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Blockbuster | new energy and new taste: tmall food released an interpretation report on innovation hotspots (II)

new consumption hot spots are colorful. What are the directions of brand development?

Text: Emma Zhang

Source: food daily (ID: food)

Fresh, but also social flavor; Unexpected food frequent group CP; From sugar reduction to carbon reduction; Empower new life with high quality… Under the new consumption wave, the consumption hot spots in the food market are somewhat dazzling. However, the changes are not separated from their ancestors, no matter whether it is to pursue a more thoughtful and personalized taste; Whether we advocate more natural, clean and green products are different expressions of health concepts, emotional values and cultural confidence.
Following the release of the trend report of “2022 food and beverage innovation hot spots” at the end of May, tmall food has recently continued to release its second interpretation report, which provides a multi-dimensional in-depth analysis of the two hot spots of “plant energy” and “x taste”. At the same time, tmall food connects with food innovators in different industries to exchange their cognitive changes on consumption trends and industry innovation in combination with the brand development process.
How do the plant elements in beverage development fit perfectly with the new outlook on life? How can the innovation of beverage taste attract consumers who are “hard to tune”? In the eyes of business professionals and innovation pioneers, what does each business hotspot mean?

Plant energy, plus healthy diet

With the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the concept of plant energy has also attracted much attention in the domestic market. According to the tmall food trend report, plant-based beverages have become a regular choice for consumers, and various emerging categories are emerging. On the major social platforms, people’s enthusiasm for diverse eating methods of plant-based foods is high. The number of notes about avocado, oats and other plant-based foods exceeds 3 million, and both became the hot word “king of search” on the platform in the first half of the year.
Natural plants are like “heroic dreams” in ordinary life. They bring positive impact to people with the image of nature, health and nutrition, and also inject new energy into the beverage and dairy markets.
Image source: unsplash

Plain is true: feel a comfortable new life from plant drinks


(1) Sugar reduction and zero addition, herbal energy into “drink”

According to tmall’s report data, fruit and vegetable juice, plant protein beverage and plant beverage are leading the beverage market. The year-on-year growth rate of plant protein beverage and plant beverage reached 56.5% and 50.2% respectively. The double satisfaction of taste buds and nutrition can attract consumers’ attention.
Foodaily Research Institute observed that in the global plant-based beverage market survey in 2020, the Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest proportion of revenue, exceeding 66%. The consumption preference of the millennials for plant-based, natural and healthy food and beverages has promoted the development of plant-based beverages in the Asia Pacific region. It is expected that by 2028, the global plant-based beverage market will continue to grow to US $66.53 billion.
The influx of more young consumers makes the online beverage market continue to grow. Plant functions such as health preserving and fat reducing, good drinking and stomach nourishing lead the market, highlighting the charm of natural drinks.
Picture source: Yuan
(3) The green halo shines, and the double carbon life is “drunk”
From plants to plants – this is also a major feature of the innovation hotspot of “plant energy”. From raw materials to products, consumers pay more attention to environmental protection, and the whole industrial chain of plant protein beverage is gradually moving towards green environmental protection.


Compared with other generations, young consumers believe that environmental protection, health and high-quality life are closely related. 80% of young consumers said that environmental protection is one of the ways to improve the quality of life, and this idea will be directly translated into their shopping habits and expectations.

Photo source: official flagship store of otaly tmall
More and more attention has been paid to the sustainable packaging of the global food and beverage industry. According to the data of the United Nations, the annual amount of plastic waste produced in the world surged from 2 million tons in 1950 to 348 million tons in 2017, and this number will double by 2040. Recyclable and renewable low-carbon packaging is also giving plant drinks more green aura. Foodaily Research Institute believes that green, environmental protection and full utilization of plant energy are the inevitable trend of future consumption.
Coffee has become an important note in life
(1) Offline coffee online, get the same “new fashion”
A cup of coffee is the best way to “steal” time.


