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Signed, the competition between the two giants of China’s dairy industry for sports territory has a new action

After signing the national football teams of Argentina and Portugal not long ago, just yesterday, when the countdown to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was 100 days, Yili, a leading dairy enterprise in China, officially announced the signing of the Spanish national football team. This means that Yili, which only set off the sports marketing climax at the Beijing Winter Olympics at the beginning of the year, is continuing to “fall” on the football map.

The snack representative noticed that in October last year, Mengniu also officially announced that it would bet on the world cup at the end of the year. Now Yili is also entering the market strongly. It can be imagined that the sports marketing competition between the two dairy giants before the peak season of dairy sales will start again.


According to the research of Kantar
group, the IP of large-scale sports events has a great influence, and even can help the brand to build awareness, build goodwill and transmit brand value globally.

This year, based on the votes of 2000 consumers on 22 candidate sports events, Kantar learned that the top 10 influential sports events come from five categories, namely, comprehensive events, basketball, football, E-sports and racing. Kaidu also pointed out that the top 3 events with the most potential for brand cooperation are the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and Winter Olympics.

Cross comparison of event IP influence and cooperation potential (source: Kaidu)

In fact, Yili and Mengniu, the two largest dairy enterprises in China, have never been absent from major sports events. In the sports marketing battlefield around major events, they are like a shadow. Let’s first take a look at the “war situation” in which they have been stuck over the past few years.

Mengniu took the lead in going abroad as early as 2006 and reached strategic cooperation with the NBA. Mengniu joined hands with this international major basketball event and launched a number of NBA themed packaging products covering multiple teams and players at the right time.

After that, Mengniu further bet on sports marketing, involving dozens of sports such as men’s football, women’s football, track and field, swimming, cycling and fighting, and spent a lot of money signing many sports stars as brand spokespersons, such as football star mbape. Just before the 2018 World Cup, Mengniu signed with Argentine football superstar Messi to become the brand spokesperson.

As for Yili, the layout of sports marketing has long been known. In 2005, Yili officially got involved with the Olympic Games and became the dairy sponsor of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Since then, the London Olympic Games in 2012, the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in 2018, and the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021 have all been accompanied by the quality of Yili.

in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games, Yili has become the only official dairy product partner, and Yili has also become the only “double Olympic enterprise” in China serving both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics.

After years of confrontation, although the two brands have different playing methods, they have made achievements in the sports field. Mengniu shows its extensive involvement in sports events, and is “vicious” in the selection of event traffic stars; Yili continues to deepen the IP of major events and seek comprehensive and frequent brand exposure through comprehensive cooperation.



Kaidu believes that football marketing this year is quite challenging, especially in the fourth quarter of this year, the brand will face more fierce marketing competition. It is predicted that the global advertising expenditure will increase by 9.2% on average in 2022, and the advertising volume in the market will increase by 9.2% in the fourth quarter due to the impact of major football matches, Black Friday and Christmas.

Therefore, Yili and Mengniu are stepping up the game of football marketing. During the 2018 World Cup in Russia, more than 1 / 3 of the Chinese audience watched the live broadcast. The special feature of this year’s World Cup in Qatar is that Chinese fans are expected to usher in a football feast with “no time difference” experience: since there is no need to stay up late, the world cup will undoubtedly trigger another wave of viewing. Yili and Mengniu have been marketing this international football event in succession recently, which is also to make full preparations for the upcoming dairy sales season.

According to Yili, betting on hot teams in the football season can increase the brand exposure and seize the consumers’ minds. In addition, Yili and football top IP will help the company further expand its international influence and open up the international market. At present, Yili’s products cover more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

Source: Minister of food

“UHT milk is a spear and brand promotion is a shield, opening up a vast space in China.” In the above report, Tianfeng Securities pointed out that with the slowdown of normal temperature milk growth, the dairy duopoly is facing competition in the stock market, and how to obtain its new “growth driving force” has become a problem that the dairy giant is actively considering.

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Signed, the competition between the two giants of China’s dairy industry for sports territory has a new action










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