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Tsingtao Beer Youjia overweight high-end! Join hands with 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water to attack catering channels

The smoke and fire in the world is the most soothing. The long lost fireworks are accompanied by the surprise return of new consumption.

More and more consumers have noticed that many restaurants have added a new item of youhuojia 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water to their wine menu.

This high-end drinking water, which has only appeared in special scenes such as high-speed railway and airport in the past years, is like a butterfly falling from a small market, quietly appearing in restaurants that have gradually regained their popularity.

Recently, qingbeer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd. and Tibet glacier mineral water Co., Ltd. jointly announced the joint launch of the joint brand “youhuojia 5100 Tibet glacier mineral water”.

Taking into account the 5100 Tibet glacier mineral water of youhuojia, the youhuojia brand product portfolio of qingbeer Youjia has included many products such as barley tea, dashanyuan ginger drink, hawthorn juice, Jiangxiao Changqi bubble water and, as expected, elegant soda bubble water.

In addition to its “Dashan” and “Yunnan mountain spring” products, through playing high-end brand, health brand and youth brand, Tsingtao Beer Youjia is constantly expanding its product line and continuously creating new consumption scenarios for health drinks.



The exposure of the joint name of youhuojia 5100 Tibet glacier mineral water once again attracted the attention of the industry.

This is the embodiment of consumption upgrading and the resource win-win of cross-border Brand Co branding. This combination means that more than 3.7 million catering and distribution channels of Tsingtao Beer Youjia throughout the country have given wings to 5100 ordinary people’s homes, and high-end drinking water has met consumers in more ways.

Glacier water is recognized as one of the best freshwater resources in the world. The 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water is collected from the original glacier of the nyainqentangla mountains at an altitude of 5100 meters. The lithium, strontium and metasilicic acid contents are better than the national standards. It is a high-quality natural weak alkaline low deuterium glacier mineral water.

Qingbeer Youjia United 5100 not only expands its product categories, but also uses the high-quality product power of youhuojia 5100 Tibet glacier mineral water to shape the value connotation of youhuojia brand in pursuit of health; A more strategic consideration is an important step towards a broader health industry.

In addition, “pure life”, “Dashan” and “Yunnan mountain spring”, which are now under the banner of Tsingtao Beer Youjia, are also synonymous with high-end high-quality aquatic products. Among them, the “Dashan” brand Yunnan mountain spring, which has been rooted in Yunnan for more than 20 years, originates from the clean water source of the plateau at an altitude of about 2034 meters. It is known as the natural soft spring with “hardness and softness” and is rich in minerals such as metasilicic acid. It has been the first market share of packaged drinking water in Yunnan for many years.



Drinking water is an essential necessity in our life. With the continuous upgrading of consumption level, consumers’ demand for water is becoming more and more brand, diversified and high-end.

In addition, consumers will pay special attention to the deep groundwater and high-altitude water sources far from pollution. It can be seen that the quality of the water source will enhance consumers’ consumption motivation. As a “pure natural and pollution-free” mineral water resource, the Tibetan glacier at an altitude of 5100 meters has better water quality and better taste, which makes it particularly dazzling in the competition of the water source.

Some consumers pay more attention to the taste and function, such as the original and fruity weak alkaline soda water popular in recent years

Follow up the hot mainstream category track, subdivide the characteristic development, focus on the priority development of catering channels, and continue to cultivate the differentiated category with the characteristics of green beer. With the natural, healthy and marine fermentation as the research and development direction, the company has successively launched Jiang Xiaochang ginger juice bubble water, qipaisu air bubble water, hawthorn juice, barley tea, Prince seaweed soda bubble water, providing new choices for young consumers to eat and relax, drink and party, and drink.

Among them, youhuojia barley tea relies on the research and development strength of the only national key laboratory in the beer industry, adopts the century old wheat making technology of Tsingtao beer, uses the imported two rowed barley from Canada, extracts the first wort of the two rowed barley, and adds the unique gold ratio with cassia seed. It can be called a “wheat” flavor of Tsingtao beer, so that the young people in the city can satisfy the taste and remove the greasiness without “belly” burden;



According to the 2021 national economic and social development statistics released by the National Bureau of statistics, China’s per capita GDP in 2021 has exceeded 12000 US dollars. According to international experience, the transformation from mass consumption to individual consumption will become the general trend of national consumption in this period; The nationwide personalized consumption trend is irreversible, and the underlying logic of market growth has changed fundamentally compared with the past.

On the other hand, China’s rapid urbanization and the return of population from big cities to low-level cities have popularized the previously highly concentrated trend consumption scene and opened up a new blue ocean for the beverage and packaged water markets.

For example, there are more than 400 Wanda squares, and more than half of them are located in the third and fourth tier cities. The balanced distribution of large-scale commercial complexes across the country has brought about a rich life of leisure catering, bars, cinemas and other elements, and brought about great opportunities on the supply side. From the perspective of FMCG, this may be one of the best businesses in China in the next 20 years.

From solving what is “healthy and good water” to solving the diversified and personalized needs of consumers, Tsingtao Beer Youjia is committed to creating a category combination of “ubiquitous packaged water + colorful near water drinks + happy and healthy drinks” to meet the new consumption needs brought by the upgrading of consumption and the iteration of consumer group structure.

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Tsingtao Beer Youjia overweight high-end! Join hands with 5100 Tibetan glacier mineral water to attack catering channels







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