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Tea color Yuese enters the coffee, Haitian cross-border fruit and vegetable beverage track… | hot news of the week

Foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time every week, and all companies that may change the industry are among them.

1. Xiaoxianyu, a sub brand of daily Xianyu, launched its first fresh milk product
2. Nestle coffee launched the first inulin + coffee, and a cup of light coffee awakens the lightness and vitality
3. Yuanqi forest Cola flavored soda bubble water is sold, and the burden is reduced by optimizing the ingredients
4. Haitian cross-border push joy is full of carrot juice, 1.5 carrots per bottle
5. The layout of the coffee track, greego launched the almond effect coffee master
6. New bpl1 burning cards are added to the daily bacteria, and the four fold formula blocks the sugar fat carbon
7. Shanwaishan launched the first miscellaneous grain moon cake gift box to pay tribute to the oriental land culture
8. Add NFC juice, 0 sugar and 0 calories
9. The new big wave potato chips in Leshi have spicy peanut flavor and add yellow Flying Red real pepper rings
10. Yuese tea entered the coffee industry, and five Yuanyang coffee stores were opened
11. Homer announced a new strategic operation mode and will transition to three operation departments
12. Sanyuan shares won 40% equity of Hunan Taizi milk with 70.054 million yuan
13. The seafood barbecue brand “13th roast” won millions of yuan in Angel round financing, mainly focusing on the night market in the third and fourth tier cities
14. Food technology brand moodles completed tens of millions of yuan of strategic financing and won three rounds in a year




On August 5, Mengniu’s new sub brand xiaoxianyu was launched, and the first product xiaoxianyu fresh milk was launched simultaneously. The new product is positioned as “light” fresh milk, containing 4G of fresh milk protein per 100ml. Meanwhile, the fat is reduced by 60% and the calories are reduced by 30%, and the health is light. The kitten shape on the packaging also has a special purpose. Xiaoxianyu takes the theme of caring for animals as the theme and joins hands with Shanghai Adoption Day. Each bottle of product purchased will help the stray cats’ lunch and end the stray with love. The price of the new product in tmall flagship store is 450ml * 6 bottles / 105.9 yuan.
Photo source: daily fresh language


Recently, Nestle’s official flagship store launched the first inulin + coffee product “light coffee”. The new product selected Japanese imported black coffee, with an addition of ≥ 88%, matched with high fiber raw material inulin, with a dietary fiber content of 13.4g per 100g, a calorie of about 9 kcal and a fat of about 0.08g. It awakens vitality and unlocks lightness. The current price is 20 pieces / box / 70.2 yuan.
Photo source: Nestle coffee flagship store


On August 10, the new product of Yuanqi forest Cola Soda bubble water was officially put on sale. Compared with the traditional coke, the new product has made great changes in ingredients, removing phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and other ingredients, and using erythritol, 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie. Consumers also have great expectations for this product. Tmall flagship stores are sold out.
Picture source: Yuanqi forest


Recently, Haitian launched a joy filled carrot juice, cross-border fruit and vegetable juice track. About 1.5 carrots are used in each bottle of the new product, which is made by light fermentation of lactic acid bacteria for 12 hours. When leaving the factory, each bottle β- Carotene content ≥ 2400 μ g. 0 preservative, 0 fat. The lines on the package are simple and convenient
Recently, there is a new spicy peanut flavor on Leshi big wave potato chips. The new product contains yellow flying red pepper rings and is matched with thick big wave potato chips. It is crispy and delicious and reproduces the classic. In addition, there are also lemon sour and spicy chicken feet, which bring a different experience. The new product has two specifications, with a price of 60g * 3 / 29.9 yuan and 116g * 3 / 43.9 yuan.
Photo source: official flagship store of Pepsi group


On August 10, Yuanyang coffee, an independent brand of tea and pleasant color, was opened in five stores in Changsha, including Yuanyang coffee Yinhui southeast corner store, Wuyi new line Beimen store, shijiqing store, Wuyi Temple Street store and vdvc store. Yuanyang coffee is positioned as a new Chinese style coffee and tea. The overall color of the store is dark green, and the logo on the door is two face-to-face mandarin ducks. The products are divided into “basic coffee” and “interesting coffee”. There are 8 categories of pure tea coffee, latte, dirty, hand flush ear, cold extract, fruit coffee, wine coffee and bubble coffee, with a total of 12 products. Some products can be selected differently.


Photo source: xiaohongshu @ DD
Holmer announced a new strategic operation mode. Starting from October 31, 2022, that is, fiscal year 2023, the company will transition to three operation departments: retail, food service and international, and adjust its business to be more flexible, consumer and customer-oriented and market-oriented. The company’s financial statements will be reported under this structure from the first quarter of fiscal year 2023. Changes in the company’s operating department have no impact on the historical consolidated operating results, financial position or cash flow.


On August 7, Sanyuan shares announced that the company won 40% of the equity of Taizi milk group in the second public auction at a price of 70.054 million yuan, and the subsequent company will handle relevant procedures according to laws and regulations. Sanyuan is the major shareholder of Taizi milk group, holding 60% of its shares. After the auction, Taizi milk group will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanyuan. Sanyuan shares said that this investment is conducive to the future development of Hunan Taizi milk, but it may still face risks brought by uncertain factors such as market and operation.


Image source: Sohu
Recently, the seafood barbecue brand 13th roast has completed an angel round of financing of millions of yuan. The investor is the best investment capital. This round of funds will be used for store opening and digital marketing upgrading.


Founded in 2019, Shishan Shao mainly aims at the night snack market in the third and fourth tier cities, with barbecue, seafood and craft beer as its core products. Zeng lifeI, the founder and CEO, said that the starting point of Shishan Shao product innovation is to meet the users’ needs for the scene of “night snack and dinner”. In addition, relying on digital means, the brand has improved the management efficiency of relevant links from front-end procurement to back-end user operation. At present, the online shopping mall system is being built. Through its own small program, the thirteen burners will be able to master more clearly
Tea color Yuese enters the coffee, Haitian cross-border fruit and vegetable beverage track… | hot news of the week







8月7日,三元股份发布公告称,公司以7005.4万元的价格竞得太子奶集团第二次公开拍卖的40%股权,后续公司将根据法律法规要求办理有关各项手续。 三元股份是太子奶集团的大股东,掌握其60%股份,此次竞拍结束后太子奶集团将成为三元股份的全资子公司。 三元股份表示,本次投资有利于湖南太子奶未来发展,但仍可能面临市场、经营等各方面不确定因素带来的风险。







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