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The latest release of tmall health’s whey protein consumption trend report revealed these important information

In recent years, the social and economic status of women in the new era has been continuously improved. From social topics and business actions, women have also become one of the most important members in various industries. It is worth noting that, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, the rising public demand for fitness, such as “Liu Jianhong girl”, also shows that female consumers pay more attention to fitness, followed by the focus on the consumption trend.

In August, with the key consumer research data provided by Swisse, a natural nutrition brand of Jianhe group, tmall health and iResearch consulting jointly released the whey protein consumption trend report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) to focus on and explore how to further meet the needs of scientific fitness in the post epidemic era and explore new thinking on the development of the health industry through the interpretation of the consumption trend.

Among them, women’s attention to the analysis of whey protein has also become the key data for the market to understand the new direction of female whey protein consumption market.

Whey protein market demand is expected to explode

The whey protein consumption trend report provides a comprehensive analysis of the whey protein industry through insight into the big data of the people and goods yard and the real feedback samples of consumers in the whey protein consumption market. The report makes a professional analysis of the industry trend, market dynamics, population portraits and future trend growth of the industry, and provides a strong guidance for the expansion of dealers and stores and deep cultivation of the industry.

According to the report data, in the health food / dietary nutrition supplement food, the turnover of protein powder (as a whole) accounted for 7.4%, followed by probiotics, calcium iron zinc / calcium magnesium / selenium, vitamins, etc. Whey protein accounted for 70.4% of the transaction scale of protein powder (as a whole), and the monthly turnover in the last half year showed an overall upward trend.

The data further shows that under the condition that the online and offline gyms cannot operate normally due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the transaction volume of whey protein decreased slightly compared with last year. However, with the improvement of health awareness caused by the epidemic, more new users are allowed to enter the whey protein market, and the demand of multiple population scenarios is expected to break out, contributing to the overall growth of this market.

Women’s demand for nutrition and health is growing

From the overall data of the market, the whey protein female market is showing a trend of consumption demand and upgrading.

The report highlights that among the hot search terms for protein powder / whey protein categories on Taobao tmall, the search term “female” has a very high hot search degree and search growth rate, but the loss rate after search is higher than the average level. In the face of the increasing demand of women for protein powder / whey protein, there is still a lot of room for development in the market supply.

In addition, there are a large number of women who pursue full nutrition balance, and their demands for purchase are comprehensive and diverse. The “Pan sports” involved and the health supply demand of the whole population have high market potential; As the health manager in the family, women will expand the market by creating family oriented product sets for women.

According to the report data, from July 2021 to June 2022, among the top 10 population search terms “whey protein” in taonei, the UV heat (index) of women reached 484%, ranking second among all population search terms and still growing rapidly.

At the same time, the annual turnover of the whey protein female market increased steadily

With the improvement of consumers’ demand for health and the opening of relevant policies, the track of functional food will be growing. In view of the changes in consumer demand, tmall health will continue to expand the market pattern and development direction, tap the development potential of the market, closely combine the creation of health concept with the leap of lifestyle, and highlight the ability of mainstream e-commerce platforms to help the development of brands and categories and explore the opportunity Market.

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The latest release of tmall health’s whey protein consumption trend report revealed these important information




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