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New species in the “gut” world! In addition to the meat quantity, high-end and health, what can a piece of intestines do?

The life of
is changing rapidly, and the potential of intestines is infinite.

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Speaking of “meat sausage”, I think everyone is familiar with it. We have eaten ham sausage, roast sausage and crispy bone sausage from childhood to childhood. There are countless patterns and types. However, have you ever eaten meat sausage made of seaweed?
Newfish, a start-up company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, launched a pure plant-based cooked sausage ocean mortadella in 2022. It is made of various kinds of seaweed, especially the smoked and fermented New Zealand Undaria pinnatifida and bovine seaweed. The bright green sausage is filled with fat blocks composed of plant-based fat and microalgae protein, which has great visual impact. If you want to use one word to describe it, it is “catching a horse”. It is unbelievable and reveals the slightest “exaggeration”.
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It is understood that newfish originally intended to make use of New Zealand’s “underutilized” marine resources and “rebuild” local seafood production. This seaweed sausage is the second product launched by newfish. It is currently in the final stage of development and will soon be pre sold in the world.
“Green, environmental protection and low carbon”, can the sustainable halo of seaweed intestines attract the public? In addition to seaweed, what are the new ways of playing intestinal food abroad? With the upgrading of consumption and population iteration, what new changes have emerged in the domestic intestinal food?

Subvert traditional production and reconstruct intestinal products with “rare” resources

In 2020, newfish was officially established with the vision of “supplementing traditional meat production and making full use of New Zealand’s marine resources”, with only four founding members. Hamish Howard, its co-founder and general manager, said: newfish’s method is in sharp contrast to New Zealand’s standard primary production mode. Newfish hopes to plant and harvest it in its own country, then put it in boxes or cans, and transport it overseas in the form of packaging, so that others can add value to it.
Newfish founding team photo source: greenqueen
In terms of product research and development, newfish chooses mixed product development, which not only has more room to develop experiments and creativity, but also enables more consumers to contact sustainable food substitutes on the basis of following the existing food system. Therefore, newfish’s first sausage product p ā UA saucisson is composed of animals and plants. The product contains black pork, black foot abalone and kelp. It uses innovative fermentation technology and local ingredients. Heated p ā UA sauce can be eaten with bread, lemon juice, pickles and other condiments. It has excellent flavor. At present, it provides sliced packaging and whole packaging. It is scheduled for sale in New Zealand.
Image source: newfish official website
Coincidentally, meatable, an innovative food company from the Netherlands
The change of consumption scene is also a major factor leading to its annihilation. In the past, the transportation was underdeveloped. During the long train journey, ham sausage and instant noodles were soul partners. Nowadays, the popularity of high-speed rail has greatly shortened the travel time. In addition to the more convenient and personalized online ordering service, the portable fast food that once remained in the memory of generations has gradually disappeared and no one cares.
In the era of the house economy, a large number of brands aim at the household consumption bonus and quickly attack to promote the innovation of convenient food. For those who are not good at cooking and “lazy people”, semi cooked food and self heated food become the best partner for the family. According to Nielsen’s IQ survey data, in 2021, young people increased their consumption of convenient staple food, instant cereal, self heating food and other categories. Instant noodles and ham sausage are no longer the only choices for convenient food.
Photo source: Haidilao official flagship store
The e-commerce platform has also brought new opportunities for the development and revitalization of regional sausage food. Such local specialties as Harbin Red Sausage, Cantonese sausage, rice sausage and blood sausage have been improved to win the favor of consumers from all over the world.


Data source: intelligent research consulting foodaily mapping
The rise of low-temperature meat products is also reshaping the new pattern of meat sausage Market. With the continuous breakthrough of production technology, low-temperature meat products based on Pasteurization make the loss of meat nutrition less and meet the needs of human health. It has gradually become an important trend in the development of meat products. The market of high-temperature meat products represented by ham and sausage is sluggish and gradually enters the era of stock competition. According to the data of China Business Research Institute, the output of low-temperature meat products in China reached 11.555 million tons in 2019, accounting for 65.08% of the total output of meat products, and it has been more accepted by the public in recent years.
The glorious era of traditional sausage products represented by ham and sausage may be gone forever, but more sausage foods that meet the health, emotional and functional needs continue to emerge, and the upgrading and innovation of the industry has never stopped.
There is nothing that can’t be thought of, nothing that can’t be done: there are infinite possibilities for intestinal food
Market gap is often a good opportunity for new products to rise. In this era when everything is possible, consumer demand has given birth to a variety of new products, and intestinal food has shown several distinct new trends:
1. Salt and fat reduction, healthy
The wave of sugar, salt and fat reduction set off by the food industry has made ham sausage brands feel the pressure of “slimming” and start to subtract. Shuanghui, Jinluo and other head brands have taken the lead in introducing products with health concepts, such as light kanneng Liang, Z food generation, low-fat sausage and salt reduced ham sausage. Among them, Shuanghui’s light kannengliang super grade ham sausage is positioned to be sugar free, fat reducing and protein free, reducing calorie intake and having a snack taste at the same time; And Z Shidai’s product is even more unique. It completely subverts people’s impression of ham sausage with lactic acid bacteria. According to the product details page of tmall flagship store, the amount of Lactobacillus added to the product is not less than 1×10 CFU to the 6th power, and the protein content is as high as 14g / 100g. The packaging is also brand-new. The cool gradient purple plus illustration style is always showing the “trendy” atmosphere.
Photo source: tmall
Jinluo’s reduced fat sausage
This delicious food mainly focuses on low-temperature products, which are superior to normal temperature products in flavor and nutritional value. The raw materials of pork are Nanyang black pig and Xueshan black pig, which have obtained the “geographical indication of China”. In addition to paying attention to the meat source and meat content, this delicious food is also worth mentioning in product innovation. According to different consumption needs, products such as beef black truffle and raw coconut chicken sausage are launched. With unlimited potential, the brand also obtained financing from investors such as xiaohongshu and Baorui capital in October 2021 and may 2022 respectively.
Picture source: this delicious food


According to the data of China Business Industry Research Institute, in China’s 2 trillion meat products market, intestinal food accounts for about one-third. The considerable consumption base and abundant food resources have given intestinal food a broad space for innovation. Whether it is the sustainable seaweed sausage or the cell culture meat sausage that highlights the power of science and technology, they are all shining moments in the evolution of meat sausage food. Focusing on the innovation of taste preferences and eating habits of people in different regions, there are still too many possibilities for innovation of intestines.
Although life is impermanent, it can not be without intestines.
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