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Admit it, humans can’t refuse kittens. KFC, Xicha and Coca Cola have all started

with the gradual warming of pet economy in China, pet consumption is becoming more refined and diversified. Pet lovers have a high willingness to spend on various pets. In addition to the daily expenses of pets, pet themed related goods are all the objects they buy.

Text: Giselle Yin

Source: food daily (ID: food)

There are a lot of cats in the food circle recently.
In July, on the side of catering brands, KFC successively launched cat stick, cat nest, cat scratch bucket and other peripherals in cooperation with pet brands Weika and Zeze. Among them, the cat scratch bucket jointly sold with Weika was sold out in a limited amount of 1800 copies in Shanghai within 2 hours of its launch.
At the new tea circuit, Fu Xiaotao also joined hands with the pet brand Pu Pu lab to jointly open the “Gulu cure plan” public welfare week, introducing two cat toys based on Fu Xiaotao products, and donating 1 yuan to the stray animal public welfare organization for every one of the joint products sold.
The cute surroundings in the picture, coupled with the super high-quality cat models, not only make the editors who brush the new product information feel extremely healed, but also capture the hearts of countless pet breeders.
Image source: Weibo @ no card vetreska
In fact, the food industry has not only recently started to use pet elements. According to foodaily’s global observation, in the overseas market with higher pet penetration rate, in addition to pet food, pet medical and other industries, pet themed related commodities have also produced huge economic effects.
Therefore, with the continuous warming of domestic pet economy, many food brands have tried to integrate pet elements into products or marketing activities. So, how should the food industry catch the heat and flow of the pet economy? What are the ways to integrate pet elements into the brand, and make products and marketing that can win favorable comments in pet raising groups and cloud pet raising groups? Let’s take a look at the cases at home and abroad.
One hundred billion pet economic market,
Cat economics to be exploded in China
“Cloud sucking cat” and “cloud sucking dog” have been hot words since they were born. It can be said that they have become a way of life and one of the most favorite relaxation and healing activities of contemporary young people.
This is particularly intuitive in the content of the short video platform. According to the “2021 new media content ecological data report” released by the new list, in the second half of the year, the third place in the growth of creative volume of Tiktok platform is the content of cute pet, with an increase of 95%.
Photo source: Weibo @ and Maozhu
Recently, when I was pushed to some pictures of Gao Zan’s pet on xiaohongshu and other platforms, I often saw such pictures as “usually there is no traffic, but I didn’t expect a photo (PET) to be sent casually to be popular…” usually I just send the content casually, but I didn’t expect my own hairy child to be popular, so don’t pay attention to me!!! ” In the end, the blogger could not resist the voice of the masses and directly transformed into a favorite blogger.
Contemporary young people, in line with the principle of “cloud abduction” if they can, carry sacks of various colors every day
According to calculations by Hiroshi Miyamoto, an honorary professor of Kansai University, in addition to the daily expenses of raising cats, and the sales income of cat themed tourism, cat related special books and peripheral goods, the economic effect generated by cats in 2015 was about 2316.2 billion yen, which exceeded the economic effect of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The media then called this craze “cat economics”, and some even said that “cat economics” has injected vitality into the Japanese economy.
All kinds of phenomena in domestic and foreign markets show that pet lovers are willing to spend on various pets. Besides the daily expenses of pets, they also buy cosmetics, cultural creations, clothing and other pet themed related goods.
So, how can the food industry capture the pet lovers’ preferences and pet traffic, and apply pet related elements to products and marketing activities?
Dessert with jelly in the shape of cat meat balls, photo source: PR times
Cute pet looks cute and critical,
Cat shaped food provides immersive cat sucking experience
Last year, the cute blogger @ Tuan Chong yoghurt sister became popular because of a video of “eating cats”. In the video, the blogger gave out a crazy laugh that resembled the magic of the animated character lady Shiji. He kissed his kitten wildly and said “tiger and Wolf” and did whatever he wanted. People left a message one after another: “there is no light in the kitten’s eyes.” “Do kittens need legal aid?” “Does this excrement shoveler need some hair cream?”, It also makes many people see the shadow of “eating cats and sucking cats”.
