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Huiyuan disclosed its latest performance. Youxian Daily has submitted a rectification plan. Dingdong’s net loss in the last quarter narrowed. Cargill’s latest revenue was US $165 billion. McDonald’s responded to netizens’ roast about the price of binglu

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Daily Youxian has submitted the rectification plan to Beijing Consumer Association

Today, daily Youxian told China business news that it had submitted a rectification plan to the Beijing Consumer Association. Because of the inconvenience caused to users by the company’s business adjustment, daily Youxian apologized. The company has set up special personnel to take charge of the follow-up work of various problems and actively solve the problems of users’ rights and interests. (China business)

Ding Dong’s net loss narrowed in the second quarter

Last night, dingdong shopping released the second quarter performance report as of June 30. The revenue of dingdong shopping in this quarter was 6.63 billion yuan, an increase of 42.8% year on year; The net profit under the non-U.S. general accounting standards was 20.6 million yuan, which realized a phased profit for the first time. In 2021, dingdong’s net loss in the same period exceeded 1.7 billion yuan. The financial report shows that the Yangtze River Delta, as the market where dingdong shopping started its service earlier, has a more prominent performance. In the first half of this year, the revenue of the Yangtze River Delta region increased by 47.9% year-on-year and realized a positive operating profit rate of 3.7%. (China News Network)

McDonald’s responded to netizens saying that a bottle of ice cream is sold for 7.5 yuan

Recently, some netizens posted a text roast that they sold ice cream for one yuan in the supermarket outside, and even sold a bottle of ice cream for 7.5 yuan in the McDonald’s takeout, which caused a heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens said that this was a pure IQ tax. In this regard, the customer service of McDonald’s stores said that this is the price set by the company and the unified ordering channel, and the price is also the same when buying in the store. McDonald’s customer service said that the price was determined due to cost. (pear video)

“Yongpu” coffee opens its first offline store

During the 2022 Shanghai coffee culture week, yongpu coffee, the first offline coffee shop in China, appeared in Hengfu historic area. It is understood that 19 cafes have settled in Xuhui in the past two months. (Xinmin Evening News)

Huiyuan disclosed its performance for the first time after the reorganization plan was approved

Recently, Huiyuan Juice announced its sales results from January to July 2022 on its official website, which is also the first time Huiyuan Juice disclosed its sales data after the adoption of the restructuring plan. In the past seven months, its sales increased by 5.1% year-on-year, including 114.1% year-on-year growth of online channel sales and 2.0% year-on-year growth of relatively sluggish offline catering channel. From the perspective of products, pure fruit juice products increased by 27% year-on-year, of which Ximei juice and seabuckthorn products increased the fastest, seabuckthorn products increased by 53.8% year-on-year, and Ximei juice increased by about 16.6% compared with last year. (issued by the company)

Change of investors of Harbin Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd

Industrial and commercial data show that yesterday, the investor of Harbin Pepsi Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. was changed from “Pepsi (China) Investment Co., Ltd.” to “Master Kang Baiyin Investment Co., Ltd.”. (industrial and commercial data)


Recently, the China Shengmu organic A2 milk project was officially launched in Inner Mongolia Shengmu high tech animal husbandry Co., Ltd., which will independently invest in the construction of a pure A2 organic dairy farm. The launch of the organic A2 raw milk project not only further enriched the product matrix of China Shengmu and became a new growth point of enterprise performance, but also

The registration approval document (decision) of Feihe zhenai Beihu formula is to be received

Yesterday, the country

Better choice Co., the parent company of pet food halo, said that the company’s long-term operating ability was questioned due to losses and financial contract issues requiring the company to maintain a certain level of liquidity. Although better choice Co. said that it could still comply with the provisions of the debt contract as of June 30, it said that “it is not expected to generate enough cash at present to maintain sufficient liquidity in case of early performance of some contracts”. At present, the company’s total liabilities are US $18.6 million, and its quarterly net sales have increased from US $11 million to US $16.5 million, with a loss of US $4.4 million. It also said that inflation has been a problem. (Wall Street Journal)


Investindustrial of Italy agrees to buy Parker food, a food ingredient manufacturer

Yesterday, investindustrial, an Italian private equity firm, said that it had agreed to acquire Parker food, a Texas based ingredient manufacturer, adding billion yuan to its portfolio of food ingredients companies

Thai beverage again postponed the IPO plan of its beer business

Thai beverage, the parent company of Thai beer brand Chang, has decided to postpone the listing of beer business beerco in Singapore again because the market turmoil continues to restrain investors’ demand for new shares. People familiar with the transaction disclosed earlier that the company originally planned to complete the IPO this month and raise $700 million to $800 million. On Thursday, Thai beverage said that it would continue to monitor the market conditions, evaluate and explore opportunities to maximize shareholder value, including the proposed split listing plan at an appropriate time. (Wall Street Journal)

Japanese family convenience stores began to replenish automatically with robots

Nikkei recently reported that by 2024, the whole family store will introduce robots that automatically replenish drinks on the shelves in 300 stores in Japan. There is basically no need for clerks to operate, and the working hours of clerks in the store can be reduced by about 20%. In Japan, as the economy gradually moves from COVID-19 to normal, the shortage of manpower will become more and more serious in the future. The production efficiency of the retail industry is only half that of the manufacturing industry. It seems that the use of robots to improve efficiency will affect the competitiveness of enterprises. (Nikkei)

Coca Cola launches limited edition “dream” flavor new product

According to foreign media reports, Coca Cola will launch a limited version of the new flavor drink “dreamworld”, which the company claims is “a dream inspired cola drink” and will be sold in the United States for a limited time from August 15. (China Daily)

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Several companies announced plans to delist American depositary shares from the New York Stock Exchange

Today, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Life Insurance, Aluminum Corporation of China, Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and other companies successively announced that they planned to delist American depositary shares from the New York Stock Exchange. (Tianmu News)

China Securities Regulatory Commission responds to delisting of individual Chinese enterprises from the United States

In response to the recent announcement by individual Chinese enterprises to initiate delisting from the United States, the responsible person of the relevant department of the CSRC said in response to a reporter’s question that both listing and delisting are

Huiyuan disclosed its latest performance. Youxian Daily has submitted a rectification plan. Dingdong’s net loss in the last quarter narrowed. Cargill’s latest revenue was US $165 billion. McDonald’s responded to netizens’ roast about the price of binglu












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