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Tell the Innovation story of haoguo brand. The first issue of “people’s good thing innovation brand list” of people’s good thing x Isee award is open!

Isee award joins hands with people’s good things to jointly promote the innovation and development of national brands.
The enhancement of national cultural self-confidence and people’s pursuit of a better life have ushered in new consumption in the Chinese market. Traditional brands and fast emerging new brands have their own unique moves, contributed their own exploration and innovation to new consumption, and brought a new atmosphere of a hundred schools of thought to the development of the food industry. Chinese brands are presenting themselves to consumers with a new look.
It is understood that the people’s daily digital communication’s good goods selection platform “people’s good goods” takes “people’s choice as the guide and high-quality products as the core” to comprehensively help the new growth of consumption of new domestic brands and local characteristic brands.
In order to enable the innovation and development of national brands, “people’s good stuff” and Isee Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Award), an industry authoritative award under foodily daily food, have launched the “people’s good stuff innovation brand plan” in the food and beverage industry, which is guided by “people’s choice and centered on high-quality innovative brands”. Relying on Isee award innovation standards, people’s good stuff has found innovative Chinese brands and promoted the innovation and development of Chinese brands.
At the same time, Isee award will join hands with “people’s good goods” to jointly promote the new growth of national brand consumption through a series of innovation activities, so that good products and brands can be seen by more people and good goods can be closer to the people.
To this end, as the first shot of the “people’s good thing innovation brand plan”, people’s good thing will jointly launch the “people’s good thing innovation brand list” with Isee
award, and the registration channel will be opened on August 9. We hope to join hands with excellent innovative national brands, integrate rich resources and experience based on digital communication through authoritative innovation standards and official endorsement, It has also enabled the national brand to accumulate the volume of this year’s double 11.
It is worth mentioning that the selection results of the “people’s good thing innovation brand list” will be solemnly announced at the 8th food innovation Expo held from October 10 to October 12.
What is the “people’s good thing innovation brand list”?
The “people’s good thing innovation brand plan” will rely on the professional and authoritative evaluation system of Isee award to create the first phase of the “people’s good thing innovation brand list” (no more than 30 seats). It will select excellent innovative national brands from the six evaluation dimensions of product innovation, consumption insight, user experience, business expression, consumer value and scientific and technological expression, and from the dimensions of raw materials, origin, brand concept and corporate responsibility, Carry forward the spirit of craftsman, patriotism and social values, establish the brand image of Chinese products, tell the story of national brands, and promote it to the industry and consumers.

Selected in the “people’s good thing innovation brand list”
What will you get?

1) Official and industry authoritative media promotion and communication to create brand voice

A) 10 + people’s Department

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Tell the Innovation story of haoguo brand. The first issue of “people’s good thing innovation brand list” of people’s good thing x Isee award is open!




本榜单采用线上提报, 报名请点击iSEE创新奖官网(网址按照如下流程进行提报。报名通道于8月9日正式开启。






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