Picture source: Tiktok @ Tuan Chong yogurt girl
Although many people say that they love their pets so much that they can’t wait to eat them. When they love them deeply, they really move their mouths to suck cats and dogs, but the most they can do is to kiss them. However, when the food has a pet shape or pet element packaging, people can really “love it and eat it”.
Beauty is justice, and absolutely cute cat shaped food is popular on the Internet
The Japanese toast brand “Yishi Yishi Yishi” cat toast is a special shop for cat shaped high-grade toast bags. The delicious toast made with milk instead of water is made into a super cute cat shape. With the fresh and sweet milk flavored toast and the absolutely cute appearance, it stands out in the upsurge of high-grade toast bags in Japan and becomes a hot topic on social media and media.
Photo source: PR times
In addition to the regular flavors such as original flavor, chocolate flavor and Sanmao cat flavor, the products will also be limited during the launch period, so that people can eat all kinds of cat and cat toast.
Although the body is cute enough, it is also fun to decorate by yourself. The effect of the film is excellent, and children and adults like it. Since its opening in 2019, the brand has been loved by customers, and the Internet search volume has been rising. It won the Yahoo food award in 2020.
Photo source: PR times
In addition to the cat shaped toast, the sister brand “cat shaped cheese cake” has also been launched by “cat shaped cheese cake”. The rich and smooth cat shaped cheese cake and the rich and limited tastes that change with the seasons have also been introduced into the family afternoon tea scene, and also won the super
It is also necessary to take crazy photos and expose photos every day. “Every pet’s mobile phone photo album is full of photos of their own children.” this is not just a joke, but a real portrayal of the daily life of a fecal shovel official.
At the same time, with a deeper understanding of pet related knowledge, pet lovers tend to be concerned about animal welfare, public welfare of stray animals, and “animal friendly” lifestyle.
Therefore, from the example of cross-border cooperation between food brands and pet brands, the brand will not only attract consumers with the help of products and posters with pet elements, but also pay attention to the needs of pet groups and carry out commodity development. It is also a common practice to help animal welfare during activities and commodity release.
Photo source: PR times
Cross border joint brand pet products, let people have fun
In July, Kentucky Fried Chicken seemed to “poke a cat’s nest” and arranged for the kittens to live, wear and play. Even if it is not on a crazy Thursday, it will make you crazy.
On July 25, Zeze, a pet goods brand, jointly signed with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to launch the corn wood Polygonum Tianliao toy based on the popular butter corn cob of KFC, which is cute in shape and practical in grinding and cleaning the teeth of cats. At the same time, the chicken leg cat nest inspired by KFC’s iconic red and fried chicken is also on sale. When “lucky netizens” showed the photos of the cat owner lying in the cat’s nest, other officials who knew later found that the products had already been sold out.
Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Zeze
In July, Kentucky Fried Chicken launched a joint exclusive “Kentucky Fried Chicken” with the new domestic pet lifestyle brand “vetreska” × The cat’s claw bucket is not stuck. It integrates the classic red and white shape of the whole family bucket of KFC and the iconic cactus symbol of the card. It aims to let pet owners and pet share the joy of KFC’s food and convey the beautiful vision of “life is good, and the bucket is for you”.
The cat claw bucket is nearly half a meter high and oversized. It is made of environmental protection corrugated paper. It has an open nest on the top and a drill hole on the bottom. It supports both cats to stay together without fighting and fat cats to shuttle freely. It is also a cat’s nest integrating beauty and practicality. Not only are all kittens looking for it, but it also makes the whole network move. It should be arranged for their own children.
Image source: Weibo @ no card vetreska
However, the joint brand products of the two brands are not enough to meet KFC’s “all arrangements for the living, wearing, playing and playing of kittens!” After all, officials always think that their children should buy new toys. In July, Kentucky Fried Chicken also launched a set meal containing “cat gopher machine” and a delicious cat stick nationwide, which attracted people who want to play with cats and people who want to play with cats, and added a force to the happy companionship of parents.
