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Wyeth attended the second China breast milk science conference to show the scientific research and application achievements of OPN and HMO

At the recently concluded Second China breast milk science conference, several maternal and infant nutrition enterprises including Wyeth nutrition showed and shared their cutting-edge achievements in the field of maternal and infant nutrition research. Dr. Zhong Yan, director of medical science affairs of Wyeth nutrition, delivered a keynote speech at the meeting, and elaborated on the company’s research findings and applications of bioactive ingredients such as active protein OPN and human milk oligosaccharide HMO.

It is understood that this conference is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Nutrition Society and the Institute of nutrition and health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention. From the perspective of discussing the future development of breast milk science, the conference took the lead in jointly discussing the breast milk science research plan, releasing the breast milk Science Research Report, and selecting high-level academic papers in the field of breast milk science.

Let’s take a look at the details.

Explore new directions

Zhong Yan said at the meeting that breast milk is the most ideal food for infants and also the “gold standard” for the development of infant formula. The research on breast milk is the foundation for the innovation of formula. She believes that after nearly 100 years of research and Exploration on human milk, infant formula has experienced an innovative leap from composition simulation, molecular structure simulation to active function simulation.

From the development and innovation process of protein, fat and oligosaccharides in formula milk powder, she emphasized that “active protein OPN plays an important role in infant immunity and intestinal health”, and pointed out that “fat innovation has been developed to add structural fat OPO to simulate the molecular structure of human milk lipids, and retain more natural active ingredients in the improvement of milk source and process”. At the same time, oligosaccharides have also gone through iterations. At present, human milk oligosaccharide HMO has become a research hotspot in the industry.

Last year, Professor Zhang Yumei, doctoral supervisor of School of public health of Peking University, made a report on “OPN active protein of human milk and infant health” at the first China breast milk science conference, and pointed out that “OPN active protein in human milk plays an important role in the construction of infant immune system, and the content of OPN active protein in colostrum is the most abundant.”

It is understood that a recent preclinical study found that OPN supplementation early in life is helpful to prevent viral respiratory infections and related long-term complications. Zhong Yan introduced that Wyeth applied it on the basis of relevant research results, strengthened OPN in the formula by using whey protein powder raw materials with special technology, and retained the active ingredients in the formula.

In addition, a number of studies have shown that the active ingredient of human milk, human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), helps to enhance intestinal barrier function, improve immune function, reduce allergic risk, and promote cognitive development. Not long ago, Wyeth’s cross-border formula exhibited at the consumer Expo included six kinds of core HMO products, which realized the simulation of HMO diversity in terms of variety, content and molecular structure.

At the same time, Wyeth also added milk oligosaccharide MOS from whey filtrate into the formula powder to simulate the HMO function.

Participated in multiple studies

According to the data, Wyeth nutrition has actively participated in the national and global breast milk research projects in recent years, including the “Ming +” research project of the Institute of nutrition and health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention and the Zhongying Hui Institute of nutrition and health.

Wyeth attended the second China breast milk science conference to show the scientific research and application achievements of OPN and HMO

以2011年推出的启赋为例,该品牌系列产品从添加OPO 结构脂、活性蛋白OPN再到添加母乳低聚糖(HMO)等成分,始终紧跟母乳最前沿研究的步伐。



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