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Mantra labs biorhythm dietary supplement, keep away from work and rest disorder | daily new product soup Vol.25

Focus on the flash products of the “daily new product soup” on the new platform, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

Product features:
Inspired by the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine
In 2017, three American scientists won the Nobel Prize in physiology / medicine for discovering the “molecular mechanism of biological rhythm”. This study reveals that circadian rhythms regulated by periodic genes exist in all organisms, and also enlightens the world about the potential health risks of breaking biological rhythms.
Paul Janowitz, the founder of mantra labs, got inspiration and creativity from this achievement and decided to design a dietary supplement for families suffering from circadian imbalance, so that nutrients can participate in the physiological regulation of morning and dusk.
Mantra labs conducted a detailed investigation to verify the nutritional support required in the process of biological rhythm regulation, and developed rise, go and rest nutritional supplements according to the clinical research results to help the human body build a complete system consistent with the natural biological rhythm with a variety of nutrients. Take rise in the morning to wake up the body and mind; Go take it in the afternoon or during exercise, and the endurance is long; Rest is taken before bedtime to sleep easily.
Image source: mantra labs official website
Zero calorie and Zero sugar, vegetarianism, natural taste and no burden
Mantra labs aims to provide natural and clean plant-based nutrition products, and pays more attention to the health and sustainability of raw materials. Rise, go and rest series products take natural marine ingredients and plant extracts as the core, without artificial additives, Zero sugar and zero calorie.
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The rise in this series contains antioxidants, deep-sea minerals, whole coffee fruit extract (without caffeine), etc. to help the human body promote hydration without caffeine, and improve concentration and endurance; Go contains fermented tea extract, amino acid and mineral complex extracted from marine phytoplankton, and ginseng root and Rosa roxburghii extract, which can provide continuous clean natural energy and accelerate recovery after exercise; Rest contains passionflower extract, melatonin, GABA, L-theanine and other ingredients, which helps calm and relax and sleep.
A variety of eating methods change your mood and make you happy
The three products are all in powder state, and can be drunk after mixing in water. Mantralabs also specially designed more eating methods for them, adding them as food ingredients to the meals. For example, the morning rise can be mixed with frozen bananas, fruit juice, hemp seeds, vanilla vegetable protein, etc. to make a nutritious breakfast shake.
Image source: mantra labs official website
Recommended reasons for foodaily
Starting from the restoration of biological rhythm, we will directly attack the pain points in the daily life of the public
Fast paced life, heavy work pressure, addicted to mobile phones
Go daytime: Mantra ™ Marine electrolyte mixture: [composed of calcareous algae (lithoalgae), potassium phosphate, pureocean ® Deep ocean minerals ™ Natural mineral source of magnesium mixture: Aquamin ™ Powder], mantra ™ Energy mixture: [innovatea ® Caffeine derived from fermented tea leaves (providing 100 mg caffeine), senactiv ® Ginseng root and thorn pear fruit, oceanixtm marine phytoplankton, d-Calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, cyanobalamin].
Rest bedtime: Mantra ™ Sleeping aid mixture: [magnesium citrate, chamomile (aboveground part), passion flower extract (aboveground part), melatonin (3mg)], mantra ™ Sedative mixture: [suntheanine ® L-theanine, γ- Aminobutyric acid (as pharmagaba ®)】
Nutritional composition table:
Storage condition: normal temperature storage
Specification & Price: each bag (3.9G, 3.9G, 4.2g) / $2.25

Cover image source: mantra labs official website

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Mantra labs biorhythm dietary supplement, keep away from work and rest disorder | daily new product soup Vol.25

REST睡前款:MANTRA™ 助眠混合物:【柠檬酸镁、香蜂草(地上部分)、西番莲提取物(地上部分)、褪黑激素(3mg)】,MANTRA™ 镇静混合物: 【Suntheanine® L-茶氨酸,γ-氨基丁酸 (as PharmaGABA®)】



规格&售价:每袋(3.9g、3.9g、4.2g)/ $2.25
封面图来源:MANTRA Labs官网





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