With the rise of white-collar groups in China, the fast-paced life and work pressure make more and more office workers rely on coffee. People’s demand for coffee has changed from quantity to quality, and coffee consumption has become diversified.
According to the tmall food trend report, China’s coffee has achieved sustained and rapid growth at an annual growth rate of 15%, which is far higher than the world’s. in 2020, the market scale has reached 90 billion yuan, and the online transformation is still continuing. The offline efforts of the coffee market and the results of online transactions continue to attract attention. Store stars can purchase the same products through online channels with one click, so that they can still maintain delicacy and leisure in both home life and office.
Picture source: tmall food trend report
Photo source: Peet’s official tmall flagship store
Kevin Tong, chief digital operation officer of Peet’s coffee, believes that the trend of diversification of coffee consumption scenarios has been further accelerated under the influence of the general environment. Domestic coffee consumption is also further divided. Some consumers are more cost-effective, while others are gradually shifting their attention to value, hoping to obtain more high-quality, healthier and more flavored coffee choices, thereby driving the sales of fine coffee.


It is the consistent quality principle of Peet’s coffee offline stores to advocate fresh small batch manual baking and manual making of each cup of coffee. In order to meet the needs of consumers to enjoy coffee in multiple scenes and in different styles, Peet’s coffee also launched Baili cold extract coffee carry on bag, selected Baili cold extract coffee beans suitable for making cold extract, and developed baking curve exclusively to preserve the freshness and aroma of coffee to the maximum extent. Even if you use cold bubble, you can also taste the unique BlackBerry aroma and lime juice.

“Drink coffee quality, drink coffee creativity” has become one of the ways for young consumers to add interest to life. The popularity of homemade raw coconut latte and dirty coffee is high, and these trends drive the market growth of various coffee liquors.

For example, yongpu Jasmine coffee liquor, a domestic innovative brand, mainly focuses on 10 times concentration, no wind, zero fat, no burden, instant dissolution in 1 second, 365 days of normal temperature storage, all kinds of ice / hot water, milk, tea, fresh flower fragrance and mellow taste. It also supports various types of DIY special coffee. Since the launch of tmall platform, it has received amazing sales.
Image source: official flagship store of yongpu tmall
As a highly concentrated product, coffee liquor not only has a smaller volume and reduces packaging waste, but also has a larger capacity than ordinary instant coffee and is more convenient to carry and store. The increasing demand of global consumers for outdoor and home coffee makes the coffee liquor market have broad prospects. Major coffee brands are also constantly studying new and attractive processes to improve and increase the aroma, quality and flavor of coffee liquor.
Changeable taste, reflecting colorful life
A good dish stresses “color, aroma and taste”. In the food and beverage market, consumers’ pursuit of product quality has never stopped.
The novel taste can break the multi category barrier, and the multiple experiences can also bring more surprises to consumers. On major social platforms, young consumers have begun to express their love for new products by describing their taste. “Soft waxy”, “thick”, “burst pulp” and “bubble feeling”… Tmall report points out that more “cross-border and broken circle” products are presented to consumers in a more three-dimensional image. Old tastes are matched with new ones, cakes pursue soft waxy and delicate taste, and drinks pursue strong and mellow flavor, which have become hot spots at present.
Fresh words: a new chess game of low-temperature milk
(1) Changes in low-temperature milk consumption groups, driving fresh consumption

According to the data of Daxue consulting, in 2020, China’s dairy product revenue exceeded 572 billion yuan, with a total consumption of nearly 28 million tons, making it the second largest dairy product market in the world after the United States.

