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Happy tea is involved in the wedding market. How about drinking milk tea on the day of great happiness?

Xi tea is a breakthrough point in opening a new scene.

By: Yang Yang

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Yes, yes, Xi tea is really happy.

I must have named Xicha at the beginning, but I didn’t predict that I would be happy.

It turns out that Xi tea was exposed to other people’s wedding a few days ago. It was unexpectedly planned to start the wedding business and launch the wedding banquet service. Frankly, it was led by Wang Laoji.

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Does the dream of getting married and drinking milk tea really have to be reflected in reality?

When I first saw this new business, I was somewhat surprised. However, after I recited the name of Xicha several times, I would feel that this transformation is quite natural.

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Get involved in the wedding market
Whether Xicha wants to expand its business is still a mystery, but Xicha is really engaged in the wedding banquet business.
A few days ago, it happened to be the Qixi Festival. The Tea Festival was held in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Wuhan, etc. in conjunction with local civil affairs departments, the limited activities of Qixi were launched.
The happy tea has built a happy magpie bridge. It also sends happy tea, badges, fans and other happy surroundings to all the new people, so as to fully arrange the life events.
Picture source: Xi Cha Guan Wei
This device is completely in my aesthetic point. The words “day of great joy” and the surrounding design of “cup of tea” are also very suitable for taking photos.
Picture source: Xi Cha Guan Wei
The happy tea party not only played these things, but also opened up the pattern and introduced other benefits for new people who received certificates: by the end of this year, new people can get 2 cups of freshly made drinks free of charge when they go to happy tea by virtue of the marriage certificate they received on that day, and also get cakes free of charge at the designated lab shop.
In addition, Xicha also offers wedding group meals. If you buy more than 100 drinks, you can enjoy preferential discounts for the wedding banquet.
Picture source: Xi Cha Guan Wei
Therefore, some people dare to speculate that tea is to bring new tea drinks into the wedding field?
After all, young people who pursue novelty have their own wedding ideas. It’s understandable that they like tea to please them. What’s more, Xicha has also exploded that nearly 10000 new couples have received Xicha in the past month, which shows that many people are also paying for creativity.
I began to imagine that in the future, all the drinks we drank would be replaced by milk tea; The toast link has become the milk tea link.
However, everyone seems to have guessed the loneliness. Xicha then made a non formal response in the official wechat. A sentence “what layout is not layout” ambiguous the layout of the wedding ceremony.
Image source: Micro screenshot of Xi Cha Guan
Everything is “happy”
After all, it’s not the first time to make a fuss about the wedding ceremony.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of Xicha. Xicha found director Zhang xiaoce to create the brand feature film “Xiyi”. The background of the story is the wedding banquet, which tells about the dispute between the male and female protagonists over sesame and mung beans before marriage
“Auspicious” means happiness and peace. Wang Laoji has long tied the brand with the Spring Festival, college entrance examination and other scenes to expand the communication boundary of auspicious scenes. The essence is to enrich the expression of auspicious culture.
This is just to tell you that you can drink Wang Laoji in the event of a new wedding, a golden list and other events.
Xi tea now seems to be on the road of Wang Laoji, trying to IP the word “Xi”. With the help of festive festivals, brand festivities and other nodes, we frequently output a message to the outside: Happy tea is not only good to drink, but also can bring everyone a joy.
The new tea is too voluminous
In addition to Wang Laoji’s model student taking the lead, the new tea market is also to blame.
From insiders to laymen, China Post’s “post oxygen tea”, Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Grandpa free tea”, Li Ning, Huawei, etc. have all started to increase the number of milk tea and coffee tracks to share the cake of the new tea market, which can put pressure on the head brand.
From home to abroad, new tea brands should compete with their counterparts in the overseas market. In September 2018, the overseas version of “mixue” was settled in Hanoi, Vietnam. At present, there are 1000 overseas mixue.
From milk tea roll to milk tea bottle. As early as a year ago, Xi tea and Naixue began to enter the bottled market, introducing bottled drinks such as bubble water, fruit juice and light milk tea.
From product war volume to price war. This year, Xi tea and Naixue all announced price reductions. Xi tea announced that there would no longer be milk tea with more than 30 yuan. Naixue said that my lowest price was only 9 yuan.
Source: screenshot of Naixue official
The dividends of the new tea industry are receding, and the market is close to saturation. Everyone has played the bottle and price war almost all over. It is also reasonable for the wedding market to be laid out by happy tea.
In the industry, brands need to tell new stories and packaging culture. Xi tea should also consider empowering the brand and adding spiritual value to the product by enriching the symbol system of “Xi culture”.
Picture source: Xi Cha Guan Wei
As the founder of Xi tea himself said: “Xi” is a word that everyone thinks has a beautiful meaning and can have their own associations, which is conducive to the extension and re interpretation of the brand in the future. “
In terms of name communication, Xi tea originally has a natural and beautiful Association advantage. Moreover, there has always been a saying of “three joys” in marriage – wedding candy, wedding wine and wedding tea, which makes Wedding Tea have the gene to integrate into the wedding scene.
If Xi tea can bind the brand with “Xi culture” such as marriage and create strong correlation, it can also extend the meaning of happy events for the brand over time. When consumers buy products, they may choose Xi tea because of “please”.
This is also the breakthrough point for “Xi tea” to open a new scene.
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Happy tea is involved in the wedding market. How about drinking milk tea on the day of great happiness?





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