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Haitian apologized, chayan Yuese tried a coffee shop, Qilin sold the joint venture equity of China Resources beverage, Yakult changed its Chinese personnel, Menglong launched its digital collection, and Tiktok said that it was not selected by the limited flow Oriental

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Employees of Haitian flavor industry who made inappropriate remarks were banned from speaking

A few days ago, an employee of Haitian flavor industry released a picture and text in the circle of friends that “in order to celebrate the successful landing of ‘her’, all the anchor’s commissions are full of the highest mechanism and they lose money”, which triggered a crisis of public opinion. Late at night on August 6, Haitian flavor industry issued an apology statement on the official Weibo, saying that the relevant employees had been dismissed. At present, the official microblog of Haitian flavor industry has been banned. At the same time, the latest issue of “what to do! Talk show” sponsored by Haitian flavor industry was supposed to be broadcast on August 3, but the relevant broadcasting platforms have suspended the broadcast for related technical reasons. (China Times)

Qilin completes sale of joint venture equity of China Beverage

Qilin holdings announced on August 5 that it would sell its shares in China Resources Qilin beverages. Kirin holdings announced in February that it would sell about 115 billion yen to platform consumer, a Chinese fund. Due to the depreciation of the yen, the sales volume increased to 120 billion yen. Kirin’s beer business in China will be maintained through local wholly-owned subsidiaries. (Nikkei)

Personnel change of Yakult (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Recently, Yakult (China) Investment Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes. The legal representative was changed from Hirano Jin to kiyuki Meiyuan, and the supervisor was changed from Junichi uekusa and Zhangji Murakami to kansho riqi and Junichi Shimada. At present, the company is chaired by JIKO Meiyuan, and Jin Hirano is the director and general manager. (industrial and commercial system)

Change of legal representative of Unilever Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Recently, the legal representative of Unilever Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was changed from Rohit Jawa to Qu Wei. (industrial and commercial system)

Weiqian China expects to turn from profit to loss in the first half of the year

Recently, Weiqian (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. issued a profit warning. The profit for the six months ended June 30, 2022 was about 49.7 million yuan. If the income is lower than that of the same period in 2021,

Malt manufacturer Yongshun Tai held a meeting

At the 84th meeting of the development and Examination Commission held on July 28, the IPO of yongshuntai, China’s largest malt manufacturer, was successfully approved. It is proposed in the prospectus that yongshuntai intends to raise 930 million yuan for the expansion project of guangmai phase 4 and the project of producing 130000 tons of medium and high-grade beer malt. Yongshuntai has established stable malt supply relations with Budweiser InBev, Yanjing Beer, Tsingtao beer, Heineken beer and other beer manufacturers. (Interface)

Fuling mustard: acceptance of light salt series is gradually improving

Fuling pickled mustard was recently surveyed by institutions. The company upgraded the taste and packaging of the products in the first quarter, so as to transition the price increase of the products. After March, the new version of light salt products gradually replaced the old products. The light salt series products meet the health needs of consumers, and the market acceptance is gradually improving. (36 krypton)

Peach and plum bread Xinjiang factory officially completed and put into operation

Recently, the completion and commissioning ceremony of Taoli bread Xinjiang factory was held in Urumqi. The factory covers an area of about 8500 square meters and has four production lines with an annual output value of 180 million. (shared by Xinjiang)

Guangming Food and China Taibao set up a healthy old-age development company

Enterprise check app display, August

Recently, everytable, an American food company, announced that it had completed the round C financing of 55 million US dollars. Everytable was founded in 2016. It is an enterprise that provides multi-channel, fresh and ready to eat food. It integrates the store, subscription service and the smart refrigerator provided by the central kitchen. The price of meals is determined according to the community. Everytable has sold more than 10 million meals so far. (Financial graffiti)

Haagen Dazs recall or related to vanilla seasoning

According to the report on the website of Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao on August 5, the Belgian Food Safety Bureau ordered on Thursday to stop selling more different flavors of Haagen Dazs ice cream after it found that Haagen Dazs vanilla flavoring contained a prohibited pollutant. It is reported that General Mills food company found that its Haagen Dazs vanilla flavor ice cream contained ethylene oxide (ETO) in its internal inspection last month. Belgian authorities later ordered it to recall the ice cream. (refer to message network)

Fast reading of food industry information

In the first seven months of this year, the total value of China’s foreign trade imports and exports was 23.6 trillion yuan, up 10.4% year on year

The General Administration of Customs announced yesterday that in the first seven months of this year, the total value of China’s foreign trade imports and exports was 23.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.4% over the previous year. Among them, the export was 13.37 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.7%; Imports reached 10.23 trillion yuan, up 5.3% year-on-year. (36 krypton)

Global food price index fell sharply in July

The food price index for July recently released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations decreased by 8.6% compared with June, which is the fourth consecutive month after the index reached a new high in March this year. According to the analysis of FAO, the decline of grain price index is partly due to the agreement reached between Russia and Ukraine on the export of agricultural products from Black Sea ports in July. However, although the food price index in July dropped significantly compared with the previous months, it was still 13.1% higher than the same period last year. (China business)

Soybean series options listed today

With the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, three options of yellow soybean No. 1, yellow soybean No. 2 and soybean oil were simultaneously listed on the Dalian Commodity Exchange at 9:00 this morning. Today, there are 840 contracts listed in the three options, including 160 contracts listed in the yellow soybean No. 1 option; A total of 408 contracts were listed for the yellow soybean No. 2 option; A total of 272 contracts were listed for soybean oil options. It is understood that yellow soybean No. 1 is a domestic soybean and yellow soybean No. 2 is an imported soybean. These two kinds of soybeans constitute the raw material source of China’s soybean industry. (CCTV Finance)

Relevant person in charge of Tiktok e-commerce: there is no current restriction on Dongfang selection

In response to the rumor that Tiktok e-commerce has limited the flow of Dongfang selection, the relevant person in charge of Tiktok e-commerce said: “there is no flow restriction on Dongfang selection. Dongfang selection is a representative business in the high-quality ecosystem of Tiktok e-commerce. Tiktok e-commerce encourages the continuous operation and development of similar high-quality direct broadcasting rooms on the platform.” (Zhitong Finance)

Pinduoduo is said to launch a cross-border e-commerce platform



According to sina science and technology, information obtained from various sources shows that pinduoduo is secretly preparing a new project to go to sea. According to a person close to pinduoduo, pinduoduo

Haitian apologized, chayan Yuese tried a coffee shop, Qilin sold the joint venture equity of China Resources beverage, Yakult changed its Chinese personnel, Menglong launched its digital collection, and Tiktok said that it was not selected by the limited flow Oriental










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