Picture source: KFC
Kentucky Fried Chicken also takes good care of the vast number of cats who love to go out. On July 9, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and “little strange cat” IP launched four set toys, waiting for the majority of cat lovers to go to KFC for adoption, to meet their need to touch cats anytime and anywhere.
When the new Yuanqi top melon ice cream was launched, KFC arranged
In March 2020, Xi tea paid attention to the growing concern of consumers for animals and the growing demand for animal protection. For the first time, Xi tea publicized on Weibo and mangrove foundation MCF’s first issue of easy popular science on wild animals, aiming to appeal to consumers to love pets, not abuse and abandon them at will, and live in harmony with nature. At the same time, Xi tea solicited relevant opinions from consumers about what animal theme the brand hopes to launch, Got positive comments from netizens.
In October of the same year, Xicha, which is famous for its store space design, opened the first pet friendly theme store to provide a suitable social environment for people to pet and encourage consumers to bring their own children to the store to enjoy a happy time.
By using oval furniture, providing cat litter and pet toilet boxes, setting pet friendly tips, pet holding rings, anti pet trick cups and pet sand trays in the outdoor area, and setting up pet photo walls, adopting Chinese inspired interior design and comfortable cushions, the store also takes care of the experience and needs of people and pets, and provides excrement shoveling officers to sit around and enjoy tea and play with the children, So that pet lovers can enjoy the double healing brought by tea and pets at the same time, and there is a reasonable space for people and pets to have full social interaction.
Photo source: Weibo @ Xicha
After the opening of the pet friendly theme store, Xicha also organized a series of pet themed activities. For example, the recruitment of pet making friends will be carried out, and the excrement removal officer will be encouraged to take his pet out to socialize; Launch pet public welfare activities, invite domestic treatment dog public welfare projects to cooperate, and send companionship and care to the elderly through lovely treatment dogs; And on the first anniversary of the pet friendly theme store, jointly carry out the new experience of inspiration interaction between pets and owners with the pet brand lazyeazy.
In June this year, Xi tea cooperated with pet brand pidan for the first time, launching a limited number of 6000 public welfare cat nests, calling for attention to stray animals and building a home for cats. At the same time, at the node of International Children’s Day, we launched the “cat’s love post June 1 joint cup set” and “June 1 Limited happy tea” ✖️ “Pidan cat foot cup set” and “pidan cat public welfare outdoor supply station happy tea joint brand”. The cute cup cover not only attracts consumers to try new collection, but also attracts many excrement shovelers to share photos of their children in the comment area and print pictures on various platforms.
Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Xi tea
By setting up pet friendly stores, participating in animal welfare, planning human PET interactive social activities, CO branding with pet brands, and launching pet friendly surroundings, the new tea brand has met the needs of officials who shovel excrement to print pictures and people pet social activities, lowered the threshold for people who care about animal rescue to participate in public welfare activities, and increased the willingness of consumers to spontaneously return pictures and spread while attracting consumers to the store for consumption, It also realizes the breaking of the brand in different circles, expands the brand awareness and improves the brand reputation.
More gentle and sustainable plan to let stray empty bottles and stray animals return home
In recent years, the food industry has paid more and more attention to the recycling and effective utilization of materials to help reduce carbon and protect the environment. For Coca Cola and other drinks
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Admit it, humans can’t refuse kittens. KFC, Xicha and Coca Cola have all started
然而,两个品牌的联名产品并不足以满足肯德基“小猫咪的住、穿、玩、乐,通通安排!”的豪言壮语,毕竟铲屎官们总会觉得自家毛孩子该买新玩具了。7月,肯德基还全国范围内推出了含有“猫咪地鼠机”的套餐以及美味逗猫棒, 同时吸引了想给猫玩的人和想跟猫玩的人,为亲崽快乐相伴添了一份力。
2020年3月,喜茶关注到消费者对于动物的关注和对于动物保护的呼声越来越高,第一次在微博官宣和红树林基金会MCF 联合出品的一期关于野生动物的轻松小科普,旨在呼吁消费者爱护宠物,不要虐待及随意弃养,与大自然和谐共处,同时向消费者征集希望品牌推出什么样的动物主题周边的相关意见,获得了网友的积极评论留言。
今年6月,喜茶与宠物品牌pidan首次跨界合作,限量推出6000个公益猫窝,呼吁关注流浪动物,给猫猫搭一个家。同时,在六一儿童节节点,推出「喵星人爱心帖示 六一联名杯套」、「六一限定喜茶✖️pidan猫足杯套」、「pidan猫用公益户外补给站 喜茶联名款」。可爱杯套吸引消费者尝新收集的同时,也吸引了不少铲屎官在评论区分享自家毛孩子的照片,以及在各个平台晒图。



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