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Coffee shop is more imaginative than milk tea

The consumption of coffee in China is different from many people’s imagination.

Don’t get excited. This is just a personal view. I don’t know whether it will be realized in the future.

Let’s focus on the reasons why I’m optimistic. Just see if it’s reasonable. As for the outcome, there are too many variables.

Of course, I don’t think milk tea shops are bad, because the milk tea industry is also very large, but coffee shops may be better.

Why is it a coffee shop
Pay attention to what I said. There are two key words.
One is the coffee shop, the other is the future.
I didn’t say coffee. Coffee includes coffee beans, pre packaged coffee powder, espresso, automatic coffee machine, coffee shop and coffee beverage.
I’m talking about coffee shops. It’s very different.
There are several pain points in the offline ready-made tea, and coffee just relieves them.
The first is the standardization of production. For a typical milk tea shop, ice making, tea making, water purification, small ingredients, shaking tea, etc. are all relatively easy to solve.
But it’s hard to cut fruit and make shapes.
Some milk tea brand grapes need to be peeled by hand, mangoes need to be cut by hand, and lemons need to be pounded by hand. If the fruit like yellow peel is simply a disaster of hand peeling.
Therefore, we can see that some stores have to wait for an hour in the rush hour. The business looks very good, but the efficiency of milk tea is not high. We can’t provide products because of the demand.
There is no demand in the low peak period.
Why is miyue ice city efficient? Because there are few fresh fruits, milk tea and ice cream are easy to make, but the price is not high. This is another problem.
In the coffee shop, this problem is not serious.
The barista is mainly a key operator, and it can be mixed with other ingredients in an appropriate proportion, which will reduce the production complexity.
The second problem of the milk tea shop is related to the complex production process, which is the production and loyalty of employees.
The production is complicated, the employees are not motivated, and the products are biased. Moreover, the resignation rate of these children is very high, and the shopkeepers often have to spend a lot of energy to recruit and maintain the morale of employees.
In the coffee shop, the working environment is relatively good, and the production standard is slightly better.
Look at Ruixing’s top brand coffee, raw coconut latte, coconut cloud latte and meteorite latte.
The top brands of manner coffee are orange peel latte, osmanthus latte and Australian white coffee.
Are easy to make products.
It’s the future, not the present
About ten years ago, many people in the coffee industry shouted that the future of China’s coffee market was very large.
This calculation is actually very simple, that is, the number of coffee cups per capita consumed by Chinese people is compared with that of the United States, Japan and South Korea.
The population of China is more than 10 times that of Japan, and the number of coffee cups per capita per year is said to be the first tier city in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou
For example, coffee is like a symphony. Every time the audience comes to listen to it, they can listen to Beethoven; But milk tea is a talk show. When the audience comes to listen to the talk show, you can’t tell the same story. You can only have new stories.
Therefore, coffee shops will be more “comfortable”.
The future coffee shops may not be all Dalian locks
The disdain chain of milk tea is not obvious. This disdain chain has nothing to do with the price, but drinking milk tea is not so “professional”.
There is a chain of disdain for coffee. There are entry-level, three in one, player level, professional level, various hand brews, various cold extracts, various bean varieties and so on.
When coffee culture is popular, a large number of “professional” coffee consumers will appear, so independent coffee shops and boutique coffee shops will be given some opportunities.
When this generation of young coffee drinkers grow old and have time to rest, they are willing to order a cup of coffee in their familiar coffee shop and spend some time there. A familiar barista will know whether he likes to add sugar, whether the beans are roasted deep or shallow, and whether the coffee is brewed with hot water at 95 ° C or 85 ° C.
This kind of coffee shop full of humanistic care is impossible for Dalian lock. Maybe there will be one in every community in 20 years.
Of course, there may be more chain coffee shops like Ruixing.
Finally, add another data. From the second quarter’s financial report of Ruixing, we can see that Ruixing has surpassed Starbucks in the number of stores (7195), the number of cups and the operating income in the first half of the year.
Lucky coffee, which focuses on the sinking market, has more than 1300 stores, and has opened 500 stores in the past six months.
The consumption of coffee in China is different from many people’s imagination.
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