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Exclusive for you | Youbo Ruimu enjoy the New Year gift detonating terminal

The Chinese market is constantly reconstructing as the post-90s and post-95s gradually become the main consumer groups. How do consumers choose your brand from many products? How can the channel fill the “flow pool” from the fierce competition? This is a topic that many milk powder brands are thinking about, and Youbo Ruimu has given the answer with action.

Exclusive customization

(3) junior college belongs to the new guest, and is favored by the guests

Affected by multiple factors such as the newborn population and the normalization of the epidemic situation, mother and baby stores have encountered considerable resistance in attracting new customers, customer retention, transformation and transaction. In order to break through the traffic bottleneck, mother and baby stores need to form a joint force with brands to reach and activate consumer groups more accurately and efficiently.

The author has noticed that recently, Uber Ruimu launched a new customer exclusive activity with the theme of “beauty is born in the heart, and Ruimu opens new delivery” for terminal channels from August to September. The so-called details see the real chapter. This new guest gift box meets the consumers’ favorite experience. First of all, it has the meaning of “new”. According to the different needs of different groups, Uber Ruimu has customized three exclusive gifts: Uber Ruimu care gift, Uber Ruimu accompany gift and Uber Ruimu taste gift. Stores can meet the personalized and value-added needs of consumers in combination with their own conditions.

Secondly, it is intentional to spoil users and understand the store better. It is understood that Youbo Ruimu is also very satisfied with the setting of the application price. The care gift of Youbo Ruimu valued at 302 yuan is only 69 yuan, and the taste gift of Youbo Ruimu valued at 218 yuan is only 29.9 yuan. At the same time, consumers can also enjoy the brand direct mail home service, which also reduces the operation steps of the store and makes the execution of activities more convenient and efficient!

The activity of “luxuriously enjoying the new life gift” is not only a deep capture of the current consumer’s preferences and changes, but also a powerful move after it sees the new pain points of channel drainage. It can be seen that only a pragmatic and innovative brand, and only a brand that cares about channels and consumers, can continue to create amazing surprises and highlights.

Heat of intensive cultivation

Confidence! sales volume! Full blown

In recent years, while deeply linking mother and baby families with precision marketing, Uber Ruimu has also better enabled channels through the “sinking strategy”. At present, only focused, accurate and efficient communication strategies can break the situation if we want to make a circle in the consumer market of thousands of people. Here, we have to mention the three-year strategy of “financial media convergence · hundred cities and ten thousand stores” of Youbo Ruimu. By focusing on resources, we can ignite brand popularity, channel confidence and market sales!

On the one hand, we will focus on the 10000 core stores in the key regions of the country and increase the investment to carry out accurate promotion through all channels. In July alone, Youbo Ruimu strongly launched nearly 1000 buses, lasting for more than half a year. The city was full of Ruimu purple, which greatly boosted the sales confidence of local terminal stores!

It is understood that in the first half of this year, Youbo Ruimu launched more than 500000 offline advertisements in key cities in Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other provinces, penetrating key stores, with a total exposure of more than 10 billion people. Such a saturated release provides a strong impetus for the outlets to open new channels.

On the other hand, in order to better improve the effect of integrating quality and efficiency and improve the transformation efficiency of the store, Youbo Ruimu

Exclusive for you | Youbo Ruimu enjoy the New Year gift detonating terminal










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