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Tea Yan Yuese pushed “coffee flavored milk tea”, hard core Yan research institute a whole No. 2 water new… | a week’s hot smell

Foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, and all companies that may change the industry are among them.

1. Tea Yan Yuese pushes the new tea coffee product, coconut Mary Yan, to create a cup of “coffee flavored milk tea”
2. Hard core Yan research institute a whole No. 2 water new, oyster peptide + black truffle helps double the vitality
3. NOPA Mobi of Mengniu launched zero sucrose yoghurt, adding dietary fiber for balanced nutrition
4. Shape power Greek pure yogurt on line, high protein, 0 sucrose and double concentrated alcohol
5. Nestle Super Plus launched two kinds of vegetable protein drinks: acerola cherry, ginseng and medlar, focusing on the influence and supplement of women
6. In the scene of extra large food, Dr. cheese pushes one piece for each meal ™ High nutrition cheese slices
7. New soul burning espresso on Nestle, 1.5 times caffeine in a can is fully open
8. Yizi’s new sea salt cheese flavor is seven layers thick and sliced, bringing a rich cheese experience
9. In 2022, the Fortune Global 500 list was released, and COFCO jumped to the first place among the food and beverage shortlisted enterprises
10. French cheese producer bel acquires 70% of Shandong Junjun cheese Co., Ltd
11. Fashion fast food brand Mo Xiaoxian completed nearly 100 million yuan of B + round financing and continued to promote the upgrading of convenient fast food

12. Pepsi Cola invests $550 million in energy drink maker Celsius




On August 4, chayan Yuese official announced the launch of the third new product of the raw coconut series, the raw coconut Mary. This product uses the partial fruit acid SOE coffee yejiaxuefei, matched with the mountain jasmine green tea bottom, and blended with raw coconut milk, which neutralizes the respective edges of coffee and tea, making the taste more soft and palatable, presenting a cup of “coffee flavored milk tea”. At present, you can buy in-house food, pick-up and small program takeout.

Photo source: tea color



On July 31, following the explosion of a whole product, the hard core Research Institute launched a new product again. The new product, a whole root No. 2 water, specially added oyster peptide and black truffle. Oyster peptide not only retains the original nutritional components of oysters, but also is more easily absorbed by the body. It has important biological activities in human metabolism; Black truffle itself also has the effect of health care, and the combination of the two can help the vitality and double the energy. In addition, a whole root of No. 2 water is specially added with the taste of small daisy. The fragrance of small daisy and ginseng are combined to make it more fresh.
Image source: hard core Institute Lab


On July 26, NOPA, a brand of Mengniu, launched a new zero sucrose pasteurized heat-treated flavor yogurt made by Mengniu Nutrition Research Institute. The new product was selected from dairy milk sources. The addition of raw milk was more than 80%, and the protein was 3G per 100g. It insisted on sugar control and used erythritol instead of sucrose. Each 200g contained 4.4g dietary fiber, which balanced the body’s nutrition needs. The heat of each package was only 146kcal, about 1 / 5 of that of the main meal. It was low in calories and light in burden.
Source: NOPA


On July 30, Xingli’s new Greek pure yogurt was launched. The new product mainly contains clean ingredients, only raw milk, lactic acid bacteria, 0 sucrose, and ultrafiltration
On August 3, Fortune magazine released the list of the world’s top 500 in 2022. The total revenue of enterprises was about US $37.8 trillion, a sharp increase of 19.2% over the previous year (the largest increase in the history of the list), equivalent to two fifths of the global GDP in that year. In addition, a total of 10 food and beverage industries were listed this year. COFCO Group Co., Ltd. ranked 91, ranking first among the food and beverage shortlisted enterprises with us $103087.3 million, and Nestle ranked 103, ranking second. New hope Holdings Group Co., Ltd. ranked 356, up 34 places from 390 in the previous year.
Image source: Food and beverage industry observation


It is reported that the French cheese producer bel group has completed the acquisition of 70% of the shares of Shandong Junjun cheese Co., Ltd., a Chinese cheese manufacturer. The financial terms have not been disclosed.
According to public information, Shandong Junjun cheese Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, mainly producing light cream, butter, cheese and other products. In addition to its own cheese brand zhishifang, Junjun cheese has also provided cheese OEM business for more than 60 brands in the country, with an annual growth rate of more than 100% since 2018.


Photo source: Bel


Recently, Mo Xiaoxian, a trendy fast food brand, has completed a round of B + financing of nearly 100 million yuan, and the Asian food fund has been continuously added. Qingtong capital has served as a long-term exclusive financial adviser.
Mo Xiaoxian brand was founded in 2017. In 2018, it became the first brand in the sales of Taobao hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. Up to now, it has launched four product series: self heated rice, self heated hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, instant noodles and instant noodles. Among them, self heated hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot is a classic product and self heated rice is the main product at this stage. So far, Mo Xiaoxian’s self heated rice has achieved the first sales volume on tmall. According to founder Wang Zhengqi, the layout of overseas markets and deep sinking markets will be mo Xiaoxian’s next plan.

Image source: 36 krypton


Recently, Pepsi Cola invested 550 million US dollars in the energy beverage manufacturer Celsius, and the investment was converted into 8.5% equity. After the news came out, Celsius shares closed up 11%, with a market value of $7.45 billion. Pepsi Cola will also get a seat on the board of directors of Celsius.
Celsius was founded in 2005, focusing on “healthy” energy drinks, mainly for young fitness consumers. For PepsiCo, the deal will help strengthen its ties with energy drinks. This category is one of the fastest growing beverage markets except for alcoholic beverages. With the decline of soda consumption, PepsiCo has been doubling the energy beverage market in recent years.


Image source: CNBC
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Tea Yan Yuese pushed “coffee flavored milk tea”, hard core Yan research institute a whole No. 2 water new… | a week’s hot smell






近日,百事可乐以5.5亿美元入股能量饮料制造商Celsius,投资约转化为8.5%的股权。消息传出后,Celsius股价收盘上涨 11%,市值达到74.5 亿美元。百事可乐还将在Celsius董事会获得一名董事席位。



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