也重新实现了增长。2011 年至 2020 年,达美乐净利润从 1.05 亿元,增长至 4.91 亿元,增长了 367.6%。


达美乐的野心,是让订披萨这件事完全融入在人们的生活中。达美乐对于用户能在任何地方都能订到披萨有一种执念,非常重视他们的“ Anywhere ”活动,即从任何地方或任何设备上都能订披萨的便利。
在美国市场,用户可以通过谷歌、Facebook、苹果、Twitter 等平台下单;在中国市场,达美乐更是把数字化玩出了花样,将“Anywhere”践行到底,铺满整个数字化渠道,线上 App、小程序、公众号、支付宝、饿了么等全链路打通。


首先,面对新手期的用户,最需要的是引导用户感受到产品的价值,让他们感受到产品的惊喜时刻”Aha Moment。达美乐的新用户第一次打开订餐 App 的时候会弹出引导他们“加入会员”的弹窗,弹窗文案上利益点突出:
入会享最高价值 88 元好礼,新会员 50 积分兑指定优惠券。

其中 88 元好礼可以根据用户自己的喜好,从 4 个优惠礼券中选择两个。新会员礼是 App 们的常用“套路”,让用户在使用 App 的第一时间就能尝到甜头,那么用户大概率会在 App 上继续体验下去,这个“甜头”就是我们常说的“啊哈时刻”。
其次,对于成长期(在 App 上已经下过单)的用户来说,达美乐通过会员体系和积分体系牢牢把他们拴住,不断提升用户的忠诚度。
达美乐的会员有 3 个等级:初享、心享和尊享。不同等级的会员享受的权益逐级提升,相比于初享会员,心享会员的权益多了升级礼和积分转赠的权益;相比于心享会员,尊享会员的权益多了“消费专享”1.5 倍的积分。(也就是说其他等级会员消费获得 1 倍积分情况下,尊享会员可以获得 1.5 倍积分。)


达美乐的订餐 App 上,随处可见“免费披萨的噱头”,比如扭蛋游戏的奖项中得“ 600 张免费披萨券”。
积分抽奖游戏很简单,用户参与的门槛就比较低,用户参与之后都会获得一定的奖励,可能是免费披萨,可能是 5 折优惠,还有可能是一些“饮料、蛋挞”等低客单价小食的免费兑换券。
除了在 App 上不断引导用户下单之外,达美乐在公众号的内容更是简单粗暴“直击人心”,同样用“免费披萨”的噱头吸引用户关注。


免费披萨的梗“火”遍国内外各大社交平台。达美乐还把所谓的“用户呼声”放到 Twitter 上彰显“免费披萨”策略的成果,没错,“免费披萨”正在从一个营销噱头,慢慢植入用户的脑子成为他们的执念。
然而达美乐的负面也从未断过:因为配送费涨价,很多达美乐的忠实粉丝在 Facebook 上疯狂吐槽,三年亏九亿,达美乐在中国给配送员减待遇……
达美乐,可能是瑞幸研究最深的一家企业 – 菁财资本
最难吃的披萨到宇宙第一奇股,达美乐如何称霸江湖(上) – 独舫



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