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“Tomorrow live” is moving towards long-term ism. How can enterprises build sustainable product innovation capabilities?




At 14:30 tomorrow afternoon, Foody daily food invited Huang Xiaoqing, the founder of Shanghai anying Technology Co., Ltd. and former R & D director of Hershey Asia, and Xiao Xiang, an expert of centric enterprise R & D management solutions, to share how enterprises can achieve the goal of digital transformation of strategy and operation, effectively improve product strength, achieve rapid and efficient product upgrading, and avoid new products from “dying in light”.

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Guest introduction:

Founder of Shanghai anying Technology Co., Ltd

And former R & D director of Hershey Asia

Huang Xiaoqing

He has been engaged in R & D in the food industry for more than 20 years. He has served Mars, Hershey and other well-known enterprises. He once served as the R & D director of Hershey Asia and was responsible for product development and innovation of many international brands, such as Snickers, M & M’s, Hershey, kisses, ice breakers, jolly rancher and so on.

Rich experience in product life cycle management, good at product innovation management, and improve enterprise profitability through high-quality product innovation.

Centric China Enterprise R & D Management Solution Expert

Xiao Xiang

With more than 10 years of experience in enterprise commodity R & D management consulting, it focuses on the design, R & D, procurement and production, supplier collaboration and other fields of food, retail, consumer goods and fashion industries, and provides professional project implementation, process optimization and other services.

He has participated in the PLM system implementation projects of many large-scale consumer brand enterprises, and led the supply chain business optimization projects of many well-known brand enterprises, actively promoting the implementation of innovative applications in enterprises. The main customers that have been served include, Starbucks China, Yuanqi forest, Qinhai food, Guangzhou Restaurant, Shengen, Prostar starch, Auchan, cotton era, FILA, Tebu, ur, lingzhi, qisefang, bao’ou, etc.

In 2019, he joined centric China and was responsible for the promotion, introduction and business plan planning of PLM and other system solutions to help customers fully understand the system value and customize application solutions for customers.

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