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Starbucks launched the new China City Cup, and daily Youxian has not given a refund plan. Danone applied for the trademark of “planting and animal husbandry”, Fanta promoted digital collections in China, and French bottled water enterprises paid attention to the drought

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Happy bee expects strong recovery of China business in the coming months

Today, the Philippine fast-food enterprise Jollibee (Note: its brands include Jollibee, Yonghe King, etc.) released its second quarter results by the end of June, with a net profit of about 2.8 billion pesos (equivalent to about US $50.53 million), an increase of nearly two times over last year. Its sales increased by 45% to 73.1 billion pesos (equivalent to US $1.319 billion), which has returned to the pre epidemic level. Jollibee pointed out that during the period, China’s sales recorded a double-digit decline, but he was confident that China’s business would recover strongly in the coming months, and the pace of profit growth would surpass that of other regions. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

A director of the parent company of Chubang soy sauce is cooperating with the investigation of relevant departments

Zhongju hi tech announced today that on August 11, it received a notice from Zhongshan Runtian Investment Co., Ltd., the company’s controlling shareholder. Huang Wei, the director of Zhongju hi tech, is cooperating with the relevant departments for personal reasons. Huang Wei is a non-executive director of Zhongju Gaoxin and does not participate in the daily business activities of the company. The above investigation matters have nothing to do with the company. (company announcement)

Yantang dairy intends to buy an office building for about 94.64 million yuan

Yantang dairy announced today that taking into account the “three old” transformation of the company’s old factory in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, in order to meet the self-use needs of the office space of the company’s marketing business department, it plans to use no more than 94.64 million yuan (tax included) to purchase 21-22 floors of Tower B of Guanyun building, Guangken Tianhe commercial center and 50 supporting parking spaces from the related party Guangzhou Guangken Real Estate Co., Ltd. (company announcement)

Daoxiang expects to lose more than HK $100 million in the first half of the year

Daoxiang, a catering enterprise in Hong Kong, predicted that its loss in the first half of the year would range from about HK $100 million to HK $105 million, and its revenue would decrease by about 15% to 20% year on year. The loss was caused by the impairment loss of property, plant, equipment and use right assets of restaurants with poor performance during the period. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Feihe undertook project research

A few days ago, the kick-off meeting of the national key research and development plan of the “14th five year plan” project “innovation and demonstration of large-scale preparation technology of new core ingredients for infant formula dairy products” was held in Harbin. Among them, Feihe undertook the research of “large-scale green production technology research and industrialization demonstration of large-scale functional milk base materials”. (northeast network)

Tea is beautiful. When you open a coffee shop, you should first look at consumer feedback (

Yesterday, the new coffee brand “Yuanyang coffee” launched by chayan Yuese was officially opened in Changsha Wuyi business district, and five stores were opened around this traditional and popular business district. The price range of products is 14-20 yuan, and most of them are mixed with tea, ice Bok and raw coconut milk. Chayan Yuese said that there is no very clear expansion plan for Yuanyang coffee at present. “It’s more an attempt. We should also look at the feedback of consumers and make progress while optimizing.” (Interface)

Budweiser establishes a joint R & D Center (
) in Wuhan

Recently, the “Budweiser Wuhan Textile University Joint R & D center” was unveiled in Budweiser (Wuhan) Beer Co., Ltd. The two sides signed a school enterprise cooperation agreement,

As France is experiencing an unprecedented drought, the flow of some groundwater in the country has also decreased. Some villages in France are even seriously short of water and have to limit the water consumption of residents. Regarding the current drought, Evian, a subsidiary of Danone, said that the current water exploitation amount is still 20% lower than the amount set by the authorities, but it will continue to maintain high vigilance against the drought. Another Danone brand, Volvo, said that the reserves of local aquifers were declining. Nestle’s Vittel said it had promised to reduce the exploitation of local water resources. (BFM)

Ferrero recently said that by 2025, Ferrero will fully realize that all packaging materials are 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable; By 2021, the completion rate of this goal has reached 83%. In addition, by 2025, the company plans to reduce the use of 10% of primary plastic and increase the recyclable content of plastic packaging to 12%. (issued by the company)

Mead Johnson Mexico exports base powder to the US market

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the latest progress in increasing the supply of infant formula. Among them, Mead Johnson Mexico will export 331000 pounds of base powder to the United States for the production of puramino amino acid infant formula. (FDA)

Coca Cola bottlers will explain the cost of exiting Russia

Coca Cola HBC, a bottler of Coca Cola, plans to specify the cost of stopping the production and sale of Coca Cola products in Russia today. In March this year, Coca Cola announced that it would suspend production in Russia. (Reuters)

Us fast food company Wendy’s sales failed to meet expectations

Yesterday, Wendy’s, a US fast-food chain, announced a lower than Wall Street expected growth in us same store sales. With the price of daily necessities soaring, low-income families in the United States are avoiding the randomness of purchasing. Todd penegor, CEO, said that American consumers are more likely to prepare meals at home. (Reuters)

Us start-up milk powder companies seek to expand under the “milk powder shortage”

As the United States continues its efforts to address the shortage of milk powder, byheart, a US infant formula start-up, is seeking regulatory registration approval for two other production facilities to increase production. Ron belldegrun and Mia fun, the co founders of the company, said that if approved by the US FDA, they could complete the plan to expand production and operation several years ahead of schedule. (Wall Street Journal)

Fast reading of food industry information

The General Administration of Customs has taken import suspension measures against a US enterprise

The Customs Department has obtained from King meat service, Inc (Registration Number: 426) the import declaration of meat products shipped by the enterprise has been suspended since the detection of ractopamine in beef exported to China. The above information has been reported to the US Department of agriculture. (issued by the customs)

Xie Damin died

On the evening of August 8, Xie Damin, the honorary chairman of Zhengda Group, died in Bangkok, Thailand, at the age of 90. Xie Damin led and founded the seed business, raw material procurement and international trade business of Zhengda Group in China. (issued by the company)


Starbucks launched the new China City Cup, and daily Youxian has not given a refund plan. Danone applied for the trademark of “planting and animal husbandry”, Fanta promoted digital collections in China, and French bottled water enterprises paid attention to the drought






可口可乐装瓶商Coca Cola HBC今天计划详细说明在俄罗斯停止生产和销售可口可乐公司产品的成本。今年3月,可口可乐宣布将暂停在俄生产。(路透社)


昨日,美国快餐连锁Wendy’s公布了低于华尔街预期的美国同店销售额增长。随着日常必需品价格飙升,美国低收入家庭正避免购买的随意性。首席执行官Todd Penegor表示,美国消费者更多地在家准备饭菜。(路透社)


随着美国继续努力解决奶粉短缺,美国婴儿配方奶粉初创公司ByHeart正寻求为另外两个生产设施获得监管注册批准,以增加产量。该公司联合创始人Ron Belldegrun和Mia Funt表示,如果获得美国FDA批准,其能将扩大生产和运营的计划提前几年完成。(华尔街日报)





海关部门从美国KING MEAT SERVICE,INC.(注册编号为426)企业输华牛肉中检出莱克多巴胺,自2022年8月11日暂停该企业启运的肉类产品进口申报。上述信息已通报美国农业部。(海关发布)






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