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Making undefined coffee: weichi brand makes a strong attack in the new consumer market

returns to the product itself and makes undefined coffee.
In the new consumption era, the coffee industry has ushered in a tuyere period.
According to the data of China’s coffee market and industry survey and analysis report, the scale of China’s coffee market continues to expand. It is estimated that the market scale will exceed 330 billion yuan by 2024, and China’s coffee consumption is also growing at a rate of more than 15% per year. Such a huge consumer market has attracted many new and old brands to enter the market, and the market pattern is also changing. Against such a favorable background, weichi, which has more than 30 years of coffee experience, is not willing to lag behind. The strong attack of innovative product concepts may lead the new trend of coffee.
Speaking of weichi, we may be more familiar with its golden oatmeal, but at the beginning of its establishment, weichi started from coffee and can be said to be the “elder” of the coffee industry. At present, weichi mainly makes cereals in the Chinese market, but its coffee business still accounts for the majority in the Southeast Asian market. It is understood that weichi group has a number of coffee brands in the world, including Cafe 21 and Ben cafe. In China, weichi group also acquired Qiaosheng coffee, a coffee raw material supplier and service provider located in Shanghai in 2002, thus entering 2B business and starting to lay out the domestic coffee market.
So, in the face of the surging new consumption tide, weichi has returned to the original heart of coffee. What direction will the coffee business develop in the future? Let’s have a look.
“Feixing society · Tianmu” Experience Center (33rd floor, poly development Plaza, Guangzhou)
Insight into new consumer demand,
Create coffee recognized by consumers
In recent years, due to the epidemic situation and the international environment, the consumer market has been full of uncertainties. However, new consumption still has strong market momentum. Driven by the new consumption system constructed by new demand, new scenarios and new people, it has also brought new growth to the coffee industry. Consumers’ demand for good coffee has reached a new height.
New consumption growth seminar Zhong Tingyi, CEO of yiweichi group
Recently, in the “vuca UCA era – new consumption growth seminar” hosted by weichi group, Zhong Tingyi, CEO of weichi group, pointed out that in the uncertain UCA era, consumers’ choices will become more smart, but their pursuit of good products will never change. The coffee industry has doubled in the past few years, which can be said to be a good product track.
However, a good product track can not escape the word “roll”, and coffee is no exception. In addition to the original online and offline layout of coffee brands, China’s Li Ning, post and other cross-border players are trying to squeeze into the track to share a share.
How to stand out among them has become a big problem for new coffee brands.
In particular, with the rise of China’s younger generation of consumer groups, the consumption demand and consumption concept have undergone tremendous changes compared with those of their parents. These young new consumer groups also have a new definition of coffee. Personalized, differentiated and freely defined coffee is becoming indispensable to this generation of young people
On this issue, Mr. Zhong Tingyi, CEO of weichi group, also said at the CEO Forum of “vuca UCA era – new consumption growth seminar” that the essence of operation may be manifested in marketing, but the brand’s factory research and development, logistics supply, collaborative cooperation and consumer awareness are far more important than the former. The brand can only develop and grow by sticking to its core competitiveness and then adding bricks and tiles.
Weichi group and oatly open deep strategic alliance cooperation
It is true that a single tree does not make a forest. In order to better serve consumers and comprehensively improve the core strength of coffee brand factory R & D, channel supply, communication and marketing, brand innovation and cooperation are indispensable. Therefore, weichi group has established a multi-dimensional deep strategic alliance with oatly, a well-known oat milk brand, to carry out in-depth cooperation from multiple dimensions such as distribution, peripheral products, raw materials and equipment, new product research and development, and product supply.
In addition, weichi’s new brand be n (other) will also start brand strategic cooperation with Mars’s nutritional grain brand be-kind to create a “be kind” product portfolio package of coffee + snacks… From product innovation to consumer scene segmentation, layer by layer layout and continuous deepening, which shows weichi’s market ambition to make coffee and brand.
Weichi new brand be n (different) x be kind brand strategic cooperation
Domestic coffee consumption will become more and more mature. In the face of constantly expanding coffee categories, the coffee industry is bound to return to the product itself in the future. Stick to the original intention to be the coffee recognized by consumers, and constantly shape the brand strength and product strength. The brand can also go on the coffee track for a longer time.
The full link layout is effectively enabled,
Realize the “flying” of coffee
Under the influence of “coffee fever”, the domestic coffee industry chain is becoming more and more perfect. On the whole, China’s coffee industry is mainly divided into upper, middle and lower reaches. The upstream field mainly involves coffee bean planting, procurement and related machine supply; The midstream link is mainly the deep processing of coffee beans, including the major coffee bean roasting and processing plants; The downstream is concentrated on online and offline sales channels, including chain coffee shops, convenience stores and e-commerce. In the face of such a complex business, how to integrate resources to create a dream paradise for “coffee people”?
The integration of online and offline channels and the mutual empowerment of B and C channels will become the trend of industry development. From coffee beans to coffee, from the place of origin to the table of consumers, both tasters and dreamers can realize the freedom of coffee.
Weichi group coffee industry layout
Therefore, in order to open up the upper, middle and lower reaches of the coffee industry chain, weichi has built a one-stop Coffee Exhibition Service Platform – coffee shop plan, which can not only provide users with raw materials, equipment, technology, services and centralized purchasing resources of the full link coffee business module, but also provide Barista capacity training, product distribution and store opening planning and other services to empower small and medium-sized coffee shops or retail stores, and even provide customized coffee products for C-end brands, Cut into the coffee plate from the full link.
“Coffee line plan, let coffee
Making undefined coffee: weichi brand makes a strong attack in the new consumer market
味驰新品牌be N(别样) x BE-KIND品牌战略合作






这样一个让咖啡“飞”起来的计划作为桥梁,使得咖啡行业上中下游资源利用起来,全打通咖啡链路渠道,有效赋能行业发展。无论是拥有烘焙经验丰富的桥昇咖啡作为B端供应服务商;还是be N咖啡和Capparoma咖啡两大C端品牌,味驰集团通过“啡行计划”做承接已然形成了咖啡业务的全链路布局,在未来也将在咖啡赛道努力“飞”更高。




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