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From the perspective of prefabricated dishes, why is operation the core competitiveness of consumer goods?

user thinking is the foundation of business value.
Prefabricated dishes that have been caught on fire by the epidemic have recently become a hot topic.
But like many industries that are still in the incubation period, homogenization, low-cost competition, and the mixing of good and bad are the phased pains that every enterprise has to face.
Especially in today’s environmental cycle, many brands that appeared to be strong and fast-growing in the early days have lost their halbers. What is the real moat of consumer goods enterprises has become a question that everyone has to rethink.
In the recent member special activity of Inspur new consumption, Li Lihong, the founder of the “silver food” brand, reviewed in depth the entrepreneurial process and the pits he had trodden in the past few years, and summarized the bottom thinking on such important issues as the core competitiveness of consumer goods and what is a good business model.
Li Lihong, founder of “silver food” brand
Li Lihong has been deeply engaged in the FMCG industry for 15 years. He has worked in Unilever, Nestle and Master Kang with rich experience. In September 2017, he established an e-commerce platform for catering procurement, with a revenue of more than 300 million in 2019.
In June 2021, the company established the chain brand of silver food prefabricated food materials and adopted the chain alliance mode to target the C-end users in the county and township markets. Up to now, Yinshi has opened 65 stores and obtained investment from Xianfeng Changqing.
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Our company was established in September 2017, and was originally engaged in B2B catering procurement business.
In 2018, it achieved a revenue of more than 60 million yuan, and in 2019, it achieved 270 million yuan. In early 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic broke out, and the hotels could not operate normally, and the B2B food material purchasing mode of silver food mall was also stopped.
But at that time, we didn’t think B2B was difficult to do, so we changed the original B2B supply chain mode to physical e-commerce, that is, the community group purchase mode. After nearly half a year’s work, I found that it was different from what I imagined, so I gave up this part of business and transferred to offline food chain stores.
At that time, our definition was “cold and fresh without overnight”, which was actually a reference to the successful model of other companies. However, after doing three stores in Shijiazhuang, I found that the effect was not very good.
Later, by studying some business models that were well done at that time and analyzing the sales data accumulated before, we saw the opportunity of prefabricated dishes.
At that time, we built a prefabricated food processing factory ourselves. During that time, there were many problems and we stepped on many pits. Finally, we transferred it to today’s “silver food prefabricated food chain alliance mode”.
From the beginning, our team went to start a business with confidence and set a very ambitious goal for ourselves. Today, we have gone so far. At every step, we find that entrepreneurship is too different from what we originally thought.
But I still don’t want to give up, I still want to fight for my dream. It is precisely because of our constant persistence and innovation that we can continue to go on.
User thinking is the basis of business value
For example, there were taxi companies in the taxi platform, but with Didi, it is more convenient to take a taxi, which is user experience, user thinking and user value.
What will happen if we have us? What will happen if we don’t have us? At the beginning of entrepreneurship, we must calm down and think about this issue. If the false demand is not seen through, the enterprise will step on a lot of holes if it continues to move forward.
The second is to discover the value behind the problem. All the problems are valuable. The most important thing is to see if we can dig this value well.
Can we dig out the problems and solve them through our ability to identify and innovate the needs. If the answer is yes, we can continue to work hard.
Third, value is the cornerstone for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. The user needs are actually our entrepreneurial value. If the user needs can not be solved, the enterprise basically has no opportunity to become bigger and stronger. Here I would like to share a word: the biggest opportunity for enterprise development is that users are constantly picky.
For example, on the mobile end, we first used pagers. Later, we had push-button pagers. Today, we have wireless Internet technology so that I can share with you in different scenarios. I think the real iteration logic is users. If users are not satisfied with the status quo, entrepreneurs will continue to innovate according to the needs of real users. Therefore, we can see that technology is constantly updated and iterated.
What is the real core competitiveness of consumer enterprises?
Another focus I share today is how to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In my opinion, for consumer goods such as Yinshi, it is really competitive to emphasize assets and operation.
Personally, I don’t think there are so-called barriers, either technical or other barriers. The software, hardware and technology related products we use actually have faster iterations. The new products are not used to, and the products of the next iteration come again. Where is the technical barrier.
We believe that in the field of consumer goods, the real competitiveness is not technology or anything else. I think it is “operation”.
It is a multifaceted and comprehensive operation mode, rather than a simple word or sentence. Separately, the operation is divided into three parts:
Among them, team building is the first thing.
Yinshi has investment promotion department, operation Department, supply chain department, financing department and other departments. If each department does not have a clear goal, playing method and a good sense of innovation, then the Department will not be competitive and the business model ultimately formed will not be competitive.
Therefore, the separation means that each department must have its own plan. This method can not only convince you, but also convince the people who join you.
Only in August 2021 did we start to join. There were only four people in the investment promotion team. Today, the number of stores signing orders has reached nearly 100.
This is an ideal joining speed. Why do you join silver food? Our team has discussed nine forms of Yinshi’s investment promotion. Here I will share one of them.
Let’s go to business
The third point is brand operation, where we should form C-end cognition. Let C-end consumers know it first, and buy it more after knowing it. Our company’s brand operation has just started. At present, we have made some attempts in the surrounding three kilometers, and the results are very good.
In terms of brand operation, the founder’s positioning in product, market and price is very important. Where is your product channel? Is your pricing suitable for this channel? Pricing should refer to other products and enterprises of the general category and the acceptance of users.
Silver food now focuses on the sinking market. What we mainly do is to build counties and townships. At most, we can build a prefecture level city, a third tier city and a fourth tier city. We will not touch the second tier cities, let alone the first tier cities.
After the reservation, you can start to see the products. Since it is these consumer groups, our prices cannot be high. The price advantage is the first advantage.
The second advantage is the taste of your products, which should be cheap and good. Plus the third convenience, if the processing method is very complicated and it is more difficult than frying yourself, consumers will definitely not buy you.
Brand operation was originally defined as “Trinity” — channel positioning, product positioning and price positioning. The most important thinking of the founder is where your brand starts and where you want to go.
We can see that in terms of improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, Yinshi has enabled each department to have its own methodology through operation. It uses different methodologies to occupy many advantages in each service, and finally enables the company as a whole to lead the industry.
What is a good business model?
“Tao follows nature” after “Da Dao Zhi Jian”
I always believe that a good business model is “following the nature” after the “road to simplicity”.
“The road to simplicity” means that if the business model is simple enough, it can be explained clearly in one sentence. Silver food has a saying: eat at home, go to silver food.
This is our business model. If you make people feel that it is very simple, they will have the opportunity to quickly replicate it. Our silver food is called “fool” mode.
For example, two hundred stores were suddenly signed today. As long as you have selected the locations of all the two hundred stores, I can responsibly tell you that all these stores can be opened within ten days, without exaggeration.
However, it is difficult to do simple things. Only when we do complex things and others do them with you, will your partner feel very simple. This is the “Tao follows nature” mentioned just now. The company wants to create a “fool” model for everyone.
We are very complex, others are very simple, and we also have the ability to quickly copy. This is a good business model.
Finally, the shared view is to combine the sense of mission, values and vision of the enterprise into the enterprise culture and make the enterprise culture become the spiritual food for the management of the enterprise.
I think it’s also very good to manage enterprises by means of systems, salary systems, KPI indicators and other management methods. But if there is a better way, I think it is the corporate culture. Because culture can speak for you, it is a kind of
From the perspective of prefabricated dishes, why is operation the core competitiveness of consumer goods?




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