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Yuanqi is the most difficult single product in the history of the forest, seeking opportunities from the road few people have taken

Yuanqi forest launched the company’s first sports nutrition food. Will sports drinks be hit by dimension reduction?

By Carol he

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There is a saying in Yuanqi forest that “it is not a good game not to play the old monster”. As a cross-border entrepreneur born in the game industry, Tang Binsen has always challenged the “old geeks” in the traditional beverage industry: he subverted the traditional cognition that “drinks should be high sugar” with three zeros, fought against potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and other preservatives with aseptic production lines, and promoted the innovation of the whole industry with a shorter ingredient list.
This time, Yuanqi forest has found a new “old monster” — providing a more professional solution for medium and high-intensity sports.
The reason why it is an “old monster” is that the sports beverage market has never been “small indeed lucky”, and has always been “a place for military strategists”.
Gatorade, a sports drink product under Pepsi, has become a big Mac with an annual income of US $6 billion. Like coca cola, Gatorade is a national product in the United States.
Pepsi is in the wind and water, and Coca Cola also has “hidden murders”. In November last year, Coca Cola spent US $5.6 billion to acquire the sports beverage brand bodyarmor, becoming the largest acquisition in the sports beverage industry in recent years. In addition to the two beverage giants fighting over the category of “cola”, sports drinks have become another major battlefield.
As a dark horse in the beverage industry, Yuanqi forest is now preparing to launch a product to meet the needs of medium and high-intensity sports, alien electrolyte water pro, after officially launching alien electrolyte water last year, and will be launched to the market in the middle and late August.
According to the relevant personnel of Yuanqi forest, the alien electrolyte water pro is evaluated as “the most difficult product of the company” in Yuanqi forest. It is the product with the longest production cycle and the most strict inspection of Yuanqi forest, and it is also a rare beverage in China that has obtained the sports nutrition food certification.
Photo source: Alien
According to tmall’s data, in the past year, the sales volume of alien electrolyte water on tmall has surpassed the international giant brands of Gatorade and Gemini, becoming the top 1 of tmall electrolyte drinks.
What are the special features of the alien electrolyte water pro launched this time? Why is it the “most difficult product” of Yuanqi forest? From ordinary electrolyte water to sports nutrition food, facing the new “old monster” of sports drinks, what ideas will the vitality forest give?
Hard mode:
From ordinary sports drinks to sports nutrition foods
The road to professional advancement is not easy
According to the definition of the national food safety standard general rules for sports nutrition food (GB 24154-2015), “sports nutrition food” is to meet the needs of sports people (i.e. participate in physical exercise 3 times or more per week, and each time lasts for 30mi
In 2011, Gatorade launched fit series sports nutrition food for different sports scenarios of professional bodybuilders, but the sales performance was not satisfactory. One year after the launch, Gatorade announced its withdrawal from the market. After summarizing the reports of many media, we can attribute the failure of fit to two reasons: on the one hand, Gatorade, as a sports beverage brand, wants to break through the limitations of the original mainstream products and develop fitness enthusiasts who have no sports nutrition food consumption habits. However, according to the product design of Gatorade fit series, the products are mainly aimed at the super heavy sports fitness and bodybuilding crowd, and the market base is small and deviates from the original core consumers. Professional sports and sweaty exercise are not the same kind of people.
On the other hand, compared with the mainstream sports nutrition food, the professional level of fit series is difficult to be recognized by professional sports people, and it is easy to be replaced by more professional products. However, compared with general sports drinks, they are “too professional”, and the sports nutrition cognition of ordinary consumers needs to be educated.
Aware of the opportunities and difficulties of sports nutrition food, and based on the experience of product positioning from these failure cases, Yuanqi forest alien electrolyte water pro positioned the scene at medium and high-intensity sports and 30 minute long-term sports, not limited to more professional sports.
Dimension reduction attack:
Seeking opportunities from the “road few people take”
Sports drinks in China started earlier, but their development is relatively slow. Since the 1980s, Jianlibao launched the first shot of China’s sports drinks, no local sports drink brand has reached the height of Jianlibao in more than 10 years. In about 2005, Gatorade and Procter & Gamble entered the Chinese market one after another. So far, the Chinese sports drink market has been monopolized by foreign brands for nearly 20 years.
Unfortunately, the difference of most sports drinks on the market is not obvious. According to an industry source, “many sports drinks emphasize how many kinds of nutritional ingredients are added, but rarely emphasize the amount of these nutritional ingredients. The formulation design is even less professional, and lacks the necessary experimental verification for the improvement of sports effects.”
Mob Research Institute mentioned in the 2021 China sports and fitness crowd insight report that the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise in China continues to rise, from 406 million to 428 million from 2016 to 2019. The state continues to promote the national fitness program, and it is expected that the number will reach 560 million by 2030.
Photo source: China sports and fitness crowd insight report in 2021 mob Research Institute
With the increasing popularity of medium and high-intensity sports consumption scenarios, the universal sports drinks of the target population can no longer meet the current nutritional needs that tend to be subdivided and specialized.
After gaining insight into this subdivided demand, Yuanqi forest launched the alien electrolyte water pro, which has obtained the sports nutrition food certification, and officially entered the sports nutrition beverage track. When interviewing Yuanqi forest, foodaily learned that the alien electrolyte water pro is almost the same as the conventional electrolyte water
In addition to creating a rich and professional product matrix to meet the nutrition needs of the public, alien also transmits the healthy and positive brand spirit to more consumers through the brand itself.
Photo source: Alien
Based on this, aliens launched an activity on the National Fitness Day on August 8, calling on the public to actively participate in sports, and also combining the alien electrolyte water pro product with the lifestyle of national sports. In addition, aliens also actively cooperate with sports venues and sports activities. It is revealed that aliens will promote self-service vending machines in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other venues in August and launch the first batch of pro. They will also cooperate with national 50 + Frisbee, rugby and other trendy sports clubs and events to continue to deepen the sports field.
Photo source: Alien
In 2021, the number of sports and fitness people in China will exceed 400 million. The market scale of sports drinks is less than 20 billion. Most of them are conventional water replenishing products; However, professional products aimed at recovery after sports or focusing on sports speed, strength and endurance are still in the initial stage.
The advance of alien electrolyte water pro to sports nutrition food has not only filled the product vacancy of aliens in the field of medium and high-intensity sports, but also built a complete product matrix of “daily + professional”; Moreover, it is also a positive and meaningful demonstration for local brands to explore the blind spots of the sports beverage market, which will have a more profound impact on the professional and diversified development of the sports beverage market.
Along the way with the gene of playing strange games, can the vitality forest pass the test in the sports drink track and advance at full speed? More than 400 million Chinese who love sports will give the answer.
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Yuanqi is the most difficult single product in the history of the forest, seeking opportunities from the road few people have taken
[1]《Why did PepsiCo’s Gatorade G Series
Fit fail》,Elaine Watson
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