Low temperature milk is becoming a new focus of competition in all sectors of the dairy market. Whether driven by the general trend of pursuing fresh and natural consumption, or compared with other countries, the huge increment space of domestic per capita low-temperature milk consumption makes the low-temperature milk show a high speed far higher than other categories.
Photo source: official flagship store of tmall in Beihai Ranch
Bailey, head of tmall food’s low-temperature milk industry, believes that consumers are becoming more picky. The requirements for low-temperature dairy products are no longer just nutritional supplements of protein and calcium, but more extreme taste, rich taste and even better packaging design. Secondly, consumer demand scenarios are more diversified, such as children’s yoghurt, zero sucrose, afternoon tea and full stomach. Such scenarios, as well as post meal digestion assistance and coconut milk with coffee liquor, are all diversified scenarios.
Major brands have continuously launched products that meet the consumer segmentation scenarios, such as Greek yogurt and pop bead yogurt that are more snack oriented and dessert oriented; Prefer to drink raw coconut milk and chocolate milk
Our island’s Greek yogurt focuses on the concept of “a new generation of technology, a new generation of nutrition and a new generation of taste”. The product adopts the whey filtration technology of German GEA company to separate the whey and leave a thicker semi-solid curd. The 4-fold filtration and concentration process continues the thick and silky characteristics of Greek yogurt.
The tmall trend report shows that there is still more room for the yogurt dessert track. Fruits and nuts and yogurt have become new desserts, which have a broad population base, are loved and recognized by many sports experts and fashion people, and become a new nutritional choice for young people.


Everyone is drunk when he is not drunk: a new wind blows in the wine market
(1) The consumption of alcohol has changed greatly, and women have increased and become younger
The changes in consumption demands and consumption scenes are the biggest changes in the liquor market. Instead of the new year’s party and business etiquette demands dominated by high alcohol, consumers have begun to meet the new demands of self relaxation and self satisfaction; Mainly low alcohol or even non alcohol fruit wine and bubble wine, a small drink has gradually become the daily habit of female consumers. “The great battle of mixing wine at home” and “wine suitable for girls” have become hot search terms on the Internet. More and more young women are willing to break their limitations and add interest to their personal life.
Photo source: Rio Ruiao tmall official flagship store
The person in charge of the low alcohol industry of tmall food understands the changes in alcohol consumption in this way: when drinking, women will pay more attention to whether the product is sweet and delicious, whether the taste is spicy and bitter, and whether the packaging value is high or low. The “emotional value” of alcohol has gradually exceeded the “functional value” of alcohol; Jump out of the specific scenes of banquets and entertainment and penetrate into the daily scenes of more consumers. After 1990 and 1995, it became the main consumer group in the liquor market. The relationship between drinking and “mood” is becoming increasingly close. From friends gathering to personal relaxation, from indoor to outdoor clocking, drinking has gradually evolved into a daily habit.
(2) Craft Beer: diversification of flavor and scene
In recent years, craft beer has gradually entered ordinary people’s homes from the niche market. Compared with the mainstream industrial beer in the market, craft beer not only reproduces the classic beer style in history, but also creates a new brewing method and taste.


Picture source: Fujia tmall official flagship store
Tmall trend report points out that craft beer brings not only changes in ideology, but also all-round beer industry upgrading from the production and processing of beer raw materials, beer brewing equipment and technology, beer drinking and evaluation. From fruit and flower fragrance to tea / coffee mix, infinite creativity brings extraordinary taste and inspires more explorations of alcohol lovers.
According to the data, the year-on-year growth rate of craft beer with diversified flavor in 2021 is far higher than that of the market, and the potential track is infinite. The head brands such as 1664 and fujiaba have upgraded their products and launched new products according to the trend of segmented taste and fragrance. There are also new and cutting-edge brands in the domestic market, bringing a multi flavor and new taste sexy experience to ordinary consumers in the new world of craft brewing.


(3) Low alcohol drink: Creative flavor


The trend of younger drinking has led to the emergence of more sub categories, and consumers who are keen on getting drunk
In the next issue, foodaily will analyze the last two hot spots in tmall food’s “2022 food and beverage innovation hot spots” trend report – “eat according to the time” and “taste of home”, and experience the new climate displayed by the food industry from the time and space dimensions of seasons, seasons, hometown and home.
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