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In July, innovative keywords, yogurt bubble, pet companion, large bucket of tea… Daily new product soup

deconstructs global new products, and through the product dimension, it can understand the great changes in the industry.

By Carol he

Source: food daily (ID: food)

The beginning of autumn has arrived, but the extremely hot climate still shows no sign of fading, and the upsurge of the food and beverage industry is as usual. What new products and developments have food and beverage enterprises launched in the past July? What innovation trends can we see from these new products? What innovative inspiration can we get?
The product data of the current trend report is selected from the public new product data included in the “daily new product soup” of the new product release platform of foodaily (details can be found at the end of the article). A total of 188 new products were screened in July 2022, covering 7 categories of beverages, milk and dairy products, snacks, baking, functional food, catering and candy chocolate. In the new products in July, foodaily Research Institute summarized such innovative keywords as “large bucket size”, “baking compound taste”, “cross-border duck excrement fragrance”, “pet companion” and “new oats”, which will be described in detail below.
The following is a brief introduction to the contents of the report. You can add cherry as a friend and reply to “daily new product soup” to receive the complete report.

Keywords of beverage and dairy Innovation: refreshing wine, large bucket size, yogurt experience upgrade

Among the new products in July, beverage and dairy products accounted for 43% and 15% respectively. Through these new products, we found the following trends:
1) Add bubbles and milk caps, and the alcohol will break the circle in a new form
With the “slightly drunk” low alcohol gradually improving the stereotype of the public on alcoholic beverages and cultivating young people’s drinking habits, traditional categories such as beer and Baijiu have also begun to focus on the needs of young consumers, and try to break the cognitive barriers of categories in a younger and newer way, so as to make the traditional and old alcohol drinks glow with new vitality.
For example, Coca Cola’s small universe ah! A ha! The new Yangmei Baijiu flavor bubble water was launched. The magic water master and the chaopin Bureau jointly launched Erguotou soda water, which combines the strong and mellow flavor of Baijiu with the fresh bubble water, bringing familiar and novel flavor experience to consumers. KFC also uses the innovative ideas of new tea drinks for reference and integrates milk cover elements into beer flavor drinks.
2) Big bucket size, tons of happy experience
Last summer’s new tea in large barrels, which swept the whole network, is still hot this summer. The large bucket of tea with large capacity and high cost performance ratio can not only present the full amount of fresh fruit, but also add rich small materials such as popping beads and freezing, bringing consumers the satisfaction of “drinking freely” and “dazzling at will”. In addition to the large barrel products launched by existing tea brands, some convenient and leisure beverage brands also attract consumers by means of large barrel.
3) Novel bubbles, rich fruit… More enjoyable yogurt experience
In addition to the nutritional function, consumers also pay more attention to the sensory enjoyment brought by yogurt. With the novel combination of “everything can bubble +”
In recent years, with the rapid development of oat milk in the Chinese market, the nutritional value and consumption scenarios of oats have been constantly explored. In addition to the mature cereal alternative meal and the rapidly rising Oatmeal Milk and other product forms, various brands began to innovate on the application combination of healthy food ingredients, and derived new forms of oatmeal juice, oatmeal tea, and even Oatmeal Milk popcorn.

For example, wheat and wheat have successively launched oatmeal tea rich in dietary fiber and oatmeal juice focusing on the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot diet scene. Oatly not only jointly launched the new product of “Oatmeal Milk + Oolong Tea Soup + current season cantaloupe” with the tea brand liulijing, but also creatively launched Oatmeal Milk popcorn with happy “light” burden.

2) Real “fragrant” duck excrement fragrance, sweeping more categories
Duck dung fragrance, also known as silver flower fragrance, is mainly produced in the Fenghuang mountain area of Guangdong Province. It is a semi fermented oolong tea. The interesting tea name and unique tea flavor have made this minority taste quickly out of the tea industry, and gradually have a trend of cross-border application to snacks, baking and other categories.
3) Focus on pet companionship and cut into consumer life from cute pet
According to the 2021 white paper on China’s pet industry (consumption report), the market size of pets (dogs and cats) in Chinese cities and towns has soared from 202.4 billion yuan in 2019 to 249 billion yuan in 2021. With the popularity of “living alone” and “eating alone”, cats, dogs and other pets have become more and more important roles to accompany people, and the emotional link between people and pets has become closer. Concerned about the emotional needs of the public on pets, some food brands began to launch food with pet elements or derivative surroundings, using pets as communication media to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers.
4) Qixi marketing scuffle
Every year, festivals and holidays will always become the time of the big brands’ marketing. This year’s Qixi is no exception. In the dazzling marketing activities, brands can only break the Convention and create a sense of surprise with brilliant creativity to capture the hearts of consumers.
Photo source: Ruixing, Nova coffee, daily Heiqiao


The most outstanding case is the joint name of Ruixing and grief frog Pepe. With the slogan of “Qixi does not coo, frog Rui likes you”, the sad frog is invited as the messenger of Ruixing on Qixi, and two special Qixi drinks are launched.
Daily new product soup, a platform for new product exchange
“Daily new product soup” is a new product release platform specially created by foodaily for domestic food and beverage enterprises. It scans new products all the time in 365 days. It is committed to creating a new position for exposure and communication for domestic food and beverage brands, and relying on the industry and industrial resources accumulated by foodaily over the years, it provides professional media communication, industrial resource link and other services for brands.
Since the launch of the column, “daily new product soup” has invited more than 480 brands such as Yili, Yuanqi forest, Huaxi biology, sumitogawa, Orio, daily Heiqiao and zhenzhai to settle in, and completed the submission of 900 + SKU new products listed this year.
Here, we also invite all brands to enter the “daily new product stew” platform to submit their own reports and obtain food in a timely manner
In July, innovative keywords, yogurt bubble, pet companion, large bucket of tea… Daily new product soup






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