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Yogurt bubbling, breaking through the cracks in the category: Amherst steam yogurt | daily new product stew Vol.26

Focus on the flash products of the “daily new product soup” on the new platform, with a special deconstruction and presentation from the professional perspective of foodaily, and promote the acceleration of industrial innovation with the inspiration of one in ten thousand!

Product features:
Innovative aeration process to activate novel taste buds
Amushi first tried to use the aeration process in yogurt, inject carbon dioxide under high pressure, and select the bubble content value of 1.5gv to find a balance between flavor and taste. Different bubble content will bring different bubble stimulation. How to bring fresh taste to yoghurt flavor while not letting the brake taste brought by inflation dominate? Amushi tested 5 inflation schemes, i.e. 1.0gv, 1.2gv, 1.5gv, 1.7gv and 2.0gv, and finally selected the bubble content value of 1.5gv to achieve the ideal balance.
The product not only has the unique taste of dense and delicate bubbles, but also maintains the sour and sweet taste and nutritional quality of yogurt itself. When opening the lid, you can hear the slight sound of bubbles. When drinking, you can feel the small and dense bubbles touching the taste buds with the yogurt in your mouth.
Photo source: anmushi
9 strains, 9h + fermentation
Inspired by the combination fermentation of kefir, amushi uses 9 strains to ferment together to produce a unique taste experience of aerated yogurt. Unlike conventional yoghurt, which usually ferments for 4-8 hours, the product undergoes 9-15 hours of slow fermentation in a medium temperature environment, achieving a unique taste.
Each bottle of aerated yogurt contains 4.9g protein and 172mg calcium. On the basis of rich taste experience, it retains sufficient nutrition.
Photo source: anmushi

Recommended reasons for foodaily:

The innovation of normal temperature yogurt can be broken from “bubble”
Toubao Research Institute mentioned in the rise of normal temperature yogurt and becoming the new favorite of the industry that in the past five years, the consumption of normal temperature yogurt in China has grown rapidly and become the main growth point of the yogurt industry. It is predicted that the compound growth rate of 35% will be maintained from 2019 to 2023, and it is expected to reach 103.23 billion yuan in 2022. With the maturity of yogurt consumption, consumers’ pursuit of quality and taste has become more and more “demanding”, and the brand needs to constantly find innovative points to gain opportunities to expand the market.
Following the explosion of bubble water, bubble juice, bubble tea, bubble wine, bubble potato chips and other bubble concept products have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The novel combination of “everything can bubble +” has been sweeping the market. When conducting user research, amushi paid attention to consumers’ strong interest in the combination of “bubble” and “yogurt”, seized the boom of “bubble + and provided fresh and unique bubble taste experience for normal temperature yogurt.
Photo source: anmushi
Conforming to the popular trend of “bubble”, as a new idea to break the situation through innovation, and strengthening the differences of the products themselves, the products represented by amuxi Youqi yogurt also provide more imagination space for expanding the category of normal temperature yogurt Market.

Basic product information:

Country of origin: China
Company & Brand: amushi
Category: milk and dairy products / yogurt and yogurt drinks
Applicable group: general public
Ingredient list:
Yogurt bubbling, breaking through the cracks in the category: Amherst steam yogurt | daily new product stew Vol.26





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